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Featured Community Member Archive

The idea of this project is to interview active and well-known community members to learn more about them.  Each member will be asked the ultimate questions on Life, the Elements, and everything.  Answers will hopefully be entertaining, educational, or something you can use against these people in PvP.

Interviews are not posted in any particular order.  We will start with seasoned veterans and work our way down to newer members but post counts don't matter that much; what matters more is who we bump into in Chat or the forums.  Council will also try to add some members who are in the spotlight during that particular moment, for example being assigned a new forum job or title, or winning a PvP event.


Spoiler for Hidden:
:life fellow
Doctor Who enthusiast
EtG nerd

How did you find the Elements Community Forum?
Long time ago our dad showed us a small game called Elements. Not EtG, but a small puzzle game with 15 different elements. It was really small, little to no story, but we liked it. Then, after few years, we decided we wanna replay the game, just out of nostalgia. However, when we looked up "elements game" in google, we were introduced to the EtG. We got addicted pretty quickly, and then boom, False Gods happened. We didn't know where to put them at first, but did eventually notice that there was a forum at the bottom of the game page.
And that's how 'Murica was founded.

Seeing you have lots to do, why and how do you motivate yourself to be so active in the game and in the community? (Herden5)
Ah, motivation. We kinda struggle with it. Our main source of motivation is Matt. (A.K.A. Me)
 It's kinda built on self-support. Whenever one of us is down, the other two are trying to get him up. That said, there are occasions,
 when all of us are down... Ye, those aren't fun =\

That said, we do have a lot of cool friends who encourage us in anything we do. Love those guys.
Plus it's fun. We've always wanted to create stuff, even if we really aren't good at it. If someone likes things that we do, why not keep doing them?

How did you find this game? (Basman-1453)
Kinda already answered, so here's a bedtime story instead
There was once a guy named Luke. Luke was nice to everyone and everyone were nice to Luke in return.
Now, if you go to sleep after reading this and start being nice to everyone, I can assure you, that everyone will like you just like they like Luke.

How old were you when you started making pixel art? (Mr Muffin)
Depends. We don't remember exactly when I firstly decided to actually draw something in lil' ol' MS Paint. That said, my first drawing I ever made is dated July 12, 2014, which kinda means, that I firstly started doing pixelart as something semi-serious when I was 15. Not sure about Hans or Matt.

Who/What are your artistic influences/inspirations? (Aves)
Anything that pops to mind. Our work is really impulsive and often we just draw something for either ourselves, or to make a fanart of something we really like.
Which reminds me that we still need to make AoM and MK fanarts.

If Zanzarino asked you to design a new patch for Elements The Game, what would the patch notes list? (TribalTrouble)
We wanna lores. And images of opponents. Will draw them ourselves if we have to.

Element by element:
 :entropy - We don't need x2 of Purple Nymphs now, do we? They're not most useful in the world, there are people that agree with me
 :death - Give bone Dragons ability to turn into other kinds of dragon when rewound. It could suit the element
 :gravity - Need a massive creature that can "Stomp" creatures. I dunno, what that ability can do, but stomping is fun
 :earth - Buff antlions and make them look like antlions. >:c
 :life - Make Cockatrice an elite creature like Anubis, but with the ability of :earth nymph, and on it's place put something of similar stats to normal cockatrices, but not cockatrices.
 :fire - give Seraphs more HP. Those poor guys are lonely barely see the light of the day.
 :water - Nerf Flooding. And SoaP. Also change Ice Dragon's pic
 :light - Any control. Anything. Plox. I feel bad for them
 :air - SoFree. Do SOMETHING about it.
 :time - Cool stuff. Let it remain the same
 :darkness - Also cool
 :aether - Change Dim Shield's iamge for one from vrt. Cuz that one's cool.

Another thing is to add a more non-bug creatures. We just have too many, IMO

You had mentioned somewhere about being a big fan of Doctor Who. Who is your favorite Doctor? Who is your favorite sidekick of the Doctor? (mathman101)
9th doctor and Clara
11th and Clara. Too bad they didn't get to travel much together. That said, I really wanna see the 13th Doctor in action
Tie between 9th and 12th, and for the companion... Pretty much, Clara too. We really like her

Sup? (Anonymous)
Do you have an appointment?

You have shown a strong liking for the :life element, what drew you into this element, and what about it appeals to you? (mathman101)
To answer both questions - the sadistic feeling of having 20+ creatures and 5-6 bonds couple with Spine Carapace.

If I was to share my two apples with my friend, who just so happens to be an eldritch god-fairy, what is the mass of the closest black hole, assuming, that the camels rebelled against humanity? (Anonymous)
You can measure the mass of the black hole by throwing you friend into it. If they return alive and irritated, mass of black hole if about the mass of the moon. Give them an apple, that should suffice. If they return alive and angry, then black hole was of the mass of the Jupiter. Give them both apples, that should suffice. If they return alive, but too tired to be angry or irritated, then the black hole was of the mass of the Sun. Your friend will wake up and by that time you better prepare a feast. If your friend doesn't come alive, pray to Dark Matter that he will be merciful.

And the bit about camels doesn't make sense, cuz to rebell against humanity, one would need to defeat the wild beasts that enslaved our species - cats.

Where do you draw the inspiration to create such talented pixel artworks? (mathman101)
I haz no talent. Only skill.
On the serious note, our main inspiration are two lovely muses, Cassy and Keith. If our girls are on vacation, then it's probably something we caught a glimpse on the media. Sometimes it's both

Any last words for the interview?
But no the battle isn't won
The war has only just begun

And we'll keep fighting, keep building, a better place for us
And if they strike us down tonight

We'll sear the darkness with the light
It's revolution time, and you're on our side

Thanks for answering!
Thanks for having us here tonight. We should probably go to sleep now. Good night and sweet dreams to the forums <3


Spoiler for Hidden:
May 2016

Longstanding Hero of the Community
Exceptional, Semi-Retired PvP Maestro

How did you find the Elements the game community?

What first introduced you into Elements? (Basman-1453)

My brother (Jaymanfu) called me and told me to check out this new game on Kongregate. Since we had both enjoyed playing CCGs (DBZ, Pokemon) in the past, I looked it up.

You have been in the community for years, what keeps you around and contributing to PvP Events? (Anonymous)
Truthfully, not much anymore. There's no one else to run Events, so I'm here.

Other than development, what do you think is the biggest problem the community faces? (Anonymous)
Just development. If there was new content, there would be more people coming in and more people staying. If I was ever given control, I already have the next 2-3 years of updates planned out.

What most annoys you when hosting a PvP Event? (JonathanCrazyJ)
People not playing their matches.

How long have you been the pvp event manager?
I was officially hired in April 2012, but I was running events long before that... mainly because the other PvP Event organizers weren't doing their job.

You haven't participated in pvp events too much recently. When can we expect you to be active, as a pvp competitor? + Will you be playing in war? (Anonymous)
When new content gets released. I stopped playing when I rng'd my elements and quickbuilt all my decks in a tournament and won.
Last War, unfortunately, I didn't have that great of a laptop.. and could only use it for about 20 minutes at time. I have a new one now, so maybe. Although I never end up on the team I want to be on.

