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Laut.fm versus Last.fm http://elementscommunity.org/forum/index.php?topic=35757.msg450100#msg450100
« on: January 18, 2012, 05:05:48 am »
2 more possibilities for our own radio station

laut.fm (http://laut.fm):
laut.fm is a web portal for user generated online-radio stations. Everybody can apply and create his own station.
cost: free, only some commercial are added
availability: online for everybody, everybody gets the same stream
music: whatever you legally upload, station can be updated any time, programs/slots can be created (e.g. for each element)
upside: exactly the program we want for Elements possible,
downside: site and radio administration interface is german only, some effort to create the radio program, we have to own the music we want to play (e.g. as CD or bought MP3)

last.fm (http://last.fm):
last.fm is a web portal streaming personalized music on radio stations that can be created ad hoc. By creating a last.f group consisting of Elements-Players a group radio station will be available with music that the group members enjoy.
cost: free, only some commercial are added
availability: online for everybody, everybody can access the group station, however the stream is generated for each listener separately -> we will listen to the same station but to different songs
music: mix of songs based on the scrobbles (music profile built automatically by listening to music) of each of the group member
                                                   OR individual songs or artists can be tagged, e.g. we can tag songs with the proper element names --> elements radio stations
upside: well known, easy to start (almost no effort), personalized recommendations, statistics, history, good support, good place to advertise for Elements
downside: we cannot design a station with special programs and we won't have a stream where everybody hears the same song at the same time, much effort for tagging

What do you think?