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Apply to host a show and/or create an Elements Radio Playlist http://elementscommunity.org/forum/index.php?topic=50856.msg1093672#msg1093672
« on: August 21, 2013, 04:04:08 am »
If you're interested in helping out Elements Radio by sending in a playlist, then we thank you! A few things to keep in mind:
  • The playlist must be NO LONGER THAN one hour long and NO SHORTER THAN 55 minutes short.
  • All songs on the playlist must be the same genre (we're lenient as far as genres go, but if you do something ridiculous like put Maroon 5 on the Oldies station, then your playlist will be rejected until the appropriate revisions are made)
  • The playlist must have a smooth transition (to a certain extent). If you put something soft and mellow into some screech (unless it's part of the same song), then I will reject your playlist until it is revised. We don't want to make anyone jump out of their seats while they're listening ;)
All playlists should be sent to BeefSupreme using the following format:
Quote from: example
TITLE OF PM: My Radio Playlist
Genre: Rock
Total playlist time: 55 minutes and 34 seconds
1) artist - song
2) artist - song
3) artist - song
I will review your playlist and reply to your PM with approval or denial and when it will be aired. You will be given credit at the end of the playlist.

If you'd like to host a show, please consider the following:
  • How often will your show be held? Do you have the time to host a show every week? Or would you rather it be once a month?
  • Will your show be live? Or will you have a pre-recorded show to be aired by a moderator? I regret to inform that all shows must be prerecorded and sent to a moderator at least 2 hours before Air Time.
  • What will your show be about? Do you have enough material to make the show last? (in other words, your show can't be a limited topic) (i.e. "Talking about the song "Blurred Lines." Something better might be "songs with controversial lyrics.")
Once you think you have everything planned out for your show, please fill out this form: Elements Radio Show Application
It will be reviewed by either Tiko or BeefSupreme and you will be PM'd about the application if we're interested in your show and would like to set it up with you.
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