Any last words for the interview?
Please play your matches. (PVP WC and Draft)

Thanks for answering!

Spoiler for Hidden:
September 2016

Are you actually the grim reaper/death? (danil) I am not the grim reaper - although he is a prominent character featured in some of my favorite Family Guy episode(s) (I think Death is in more than one episode by now...)

Do you happen to keep some pets? If you do, what are they? (Basman-1453) I DO have pets - two cats and until recently the family had fish (they are now all dead - a 'fun' 8 month-long experiment in how much will Dad take care of something he had not really sign up to take care of but reluctantly agreed to have around and ended up taking care of anyway). :P Yup.

Your whole team cost hardly anything in war, was it a tactic to go for the cheapest team, or did it just end up that way, you lucky duck? (JonathanCrazyJ) I have nothing against some of the higher priced players from this Auction but I have been in many high-bidding auctions in my past War general-ing and was determined not to spend highly for players. In the past, while the players themselves did not disappoint per se (SHOUT OUT TO dragonsdemsne here, among others!), I did find it difficult to fill the team with what I perceived to be all active players in a sense of coming to the Team Area at least once every day or two (yeah, twice per round was a tall task for a few past teams of mine). No hard feelings - just affected how I went about building this team.

There has proven, so far at least, to be GREAT value among the relatively inexpensive bids I had this auction! dd at that price I am confident is 10/10 would bid again. Relatively unknown to me prior - UzumakiNaruto and asd are proving quite active and very willing to participate and help however they can. Espithel is a real asset to the team. I truly see no err in my auction bids or choice of team thus far. :P

When did you know that death was your favorite element? What would your second favorite be? How about least favorite? (asdw152) When Shantu PM'd me in chat one day to interview/quiz me ahead of his General-ing :death in War 6 I was overjoyed a General took a specific interest in me (I had listed Death in my favorites). At this point, having Death be my first fun foray into this PVP Event "War" hooked me for life it seems. (PUN!)

You meet a Life elemental at the bar. What happens next? (Silver Emerald) Fist bumps leading to Four Wise Men shots leading to some unknown series of activities probably involving obscene gestures to patrons followed by unrecalled expedition around town in near-freezing temperatures and snow-cover culminating in my being awakened under a bare bush in my skivvies around 3 in the morning warmed only by a drunk-blanket and a higher than average metabolism. I'm not sure - this may have happened and I may be making it up... all or part...

How often do you get out of your house? When and if you do, do you put your skin back on you or do you wander around as a naked skeleton and terrify everyone? (iancudorinmarian) I leave the house just about every day... Of course, venturing out into public required careful skin disguise as to spare onlookers the abject horror or undue admiration (eye of the beholder I guess) of peering directly into my skeleton soul. Sometimes, I do sneak out to the curb to put out the trash on trash-day wearing nothing but sandals, though.

Do you remember when we first met? [I ask because I don't, so remind me.] (iancudorinmarian) I feel confident, somewhat, that it was during the Last Avatar PvP event...?

What is your favourite song? [Link to it would be nice too.] (iancudorinmarian) I'd be hard-pressed to single out ONE most favorite song... but for the purposes of this response I think Some Chords by Deadmau5 is a GREAT choice. Enjoy!

Who are your best friends in this community? (iancudorinmarian) Full honesty here, this would be a very long and lovely list... sometimes I catch myself on the member list, alphabetical inclusive version, sorting by # of posts and then scrolling through page-after-page looking at the names to just ponder/remember various aspects of the member names I recognize. That and going through my somewhat extensive PM Inbox / Sent Items store for similar purposes. I think I would consider most or all of those people my friends in the community. At the risk of offense or perceived slight should I leave out important names, if I had to say "best" a few names popping up to me are dd, Phys, dragons, Sol/MMC, JCJ, kimham8ha, Pella, +-, Cheesy, and Shantu and many others I'm sure I am wrongfully overlooking at the moment... this list is compiled owing to a wide range of connections and reasons, too.

Let's say that Death is guaranteed to place second in War. Who would you be rooting for to get first? (Anonymous) Air, I suppose - good people and some serious fun in that team there I suspect. :D

You got ddevans96 pretty cheap in the war auction. How much would you have paid for him if pushed, and do you think his experience with another element will be a help or a hindrance? (Anonymous) Absent the true tell of having to bid higher to get dd, I was prepared - given the otherwise unchanged state of prices/auction - to go double what I paid. His experience with :water will be helpful but dd brings way more than that to the table. He has been WM (multi-occasion) and long-time player of the game - all of these I see as being HELPFUL and not hindering.

Have you ever considered starting an undead band with awful bone puns for your name and all your albums? (Anonymous) Not until now!
Discography of  D.O.A.
Sleeping When You're Dead - a nighttime easy listening album
Waking Up Dead - a collection of alarm clock mp3's
Death in a Box - first performed on-air during a famous Weekend-day Night Live episode
I Will (not) Survive - Cake cover
Soul Leaves Body - dabbling in indie rock/pop

dark ripper
Spoiler for Hidden:
October 2016

 :entropy guy
Deck Helper
Anime fan
Cool dude

When did you become a deck helper and when and why did you choose to become a deck helper? (Mr Muffin)
I became a deck helper about 2 years ago. Deckbuilding is the most important aspect of etg in my opinion and it is also very exciting. Creating new decks, playing them to see if they work, be happy if they do or correct them until they do. As soon as I learnt there is a deck helper position in the forums i immediately knew i wanted to apply for it and a few months later, when the position opened, I applied and took the position.

What keeps you coming back to the EtG community? (Lunaris)
Chat. I've already left the forums once because I more or less got bored of the game. I came back cause I missed the chat, the people I had awesome discussions with, and the crazy talk from time to time. Till then Ive considered leaving again a couple times, but I doubt Ill be ever again able to completely stay away from this wonderful community and its members.

What is your favorite kind of music? (Anonymous)
Punk Rock.

Your name 'dark ripper' makes me think of a darkened Jack the ripper, has he had any influence on the choosing of your name? If not, how did you come to choose your name? (mathman101)
Indeed. dark ripper derives from Jack the Ripper. I originally wanted my name to be Jim the Ripper but it was taken, then I tried several other names like Jim Ripper, Jimmy Ripper, those names with capitals, numbers, but no luck, after a while i settled with dark ripper. I started using the name Ripper in my net games names about 7 years ago btw.

Who's going to win War? (Anonymous)
Entropy of course! If it's not entropy I will cheer for my buddy Afda. Air seems to be doing exceptionally well with him generaling.

If you ever had the option, what would you do to improve EtG, and why? (Lunaris)
It has been mentioned a lot and Im just giving my vote to that suggestion. I would tell zanz to give game mod powers to other people as well so that the game can be updated. We have many ideas, many, many, MANY new cards that have been balanced years ago, ready to get into the game, we have 1.4 basically ready to go, but zanz seems to be busy with other projects. Just give someone else the power to update the game. That's what I would do.

