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Elements Community News Letter: June 2019 http://elementscommunity.org/forum/index.php?topic=67213.msg1290267#msg1290267
« on: June 01, 2019, 05:21:32 pm »
Spoiler for June NL 2019:
June 2019
moehrpi is our new World Champion!
Happy 10th birthday, Elements the Game!
Table Of Contents:
Editor's Note: As of late, us NLW
have been experimenting with new articles
in the NL to deliver the fresh content we
promised. Feedback is appreciated. Hope you enjoy!

PvP Events                         Competitions
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Staff Changes                     New Members
Dear Grabby...                    The Joke Center
                     FCM Interview

  • Unfortunately, we didn't get any questions to do an interview for Team Darkness. To compensate, we have a series of thoughts of the team's performance written by one of the members, serprex:
    Spoiler for Hidden:
    So collected a write up of thoughts re Darkness this War, haven't really cleaned it up, but might as well dump it here:

    I'm considering dropping in & participating in War 12. Since JCJ won't be genning, the only teams I'm interested in are Air & Darkness

    You've complained in the past about how you can't find active team members. Unfortunately Discord & Cal aren't around much to testify I was their most active member. Suffice to say I spent a month making Team Light's vault before prices were even settled. Biggest mistake: putting in Nova. Second: not going with dragondemesne's hunch that we should run RoL vs Life for Round 1 as opposed to having sanctuaries split up all over the place. Yeah, I can be pretty dumb

    Kae & I broke up last year so you won't have to worry about me spending time with people in real life & letting them spend time with me deck building

    I haven't contacted Aves yet. I'm not sure he'll know how to bid on an active team. I'd enjoy being in an active team for once

    My timezone is EDT

    I will be perfectly honest up front to raise no false expectations. If there is a war with an auction and I'm general, I'll be certain to consider it, but I would in fact be most concerned with my own activity. I could probably spend about 2 hours each work day, but most of that would be between 12:00 and 16:00 EDT (between 18:00 and 22:00 local time, the time between coming home from work and sleeping). Last but not least: I will not guarantee to continue outbidding should a general of your dis-preference somehow but highly on you. For someone active I am prepared to go above the average price, but I will not promise the same as deuce did for me last war, which ended with me being the most expensive player in auction.

    If you are willing to accept that, I would be glad to see you join up for war, and hopefully welcome you to the team.

    For sure. I expect my perceived value to be rather low, so my main interest was to ask that you'd be interested in bidding on me at all. Likely the market will value me near minimum price-- I made sure to restrict my forum activity when I was applying to join Light. Other important factors are things like if you decide to WM (as a past WM, I totally support doing that, I had that on my résumé until a couple weeks ago when I decided to further reduce it) or if WMs decide to try replacing auction with a draft again (they'll probably be scared of shaking the boat tho with activity being in the downward spiral that it is-- always weird how people in tough times will try to keep the status quo, which isn't working, rather than break out into something new. Ah well)

    Timezones are unfortunate-- I'm at work during those hours. But my assumption is that you'll be bidding on the right team, ie that there'll be someone else active during somewhen between 1800-2200 EDT

    Main reason for WM-ing would be a lack of interest from other people.

    I am personally of the opinion that auction requires about 10-15% of the players that sign up to be excluded to be a healthy auction. Last war, auction was not healthy, with inactives needing to be included for teams to reach full size. Draft seems the best way to get those last few players on teams if the overhead is to be removed, but yeah... not my call (probably).

    During weekends my time is quite flexible as well, though just like on other days: most of my activity will be during your afternoons.

    As for the importance of an active team: past wars have taught me that all the veterans in the world on your team mean little, if they don't provide input for matchups and deckbuilding. So your promise of activity means more to me than three rows of trophies.

    Tho I should mention-- I intend to book off a bunch of Mondays starting in mid October until the end of the year. I find many four day weeks help me get through winter more than taking a week off somewhere

    Initial vault mistake: devquake. EQ was way too expensive & the amount of ups in this meta always made for good splits. Could've cut 5 EQ / 2 Auburn for more sovs or fodder

    Tried to convince Torb to bring Blue Nymphs. Darkness's Blue Nymphs are an example of a deck that's good vs rolhope which Torb doesn't like, so that he says rolhope is good vs Darkness, when really rolhope is good against Darkness vaults Torb goes for (no trap, no catatitan, no psion, argued against sov, was meh towards pande)

    Went in feeling good about things because people were predicting Darkness would do well. Was in San Francisco when R1 happened. 1-3 result had me feeling hopeless. Thankfully it inspired JCJ. JCJ also pleaded that we discard SoV over HGs so that we could transmute back Wasted Time

    Was annoyed about siphonary loss to Death because it came to dc shenanigans & I'd been suggesting a 40 card stall that would've done better. At this point we were still trying to teach Torb that sanct isn't that good compared to more SoD/Miracle. Torb was predicting Fractix from Fire, but I pleaded he also consider their Lightstall so sopavamps was found suitable for that cause