If you were to add a 13th element, what might it be? (Silver Emerald)
Hmm. Something like Energy maybe? I can see some pretty interesting cards made from the concept of energy being an element. Though, I have never been a huge fan of card making and personally i would rather have those 12 elements remain and add more cards.

You appear to be a big fan and supporter of :entropy. What brought you towards this element, and how has it affected your overall EtG experience? (mathman101)
My personality when I joined the forums brought me close to entropy. I was a wild teenager, liked the idea of chaos and that immediately created an attraction towards entropy. It has affected my etg experience a lot. The signature of entropy for me is the bow rushes. Since i liked entropy, i wanted to build decks with entropy in them, so i started building bows; i started liking bows so in succession i started leaning on building rushes in general, and playing more aggresively. Thus, you could say that being attracted to entropy in the beginning, made me the player I am today. However,entropy wasnt my favourite element at first. 

Should the Underworld team be brought back for War? (Anonymous)
The idea is nice. But definately not. Not at the moment. Team Underworld was created cause too many people were applying for war. Unfortunately, now that is not a problem.

Out of all the Wars that you've been around for, which do you think was (for lack of a better term) carried out best? Why? (Lunaris)
I've only participated in 2 wars(now is the the 3rd). Even if you count this one, i would say last war was my best experience. In my first war i was with team Earth, and i was drafted by a friend(Megron), but i dont particularly like earth so building decks for team earth wasnt something i found too pleasant, even though I enjoyed spending time in the pad with the guys from team earth. Last war was awesome though, we didn't do too well cause most of our members were not too experienced with war. Iancu first time general, mine 2nd war, discord first war, qwerter wasnt very experience with pvp in general, and CCC holding us together. However, i loved spending time in that pad. This war is still on going so I cant voice my opinion yet.

What do you like best about Elements? (Silver Emerald)
I used to love when i created new decks that worked. For example when I took the SoB Air Rush and tested it vs silver arena and had an overwhelming winrate i felt awesome. I also loved joining the chat, seeing 50 people and a crazy discussion taking place with a lot of participants. Now those things dont happen too often. I enjoy spending time talking to the friends Ive made in the forums and playing the occasional game.

Skotadi Phobos
Spoiler for Hidden:
November 2016

Super cool guy
 :darkness fan
Sparkling vampire

How did you find the EtG community?
Brother came home from school one day and showed me a new card game he found online, I forget how long it took me to find the forums.

Is doing this interview a sign that you're likely to re-engage with the community? If so, do you think you will get involved with any events around here? (anonymous)
Probably no more than I currently am, I'm trying to spend most of my energy on moving forward with my life.

How do you think that we could improve not only EtG, but the community as well? (Lunaris)
Perhaps branch out to other games? Or have forum sections dedicated to other games. There's no real reason I can see that we can't. We're an awesome community and I don't believe the game we center around has much to do with that.

It's a shame you weren't able to complete the last Brawl, but these things happen! Do you enjoy Brawl as an event and do you think you will sign up for this year's brawl? If so, do you think you are likely to be able to stick it out for the full 6 weeks? (anonymous)
I think brawl is awesome, and by far my favorite event, but the chances of me signing up again are slim. I can guarantee I'll just do a repeat of the last time.

What's your favorite game that has occurred on the forums? (Lunaris)
Despite my performance last time around, I do quite like brawl as a whole.

What's your favourite section of the Monthly Newsletter? (Basman-1453)
Trivia is always a fun challenge.

If you could meet anyone, still active or not, from the forums, who would it be and why? (Lunaris)
I like to imagine higs and I would get along fairly well.

What do you think your spirit animal is? (anonymous)
I dunno, a kiwi bird?

What keeps you coming back to the EtG community? (Lunaris)
The community and nostalgia.

What kind of sports and stuff do you do are there any? (anonymous)
Archery is a sport I suppose so there's that. Blacksmithing falls under the category of stuff I assume. That's about it.

What type of candy do you prefer? (i.e. sour, spicy, mint etc.) (Lunaris)
I generally don't buy or consume candy.

Any last words?
Hopefully at some point I'll get things figured out in my life and I'll be able to sign up for events and be sure I'll be around for them.

Thanks for the interview!

Spoiler for Hidden:
December 2016

 :darkness fellow
Lean beef
Tournament Organizer!

First off, How did you find the Elements the Game community, and how did you come up with your username? (Lunaris)


What's the story behind your username? How did you pick the word beef and has the rest of the username have anything to do with the fact that there were a few other people in the community that had beef in their username? (vagman13)

I kinda answered all those the last time I was interviewed and answer hasn't changed, it was quite a wall of text then, take a look! http://elementscommunity.org/forum/elements-council/featured-community-member-archive/msg1221910/#msg1221910
tl;dr: found EtG through Kongregate hunting badges, dutch "Beef" (which means nothing in my language) was a nickname given to me before making e-mail, TheonlyrealBeef was the first unique name with Beef but without numbers I came up with as usable!

Never really looked at any other usernames before picking mine. I had already picked it for lots of game accounts by then... so just stuck with it. Dunno why all those other people include Beef, but it has nothing to do with me!

If you could travel to any fictional world/universe, which would it be and why? (Lunaris)
Hmm, any universe, you say? Well, then I'd be visiting one of my own imagination! Might not come back, either: ruler of all creation; immortal, omnipotent and omniscient being and all that. At least, in my own fictional universe :x
For the rest... it wouldn't be too special. Still worlds with humanoid beings, just without all the fighting and bickering (in fear of my wrath :silly:).

If that is a cheap answer: I always wanted to imagine myself a pokťmon trainer (in the world of pokťmon, duh) as a kid. But that's ages ago (kinda, maybe).

What's your opinion on vegans?  :P (vagman13)
Good meat is expensive enough as is. Vegans miss out on enjoying good food, but less demand means lower prices! As long as the food tastes good and isn't toxic, I'm not too concerned on whether it grew as sustainable agriculture or was nabbed of a chickens ass. Governments and politics get to worry about that: I'm not about to go vegan over it.

If you could meet ONE member of the forums (either active or not) who would it be and why? (Lunaris)
I know, lame answer, but I'd love for him to take some time to speak with me, both as a player of his game as well as a fellow programmer. Even if just to somehow get some new life into the game we all know and love.

Now that's you've had a war under your belt with fire element, do you like the gameplay style of fire? Are there any gameplay similarities,in your opinion,between fire and darkness? (vagman13)
If anything, they are almost opposites. They are similar in both having permanent control and all the other stuff you would like, but Fire is fast and fragile, while Darkness is slow and steady. Fire has absolutely no healing by themselves, and every creature is extremely vulnerable to CC. My thought of Phoenixes being CC-resilient proved less true than I thought while looking at it from other elements' perspectives: dropping them dead for 2 turns is sometimes all you need to secure the win against it. Especially from decks as reliant upon winning fast (since minimal defense on its own) as Fire decks. Fire Stall is a different story, but apparently everyone always saw it coming from afar. Except the Purify one 8-)

But they both have Bolts, Sanctuary Stalls and mediocre Shards. Let's just sum it up as many similarities in cards, but different pace of gameplay for decks with 75+% of their element. I was really missing 4-5 cost attackers in Fire, for example.

Spirit food? (Anonymous)
Uh... spirit food? I... uh...
No clue, not much of a spiritual person? Or maybe I just don't know well enough what it means, since it's lacking context. Plus English being my third language.

This is a psychological test  ( :P ). What's your favourite CC card between Basilisk Blood, Fire Bolt and Lightning? (vagman13)
Lightning. Because it's in the best element out of those three.

Can I eat you? (Anonymous)
You can try. But you'll need some seductive tricks to keep yourself from turning into my meal instead. *omnomnom* :3

What's your favourite video game of all time? (other than EtG). Could be anything from oldschool arcade or console to the most modern blockbuster. (vagman13)
If I look back at the game now, I cannot enjoy it anymore for being kinda old, but I spent a lot of time playing Command and Conquer: Red Alert 2 back in the day. And its map editor. Really liked the expansion Yuri's Revenge, too, despite the Yuri faction being broken, annoying and all that (simply excluded it, the other factions did get nice new toys). Back then, rts games weren't trying to rush everything in 15 min multiplayer matches.

More recently, I've also spent over a thousand hours playing Distant Worlds (and expansions. Probably considered a niche over-complicated game, but I really enjoy it), it's what I mostly turn back to if I want to enjoy a good strategy game nowadays.

In both cases, just as single-player. AI doesn't mind getting their asses kicked, when people I play against do (me too). And as much as I like (J)RPG games, their replay value tends to be far more limited.

Any last words for this interview?
Hmm, maybe a bit late, but I guess I'll tell a few things about myself.
Spoiler for life story, just skip past this:
I initially grew up in a protected environment with parents that were usually at home, playing around inside the safety of my own house. I was intelligent, naive, helpful, but most of all ignorant of the world around me. Eventually, the cruelty of humanity got to me at school: turns out intelligent, naive, helpful and ignorant is an irresistible target for dumb bullies. I hated them, I hated humanity, but most of all: I hated myself. Eventually, my calm composure was broken as I went physically berserk. Afterwards, I managed to avoid most negative attention by intimidation, but I never truly got along with anyone, either.

Yet after 2 years of high school everything changed as I moved my home and school elsewhere: suddenly I was overwhelmed by the people being nice there (at the new school). While still being drawn back and cautious up to the very present, I eventually ended up having the best time of my life there with the few people that I would consider my friends. But all good things must come to an end. College happened and I found myself in a new environment with new people and a new form of education... all of it was a bit overwhelming for me and it took me a long time to sort of find my place there. Longer than the education was supposed to take. But I did find Elements during this time. Times when I was upset about something on forums or inactive often collided with me being upset with myself over my performance in college. Especially since lack of intelligence was NOT a factor there. Regardless, this is where my story ends, but not my life. Once I figure out what I'll be doing for the rest of it my activity might decrease dramatically, like I said it would when I returned here.

I'll still reserve time to ensure you guys get awesome tournaments regardless, though!

Thanks for answering! (Discord)
You shouldn't thank me before reading all the answers! :silly:

Spoiler for Hidden:
January 2017

 :fire guy
Vetman, Vegman
Cool guy of the group

How did you find the EtG community?

Completely by accident actually.I was following the starcraft pro-gaming scene at that time and while visiting a certain forum (teamliquid) I stumbled upon a "Best free games" thread on their off-topic section.Elements the game was between those games highly suggested and that along with my love for card game were enough to get me to sign up and get hooked ever since.

Can you please tell everyone ever how much better you are than me? (Amashi)

I was having similar thoughts when I first joined here,then a few months later I had a decent cardpool and was pretty competitive in the pvp events of that time.Make what you will out of this answer.

Are you a vegan? (ARTHANASIOS)

Nope,definitely not.I am trying to eat healthier lately and less meat than when I was younger,but there's no way in hell I am becoming a vegan.Good food is one of those little joys in life.I respect however anyone's right to choose what he/she eats and I expect the same from them.

What would be your reaction if someone creeped up on you and said "you are a starfish"? (Anonymous)

I would pretend that I did not hear the last part and say "Yeah,I know I am a star! Thank you".Then I would load up Limp bizkit's "Chocolate starfish and the hotdog flavored water" album on my iPod,ride my unicorn and chase the rainbow for Electrum gold.Did you expect a serious answer on this one ?

Fine,if you want a serious answer,I'll give you one.I'd be very alarmed and check whether I was being pranked,being in any kind of danger or if that was just a random kid goofing around.Then I would ride my unicorn and chase the rainbow for gold.

In which country would you like to live in? (ARTHANASIOS)

UK,during the eighties.London specifically. Most of my favourite bands came from that place and that period.I would love to be a part of it as it was happening. As for today, probably Sweden.

Do you have a cat? :o (Anonymous)

Nope,but I had a cat's name inspired by me.The cat's name is a Greek word that has similar meaning to the word "Urchin".Love that cat.

If you could choose your own nickname, what would it be? (Anonymous)

There's no fun or point coming up with a nickname for yourself.It's never good and it doesn't stick around either.Actually ,it's certain that if you pick a nickname for yourself,it will be ridiculous.I love,however,coming up with funny nicknames for my friends and them bugging me with funny and/or ridiculous ones also(definitely not insulting ones though).

What is the one thing you hate in EtG the most? (ARTHANASIOS)

The pvp netcode and the delays that it causes.Seriously..One of the reasons that I am not that active in pvp events as I used to,is because of all the desyncs and connection issues that happen almost every time.

Any last words for this interview?

Well, thanks for the opportunity to be interviewed.There was no way that I could have predicted the questions I got :P .I love this game and the community and hope to continue being a part of it for many years to come. I'd also like to thank all of the staff members , past,present and future,for all the hard work they put in for us to have a great time.

Thanks for answering!
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Spoiler for Hidden:
November 2015

Card Curator (Cygnia coder)
Former Master of Death (8th Trials)
 :death fan
Brawl #3 Winner
Brawl #4 Boss
OEtG dev
A nice guy with purple hair

Hello Fippe94! Let's start with the standard question. Why Fippe94? How did you come up with your forum name?

I have used this as my username in pretty much every website I have signed up for, and the origins are very simple. Fippe is a nickname for my real name, and I was born in í94. (As for which century, I will leave that as an excercise for the reader)

How did you find Elements the Game? Also xray1424 asks what is your favourite element? (xray1324)

I found it through Kongregate. I got the first badge in April 2010, but I didnít stay for more. (Continuation in the next question).
As for my favourite element, itís Death. I like Deathís focus on poison and death effects.

What drove you to join the community?

Later, near the end of 2011, I picked the game up again, and got the rest of the badges. I found the forum when looking for decks, and lurked for while. Shortly after I found its tournaments and events, and decided to join the community.

You were previously Master of Death, and lead Death in War. Do you have plans to Trial or compete in War any time soon? (MeowMeowCat)

Most likely, I will go for trials, and attempt to retake my title as Master. As for War, I do not know, maybe yes, maybe not. It might also depends on the results of the Trials.