    That mono vs Gravity: ian & I'd been testing a sopawarden deck, where siphon was being deemed useful for some reason. Torb called the deck bad & instead made a mono. Unfortunately he kept the idea of using siphons instead of packing steal

    For R3 I began pushing that we use a payoff matrix to track testing. This allowed us to figure out what our opponents would be thinking about, even if a deck only had a couple good matchups, it might be an important part of their meta vs us

    In R4 I noticed that sopa is just a better eclipse, so decided to try going for a sopaquake vs Aether

    Mercstall vs Life was fearing their discobow. Lesson: bad teams don't send their good decks against good teams

    Pestosis was added by Torb because it basically costed fodder, but we could field it. We had quite a few more bonds, but I built a sim to design a deck that would get T3 devtosis rolling way too consistently

    vs rolhope sopawarden needed more dolls & dusk

    Again fearing discobow when sending NT vs Earth. Thankfully they didn't bring a shield in their stall. I was cocky to only sideboard in 2 cloaks instead of 3, made the match much closer, but always had early cloak

    Entropy: going 2-0 with grabbow mirrors shows a couple things
    1) Darkness has a pretty good grabbow
    2) Darkness should not have the record it has vs Entropy when the best response to grabbow is grabbow

    Torb winning vs Time's otk showed the benefit we gained by always tinkering with decks throughout event. Unfortunately it also let me put out duds like that last discord duo vs Time

    2 upped entropy sources make for an upped T2 Discord a third of the time

    JCJ's sideboard deck is a gem. We were testing an adrenalvamp deck (Life pends & NT) to be able to race against monodeath, but this Aether duo decided to go against their lack of PC instead of their lack of CC. Silence there to flip sosa things. The deck actually struggles to dragontal alongside the cost of dims, but in matchups where you want to dragontal you sideboard out dims to make room in hand. Neat also is how Steal is seen as a cannonical sideboard card, yet it was deemed unfit here

    Losing to shock made me feel a total dread. Wish I was Player 4 & JCJ could've run unupped marks there. 9 in element salvage would've been delicious, this was a 40 card gap for our vault

    Torb's mono vs Aether: matchup I expected

    JCJ's tink deck vs Entropy was originally going against Light. Unfortunately JCJ & Torb were arguing over Aether mark vs Darkness mark & I got annoyed so banned them from teamchat. Torb didn't take it lightly

    I was begging to send EQ vs Time for Round 8, but Torb feared how well split their darkdom was

    We often predicted Entropy would send well upgraded grabbows vs us because Blacksmith

    I tried to change my sodstall vs Light to have 6 sods before deadline, but also put light pillars to help miracle more. I'm bad tho, so didn't think to add more miracles. Needed to get rid of sancts. Unfortunately I was travelling that weekend so couldn't discuss my desires & Torb reverted change

    Time & Earth sharing SEC rewards was crucial for us to salvage 2 GPs to have an answer to Auburn in our grabbow

    Devtal win vs Entropy was from me saying I didn't want to grabbow them again because I felt they'd either grabbow us into a 50/50 or send a grabbow counter. So devtal should beat anything not-grabbow. Often found good results by deciding on some 3-4 decks we wanted to beat & then picking one that we were going to have to accept a loss from, to the point of not wasting any refine towards hedging that matchup

    devtal vs Light was neat; designed to be able to rush straight to vamptal & deck out vadersader

    Tried to talk Torb out of sending mono vs Time, JCJ backed him up tho. EC was a noob trap, losing team is forced to take the risk, winning team needs to play safe

    Sodstall vs Time was originally going to have Eternity with 6 steals. I underestimated Light Dragon. Unfortunately no 6th miracle by then. Pretty sure it beats rolhope tho, kaempf felt good because he was winning with plenty of cards left, but I was losing with Miracle in hand. I was just playing to take minimal risk throughout game rather than risk having no cards at end

  • Have you ever had a great idea for a new PvP Event? Post your rule sets in the PvP Event Ideas section, and let the PvPEMs know about your great idea so they can provide feedback and potentially run it if possible.

  • Are you an entrepreneur? Can you run your own company? What about your own Mercenary Company? This  deckbuilding competition had players creating decks by pruchasing cards using a set amount of gold. Will you spend all your gold on your company and make them rich or will you start cheap in hopes of them making you rich?

  • Stay in touch with the competition section by signing up for the Competition Mailing List! It will guarantee you getting notified whenever there's a new competition going, so you can begin right away!

  • It's 5 minutes past 5 o'clock, and it's time for a tournament! On May 5th's Five Alive, players could only use 5 copies of 5 or more different cards in their decks to use against others in this upgraded tournament. Congratz to PlayerOa who was the winner of the gold medal.