You were one of the winners of Brawl 3, when you were in the team Divine Light. You were also the boss of team Ragnarok in Brawl 4. How do you recall those events and what do you think about Brawl in general? Do you plan to participate in Brawl 5?

I do recall Brawl 3 as being more fun than Brawl 4, probably because I find the role of Deck Builder more fun than most of the various task you get to do as a Boss. Brawl is pretty fun, but the worst thing about it is when people start to get inactive, which always happens. Itís the same with War of course, but it can be harder to properly fill someone elseís role in Brawl than it is to play another War match.
I will probably join Brawl again, but weíll see when we get there.

What's a day in the life of a card curator like? (godofdeath500)

Well, I am not quite a ĒnormalĒ card curator. My work is almost entirely related to coding of Cygnia. So a normal day is me looking through what cards that have to be added, pick one to add (the easiest ones first :P) and then code it in. Then fix bugs related to the implementation. Then fix newly found bugs related to old cards. Then fix more bugs. (I.e. like every software ever).

You are the one of OEtG developers. How did you learn to code? Do you have any future plans connected to coding?

I had done a little bit of coding by myself earlier, but I really started learning in school at the age of 16. As for future plans: I am currently studying Computer Science at University, so I am definitely expecting some programming in my future :P

As one of the main forces involved in the on-going development and implementation of the oetg versions, what are your top 3 reasons an Elements player should consider adding oetg to their online gaming experience? (anonymous)

-   It shares the same core gameplay as Elements, so if you like dueling in that, youíll probably like OpenEtG too.
-   Opposite to my previous points, there are also lots of new things in OpenEtG (the whole game except for the actual duels is different), so even if you have played Elements to death you can enjoy this too, since it is a different game.
-   The game is still being updated regularly (mainly by serprex currently).

Which part of Cygnia are you most proud of? (Clean0nion)

I donít know if I can pick anything here. All the base code of Cygnia comes originally from OpenEtG, and most of that code is written by serprex, not me. Most of my openEtG code are features in openEtG, not in Cygnia. If I had to pick something, Iíd pick Fae and Meteorite, because they were among the trickiest cards to implement. (So far at leastÖ You card creators arenít really making my life easy you know >_>)

What is your favourite activity in the free time?

Play video games, programming and be with friends. Also I have spent a lot of time the past few weeks looking through Once Upon A Time, so I guess Iíll pick that one too right now.

You're always so positive; so what are your worst characteristics or habits when you're angry? (CrockettRocket)

Well, this was a hard question, I donít really know what to answer. Sorry for a bad answer, but I rarely get angry and no satisfying answer to the question comes to mind.

Could you tell me a pun you particularly like? (Basman-1453)

I am pretty bad at actually remembering jokes I hear >_> I do like ĒCat ateĒ jokes in Swedish, but most of those are pretty much untranslatable. Here is one that can be translated though:
Cat ate car, became Jaguar.

Which gate would you choose to go in? (Submachine)

Spoiler for details:
Imagine that you are on an island with nothing more than 3 gates and a sign. The sign says that the gates are called Aura Gate, Azure Gate and Sphere Gate. Two of them sends you to a cage in the bottom of the ocean, while the third gate brings you back to civilization. The gates also have hints, which might not be enough to figure out which gate you need, but they will help to give you the right idea.

The first gate says:

  • Aura Gate is not next to me.
  • You need to go in Sphere Gate.
The second gate says:
  • Azure Gate is telling lies.
  • Aura Gate would say that it's to the left of Azure Gate.
The third gate says:
  • Two gates are telling lies.
  • I am Sphere Gate.
Some notes about the gates:
  • A gate either always lies or always tells the truth.
  • The first gate is the leftmost gate, the second is the middle, while the third is the rightmost.

Here is my answer, spoilered in case the readers want to think about it themselves first:
Spoiler for my answer:
The middle one.
The only Truth/Lie configuration that doesnít lead to a contradiction is that the third gate lies, the first two tells the truth. Following that, you will see that the middle gate is the Sphere Gate, and thus the correct answer.

What would be your final words for EtG and OEtG players, and the community in general?

Seeing as how we still have regular events and stuff on the forums, that is a clear proof the community will stay alive quite a bit longer, even without Zanz or patches.
If you still want to play with some new cool cards, be sure to try out Cygnia!
As for OpenEtG, I havenít done much wiht it.

Spoiler for Hidden:
October 2015

Forum Admin
The man who fixes things
Skydiving Entropy Sloth
The man that never sleeps
As cool as sloth can be :)

Why Anti-Average and not just Average? :P How difficult is the work of being an admin? Why is your avatar a beaver with glasses, and why are the lenses of the glasses entropy marks? (ARTHANASIOS)

My username is from when I was around 12 years old. I was trying to come up with a name that fit me at the time for my AOL Instant Messenger account. I couldn't find a word that I liked, so I made one up with the meaning I wanted. I believe I was going for something like: someone who prefers people and things that are a bit different. I suppose some of that sentiment still applies, but I've grown a lot since then and the name feels a bit childish now. I think this sort of story resonates with a lot of people. Identity is mutable, it grows as you grow, and changes as you change. But sometimes we are stuck with bits of our past, and that's okay. It's part of our story.

Being an admin is more time consuming than difficult. The hardest parts are the same things that make daily life a challenge. Tedious tasks are boring for me, so it takes extra energy to get them done. Interesting puzzles get me excited, like building new features into chat, so usually those are more likely to get done. People are complex, a mix of rational and irrational, so working with others to find a stable and positive solution can sometimes take a lot of energy and patience. But ultimately helping others has always made me feel good, so in the end the work is worth it. It helps that my fellow admins are such awesome people, so that makes whatever is left as my job easier.

Scaredgirl (before disappearing and becoming a series of guest posts) had an avatar of former UFC ring girl Arianny Celeste edited to have the Mark of Death in her sunglasses. As a joke, I found an image of a sloth wearing some classy shades and edited it to use the Mark of Entropy. I have the sloth facing left so it can look at Arianny. Scaredgirl was an inspiration to many of us early Elements newbs, sharing decks that became our first False God grinders and duel fighters. My avatar is both a parody homage, and a thank you.

{௵_௵}ノ <(Follow your dreams.)

You chose to put Entropy in your avatar's sunglasses. Is Entropy your favorite element? If so, why? (Krzysiekxd)

I like playing with all the Elements (except Mono-Water and Mono-Earth *yawn*). However, Entropy is special to me.

I usually rationalize a bit too much, I approach things a bit more analytically or cerebrally than is necessary or even makes sense. I think I grew up overvaluing predictability and black-and-white, this is right and this is wrong thinking. I wanted to learn as much as I could, and thought that meant memorizing specific facts and patterns. It took me a while to realize the issues with this and break out of that shell. Life is messy and complicated. Nothing is certain. And that's not at all a bad thing.

We absolutely could not survive as a species if we were static. We have to grow and change, together and as individuals. We have to allow for variation. We could not have progress without differences, without mutation from the previous iteration. Seek out the odd, the people and ideas that challenge your current world view, your current thought process. Accept disorder even as you work towards order. Learn from everything around you. Be open to new experiences. Be open to failure and its important lessons.

The Entropy element is all about this. You can lay out your best plan, and it might go horribly wrong, the dice might not fall in your favor. Or, it might succeed fantastically. The chaos of Entropy is exciting. Mutations are always a surprise. Shard of Serendipity is like opening a present. Entropy breaks up the monotony of the grind, it increases the thrill of the duel, and it has a cat. Who doesn't love cats?

I'll leave you with one of my favorite lyrics, a reminder to myself to not overthink things and to accept the unpredictability of life, and of the element Entropy.

Quote from: Tool - Lateralus
Over thinking, over analyzing separates the body from the mind.
Withering my intuition leaving opportunities behind.

Feed my will to feel this moment urging me to cross the line.
Reaching out to embrace the random.
Reaching out to embrace whatever may come.

What's the best and/or worst pun someone has made for your name? (Rutarete)

I don't get name puns all that often. When I do, they've never really been good or bad, just obvious. Nothing memorable comes to mind. Unrelated to my username, my favorite pun is:
Why is it hard to explain a pun to a thief? Because they're always taking things literally.

How did you become admin for this forum? (ZephyrPhantom)

Some time during August 2013 the hosting for the forums lapsed. I was around and offered to transfer the data to my host. I worked with UTAlan to obtain the files. Quickly my server was flooded by the excited traffic of the Elements community, and so had to upgrade the server. Eventually we settled in on September 6th, 2013, and an anonymous donor helped to get that first year paid for at the higher rate. During that time I also acquired the domain from UTAlan.

Since I had access to all the files, I started making mods for the forum. Eventually people asked to get the old chat system back, and so I also re-hosted Blab and have been modding that ever since. Doing all this work, having access to everything anyway, and being available is probably what led me to eventually being given admin status.

Why haven't you quit being an admin yet? What keeps you here, and why do you like being an admin (if you like it if course)? (anonymous)

I like to tinker, so there has always been a motivation to help out a community by improving the software they use. Granted, SMF and Blab aren't all that great, but we get by and it's amusing to try and deal with what we have. Hopefully we can move to better software entirely at some point.

But most of all, the community is what keeps me going. There are so many interesting people with their own stories. Everyone has an idea of how best to help Elements grow, and we all hope together that the game will survive and flourish. The OpenEtG project is also incredibly exciting. I wish I would donate more time to that project, but it's amazing to see how much people care.

I like being in a position to help, and I hope I am succeeding. Anyone is free to PM me, my door is always open. Let me know what I can do for you.

Where did you learn to code? (Espithel)

I read about HTML and JavaScript on the Internet in order to build a website when I was about 8 years old or so. I also started copying, by hand, line by line, TI-83 BASIC games into my calculator. I'm sure that story is familiar to some of you. Eventually there was a summer class available to learn C and C++ at a local college that didn't mind a 12 year old in the room. I taught myself other languages until I got to college and worked on a Computer Science degree. So it's been a little bit of everywhere, like any language.

I believe anyone can code. I think it should be required in school. It helps with critical thinking and logic, and it can be a ton of fun to learn how to control your computer. You play on it every day, why not learn how it works?

Where do you see the future of this beloved website? (TribalTrouble)

My hope is to eventually move us to better forum and chat software, but honestly it's hard to see a future without the game we support being developed. My bigger hope is that Zanzarino will one day find more time or hire someone or just allow a volunteer to help to improve the game. There are some bugs to take care of and servers to fix, but it takes time and people. There are at least a few programmers in the community who would be happy to sign an NDA and lend a hand. Maybe we'll get lucky and that will happen. I also have faith in the OpenEtG project eventually becoming viable, but I'm not sure the whole community will move to it. It's a fan project, but I think it's a strong sign that Elements is worth supporting. The future is a bit muddy right now, so it's up to us to figure out what it will be.

What's your fondest memory in the community?

With the support of Calindu and serprex, I fought through a great match against Odii Odsen in Round 2 of War 7:

That match included an amusing battle where I had a turn 1 Singularity and... well, you'll have to read the report ;)

If technology and money weren't limiting factors, what are some additional cool ideas you'd have liked to see in the community or forum?

Big stage, ESPN coverage of War with live duels. Why not? If we had enough money, I'm sure we could arrange a way to bring the game up to speed with modern standards. There are plenty of interesting synergies in the cards. There is a community champing at the bit for content. It could work. But it really would need a large team and a lot of time and money. Underlying that vision are server upgrades, networking code improvements, game balance tweaks, and support for mobile. I know we all see a ton of potential in Elements, and I hope that we can one day realize that potential.

Do you believe forums can survive without Zanzarino which means without  EtG updates?

So far, I do believe it's possible. It's not guaranteed, and it's definitely a stretch, but I think this community has done incredibly well supporting a competitive and creative environment for a game that is basically developmentally dead at the moment. There is still plenty of interesting play going on, but I would really love to see the game grow. Thank you so much to our wonderful Competition Organizers, Tournament Organizers, League Organizers, Forum Game Organizers, Card Curators, Brawlmasters, Guildmasters, Warmasters, Newsletter Writers, Social Network Managers, and all the other Staff through the years who have helped keep things interesting, motivating, entertaining, and inclusive for all the Elements fans. And of course the biggest thank you to all the people taking part in the events. You all have done an incredible job keeping this place alive and kicking even without a Lead Developer. This community is astounding.

What drove you to join the community?

I came to the game via Kongregate when they featured the badges in July of 2010. Someone in Kongregate chat eventually guided me to the forums, and the deck builders of the community published some amazingly creative builds. I also became interested in development changes as Zanzarino would post about them. Eventually it was obvious that the forums were the place to be, and so I joined. I was mostly a lurker for the longest time, but the inviting community eventually helped me get out of my shell. I'm still not much of a poster, but I'm always happy to talk in our official chat or on Kongregate :)

Why did you name the chat bot AveragePotato, why not antiAveragePotato? :P

I am not the originator of AveragePotato. I did not name him. But I used to live in the IRC channel where he would let me know about new posts on the forums. When we moved to the new version of Blab, I couldn't live without him. UTAlan scripted the IRC bot in order to take the place of the old forum ticker that Xenocidious made for the old version of Blab hosted prior to the IRC days. I liked the bot method better than the ticker, so I scripted a bot for our new version of Blab.

As for the name, I'll let vrt explain:

Right around when we started the first Council, we had a little joke with Dragoon1140 and DesertKnight about how most users weren't much smarter than the average potato. When Council members were appointed, 1140 and I decided to give them their official 'potato names' (eg. Potato1140, Potaeto Hate, Kurotato, etc). We're now keeping the joke alive with our friendly neighborhood bot.

Spoiler for Hidden:

Also, Chapuz told me that Peru is where to find potatoes after an apocalypse. So you know where to look if the potatoes ever go missing.

Do you still play Elements or you are here only for admin stuff?