  • As a celebration of Elements' 10th birthday, an unofficial tournament was held on May 10th for new and old faces alike! The rules were simple: players chose an element to use, were given 10 upgrades, and had to use at least 10 non-PPM cards from the element they chose. Congratz to PlayerOa for winning the tournament!

  • The dead should seriously consider taking a diet. But for now, they can feast once more in May 12th's Decaying Putlock 5. Players had to use only dragons and exactly 17 pendulums in this unupgraded tournament. In addition to this 1, 4, and 9 cost cards were completely banned. Congratz to Zso_Zso on his 1st tournament win in a while.

  • Not all gardens are organic, some are laced with potentially dangerous chemicals! In May 18th's semi-upgraded tournament, Master Gardener, players chose to use organic or chemical aids to help their garden grow. Wielding various gardening tools and companions at their side, they competed to see whose garden was the best! Submachine rose to the top with his all organic garden!

  • An all-out class war was inevitable in May 26th's Overarching Hierarchy. In this unupgraded tournament, players chose to become either a Commoner, Tradesman, or Lord, each with four different elements available for use, and fought in a three phase double elimination tournament to take the crown! Congratz to our new king and former Commoner, Jen-i!

  • With all of the False Gods eliminated, the Elementals wins Mafia 70! Shortly after, the 71th iteration of Mafia was started, with Submachine hosting the event. Will the Elementals be successful once again, or will the False Gods steal the win?

  • Meanwhile, a supposed witch presented a murder mystery to the community for them to solve in a miniature version of Witch's Game, also hosted by Submachine. While the story claims that magic was used to kill the victim, some chose to solve the mystery within human conditions. Players presented the witch with Blue Truths that would give a solution to the story, while the witch would respond with Red Truths that are always true that either disprove or counter aspects of the Blue Truth is corresponds to. After a day of investigation, Linkcat defeated the witch by giving a version of the story that doesn't use magic in any way.

All Over The Place!

  • The Elements Reunion Day was a resounding success! Historical figures such as Antagon and bogtro showed up, and some of them decided to return to the Elements community! We would like to welcome back Zso_Zso, Calindu, and Espithel, among many others!

  • Speaking of which, May 10th was Elements' 10th birthday! To celebrate an entire decade of Elements community members shared their favorite memories, what brought them to the community in the first place, and many other special moments. We hope the community continues to exist for many more years to come, even past the inevitable death of Flash in 2020.

  • Do you have any other idea for what can be featured in here? Feel free to PM us about what you think deserves a special spotlight in the community Newsletter!

Dear Grabby...

  • Dear Grabby is an interactive article we would like to experiment with. NLW will be taking in questions of any kind regarding deckbuilding, personal issues, relationship advice, application advice, etc. Anything goes. This will be COMPLETELY anonymous. Only the NLW will be aware of who sent the message. If you wish to use a throwaway account, that works too. Once a message is received, we will contact other active members of the forums at random to help answer and provide advice. The member contacted will NOT be informed of the identity of the sender. One or two questions with answers will be posted here each month. If this article fails and is not getting participation, we will scrap it and create something different. So, send in some questions/concerns you would like discussed and it may be submitted in the July News Letter. One thing of note, if there is any harassment or bullying caused form a question, ot if people attempt to deduce the identity of the sender, it will be taken VERY seriously and immediately reported to admins.

The Joke Center

  • Two Otyughs match on a dating site. After some talk, things start getting pretty heated. The female Otyugh asks the male what he would like her to do to him.
    Spoiler for Punchline:
    He says "Swallow".

  • The community welcomes some new member to staff positions. Congratulations to Zso_Zso, our new Tournament Organizer. iancudorinmarian returns to PvP Event Organizer and PlayerOa is welcomed as a League Organizer. We will watch their career with great interest.

Tea Time with shockcannon

This interview was recorded live. Please follow the link provided to hear it for yourself. The NLW would like to thank serprex for taking an hour of his day to conduct the interview.:

shockcannon's full interview.

New Members
We had a total of 8 new members join the forums in the month of May:
Spoiler for Introduction posts:
Here are the members who posted in the Introduce Yourself board within the past month. Just click a certain name to be redirected to the corresponding introduction post. Don't be rude, say hello to newcomers! ;)


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Due to some external circumstances, the Comic will be delayed to next month's NL. Apologies. - Insig/Weeby

Spoiler for Photocredit:

Many thanks to all readers for reading ;)

:gravity War 12
:darkness War 13

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Re: Elements Community News Letter: June 2019 http://elementscommunity.org/forum/index.php?topic=67213.msg1290317#msg1290317
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Thank you for keeping us up with the latest news.~
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Re: Elements Community News Letter: June 2019 http://elementscommunity.org/forum/index.php?topic=67213.msg1290585#msg1290585
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The Joke Center

  • Two Otyughs match on a dating site. After some talk, things start getting pretty heated. The female Otyugh asks the male what he would like her to do to him.
    Spoiler for Punchline:
    He says "Swallow".

He could have also opted for a Black Hole. :silly:
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