I still play :) It might not be as much as I used to, but I got about 30,000 score during September. I've been lazy about building arena decks, but I still grind AI and am open for fun duels. I still get excited when people make deck posts, enjoying seeing their creativity or their discovery of old ideas that are still interesting and relevant. I will pretty much always try out a deck that someone posts in the forums, the official chat, or Kongregate chat. I know it's hard to stay interested in games that are not under active development these days, but when I grew up, games were released and then that was it. There was no DLC, there were no expansions, replay-ability was a big deal in ratings. I think Elements has great replay-ability, and I'm still happy to play it.

Any closing remarks for the community?

I want to extend a big thank you to everyone for your patience and support. I know I haven't been the most consistent Admin, but every time I'm around, you always make me feel welcome. This is a great community filled with creative, intelligent, helpful, and thoughtful members. A lot of you work much harder than I ever could. I know we have our rough moments, but we have such a great support network for working through the bad times. We are all here to play a game, relax, and have fun. Try not to take things too seriously. Be good to each other. I'll see you in chat ;)

Thanks for talking and for your work as an admin!

You're very welcome, thanks for inviting me to this interview! As an aside, this month is a big deal for me. I was invited to the Wingsuit Formation World Record attempts in Perris, California. I'll be gone October 12th through the 19th helping set a new wingsuit world record. Wish me and my fellow wingsuit pilots luck, I'll share the pictures when I get back. If you're ever curious about skydiving or wingsuiting, hit me up in chat, I'm happy to answer any questions. I challenge all of you to try skydiving at least once, and consider getting your license. It's an often misunderstood sport, and far safer than you might imagine. It's also one of the most beautiful things you can do. Blue skies, everyone :)

Spoiler for Interview:

Global Moderator
Tournament Organizer
Master of Aether
Council Member
Arena Moderator

Q: What is the story behind your forum username?
I happened upon the name of Higurashi when I was reading a book on Japanese culture. I had just recently begun exploring the internet at the time and didn't have a nickname I was happy with. The literal meaning of Higurashi is something akin to "duskbringer" in English, and is a name the Japanese have given a type of cicada that rises with dusk. Thematically, it fit me at the time and still does as I'm a chronic insomniac who feels more comfy during the evening.

Q: How did you find Elements?
I found Elements on Kongregate while specifically googling for online card games. It had been a while since I last played Magic: The Gathering and I had an urge to play something similar. On Kong I quickly spotted some people I enjoyed spending time with, and it didn't take long before I stopped lurking the Elements forum and joined as a member instead.

Q: How long have you been playing Elements?
I've been actively playing since May last year and had been sporadically checking back on the game for updates since December two years ago.

Q: What is your favorite Element and why?
Aether has been my favourite since I started. My first serious deck was a Monoaether I used to get pretty good electrum off Half-Bloods, and my love for what Aether symbolises began then. I love Aether because it embodies the endless potential of all things, the eternal things that have always been in our universe, and the intuition and wisdom that comes with a mindset where one calmly denies no aspect in all of creation. I also love it for the potentially endless power it, as an element, possesses, and many other things. In fact, I love it for embodying so many things too.

Q: What is your favorite card and why?
Thematically speaking it has to be the Turquoise Nymph. She hits hard, and can protect those dear to her. Just like me.
Power-wise, my favourite is the Phoenix. It has always been my favourite mythological animal because it is eternal, graceful and beautiful. Just like Aether.

Q: What is your favorite deck and why?
Fractix. It combines Aether and my favourite non-rare creature to magnify the power of Fire. Doing that to a strong element like Fire is a scary thought, wouldn't you agree?

Q: What is your most memorable PvP match?
Oh, I remember so many. One of my favourites was against Tiko in War 3. It was even, and Tiko is a very fun and pleasant opponent.
Another fun one was against kevkev in 12 Lives. I almost swept him, if only I had gone back to my first deck. But kev made the better choices and won a very enjoyable match.

Q: What is your favorite activity on the forums?
I very much enjoy doing work for the community, be it making tournaments, helping new players or working on bigger projects like we sometimes do in the Council, or things like World of Elements. My favourite activity in the community is chatting in the elements chat, though.

Q: What tips would you give to new players?
Discover what you enjoy about the game and develop your own way of playing it. This will give you a strong identity as a player and make you enjoy the game and community more. On that note, do take part in the community. It's the best one I've ever been in and the main reason I'm still here.

Q: How would you improve Elements the game?
Quite simply increase the quantity of unique cards in the game. By that I mean no copies like Shards, but rather new creatures, spells and permanents with individual themes and names. With more cards added, more strategies become available, and the depth increases. Naturally you also have to mind the game balance, but I trust in Zanzarino to do that.

Q: Name one interesting fact about yourself that nobody in the community knows about.
I may be a hardass now, but I used to live for love. Striving for such an idealistic dream was the only way I was able to pull myself out of the life I had when I was younger, and it gave me the strength to eventually live for myself. Through this, you can truly begin to live for higher purposes, because you have to take care of yourself first before you can take care of others.

Q: What would you like to say to all your fans?
You are all my equals, because we all possess endless potential. If I give you a hard time, it's because I want you to bite back and show some guts. It's under harsh conditions that we improve as humans. Remember that when life gives you a hard time. Smile and power through it, knowing you grow stronger.

Spoiler for Interview:

Council Member
Arena Moderator
The Guy Who Found Elements Before You Did

Q: What is the story behind your forum username?
My wife, back when we were in high school, had a home-crafted 'religion' of moon-worship and magic.  (This after growing up Mormon, right?)  Her philosophies were so persusasive that she 'converted' a Catholic from Mexico and a Shinto-ist from Japan (both exchange students) as well as a few of the locals in Sequim, Washington, USA -- THE town with with the HIGHEST ratio of chuches to people in the western half of the United States. Quite an accomplishment.  So, she named herself Majik. I started going out with her (fell under her spell?), and decided I should choose a nick that went alongside hers without elbowing in on her meme-space too much, so I decided on Essence. I've been Essence everywhere I've gone online ever since.

Q: How did you find Elements?
Through Kongregate.  My other favorite game of all time, Tactics Arena Online, just had its only worthwhile server (legends) crash, and I was looking for a new game with a cool community to join.  I played Elements exactly once on Kong, found the main page, played once more, found the forums, and started participating full-scale.

Q: How long have you been playing Elements?
Since version 0.4.  Mono-Aether was the reigning king, FFQ decks were all the rage (and pretty strong), and False Gods were the new big thing.

Q: What is your favorite Element and why?
Most people would probably expect me to say Water, because for a long time I would have shouted down anyone who said otherwise.  But I've been watching this game evolve for a long time, and as it's evolved, Water has continuously been the one element that gets screwed over with every new release.  It sucks nowadays, plain and simple. I'd have to say that in today's game, my favorite element is Fire.  It's got everything - PC, CC, quanta acceleration, growth creatures, unkillable creatures, spell damage...no denial really, but with Fire's speed, who needs it?

Q: What is your favorite card and why?
I'd have to say it's Crusader.  Not for it's play value (though it's play value is enormous), but because it's the first card that Zanz took from the forums and put basically unchanged into the game.  That represented a fundamental shift toward community interaction that has really turned Elements from a cool game into the BEST game out there.   Also, Crusader was the brainchilde of the coolest guy on the forums, my man James'll Seven.

Q: What is your favorite deck and why?
My favorite deck is, with no equivocation, Little Miss Fire.  First off, it's purely my own creation, so I'm proud of it.  Secondly, it's simply the fastest thing I've ever played (when it goes off).  Finally, I just love the way in which it builds.  You look totally impotent for 2 or 3 turns, and then you get the kill on turn 5 or 6, and you can just imagine the look on your opponent's faces.  It's great fun.

Q: What is your most memorable PvP match?
Oh, easily the last battle of the second Trials.  Me vs. Nilsieboy, with the score evenly tied.  He's playing a Mindgate/Ice Bolt stall that I've been losing to for the entire series, and I'm desperately hoping that my hail-Mary -- a Trident/Crawler Russian Disrupter -- can pull the game off. The first time, it's a clear victory for me, but then, Nilsieboy calls in a favor and asks for a rematch, which is totally legit because he gave me a rematch when I had forgotten to change my mark earlier in the series.  So we go again, and the second time through is long, tense, and painful. The win was mine basically strictly because I drew more than half of my offensive creatures in my opening hand, and I kept EQ'ing his  producing pillars, forcing him to choose between playing Dim Shields and staying alive, and playing Mindgates and drawing an offense.  He chose the Mindgates, not knowing that my offense was already all in my hand, and when he proceeded to Mindgate useless cards while I played my offense and pummeled him, the game was sealed. That game -- I'll remember that game when I'm ninety years old.

Q: What is your favorite activity on the forums?
Honestly, it changes.  I hang around so much that I go in waves of being interested in this thing or that thing.  Right now it's Forum Games, but last month it was Card Ideas.  I expect at some point I might try for a second Mastership, or try to win World of Elements or something.

Q: What tips would you give to new players?
1)  Read the forums, especially the tutorials section.
2)  Be prepared to grind.  Grinding is the fact of life in Elements, so make it as fun -- and fast -- as you can.
3)  Pay attention to the Oracle, and look up unupped decks to defeat specific FGs.  There's nothing like winning an upped card on your third or fourth day of playing because the Oracle handed you a pushover like Destiny on a platter. (MonoAether for the win!)
4)  Zanz might not reply to the forums often, but he does listen. Participate in the Forums -- especially the Patch Notes and Development News and the In Development sections.  Your voice is valuable.

Q: How would you improve Elements the game?
Add a second developer to speed up the addition of new cards (preferably chosen mostly from the Armory) to the game.  That's all.

Q: Name one interesting fact about yourself that nobody in the community knows about.
I am a ninja.  More specifically, I hold a 7th kyu (that's like a green belt) in Togakureryu Ninpo Taijutsu.  Also, several other low-ranked belts in several other martial arts including Tae Kwon Do, Escrima (that's Filipino stickfighting), Bok Pai (crane style kung fu), Kobujitsu (Samurai style armed fighting including katana, naginata, bisento, wakizashi, and a bit of unarmed combat), and Judo.  I guess I'm one of those people who really wants to be a badass, but just never had the focus to follow through on any one thing.

Q: What would you like to say to all your fans?
Go do something better with your focus and ability than being a fan.   Seriously, though, I get a lot of personal validation and pride out of these forums and my ability to contribute to this community and the game itself -- so I would like to say THANK YOU to everyone out there that has ever given any of my ideas a nod or said anything nice about me. I print them all out and put them in my wallet to look lovingly at when I'm feeling blue. Just kidding. You hope.

Spoiler for Interview:

Council Member
Card Curator
Competition Organizer
WoE Writer

Q: What is the story behind your forum username?
It started off with World of Warcraft actually. My brother had bought the game several years ago and I just watched him play it occasionally from a chair behind him, but when he started attending school, I was allowed to play on it while he wasn't home (on a different character). I named my first Warlock, 'Kuroaitou', which became a loose translation of 'Dark Regret' (or black sorrow to some people) to describe how the Warlock felt in regards to his evil magic practices in order to help his friends. A sort of person who questions whether his skills are just even though he has good motivations. Surprisingly, that name seemed to have carried over in my personal life when it came down to my apologetic tendencies, and well, it soon became somewhat of an embodiment to who I am today in terms of my personality.

Q: How did you find Elements?
I was an overly aggressive badge chaser on Kongregate - I loved points and achievements, but when I took up the daunting task of trying to kill a False God, I realized that it would take a considerable amount of time in order to obtain those points. I was actually hesitant about tackling the challenge, since I hated most card games (I wasted money on Pokemon cards and failed to understand how to play MtG with my friends back in middle school), but when I saw the 'flavor' and simplicity of the card descriptions and art pieces, I figured that I should stick around to see what else would be implemented.

Q: How long have you been playing Elements?
Over a year now, since I started on March 24th (that's when I got the Level 0 badge). ^^;

Q: What is your favorite Element and why?
Time for various reasons, but I'll list the two most vital ones. The first is that I had actually began 'envisioning' a VERY complicated video game with my best friend with characters in a pseudo-realistic (i.e. - today's technology/timelines) RPG adventure that spanned the Bay Area of California. One of the characters was based on my personality, and his powers generally centered around the time-space continuum (emphasis on the former). Obviously, Time didn't quite fit in with the other 'elements' that we had designed for the game, so I felt a lot more unique with my 'Time' element in comparison to the other characters. Secondly, I feel that Time has been integral to my ability to understand how the world works. It's incredibly symbolic to me on a philosophical and emotional (nostalgic?) level, to the point where it has become both a blessing and a curse - again, the latter part of my name, 'regret', is a problem I still deal with today when it comes down to moving on from my past mistakes. My broken hourglass (and various quotes I had in my signature back then) avatar only further emphasizes how powerless we are when the hourglass continues to 'tick'; our hearts are the Hourglasses with the sand flowing through, and it becomes important to nourish that heart lest the sand stops prematurely...

Q: What is your favorite card and why?
Gotta love that Hourglass! It's powerful in its own right despite having its weakness to draw denial and permanent control. Card advantage is vital in any deck, and while I love stalls, sometimes it's nice to have a few tricks up one's sleeve to speed through the deck to get the key cards you want. It's a great supportive card that has helped define the Time element, and is one of the reasons why many False God decks have succeeded using it (no offense to RoL-Hope, but hey, lots of FG decks use Hourglasses it seems. Ghost of the Past now is a close second (Eternity third) for thematic and mechanical reasons. Nymph's Tears is also a card I love to play with for kicks.

Q: What is your favorite deck and why?
I've GotP Time, Pharaoh+Scarab spam, and Ghostmare are some of my favorites, but I don't really think I've grown accustomed to any particular deck. I do enjoy stuffing decks with lots of cards to create some unusual combos though (my one tournament win was a rainbow deck that just had one (non-damaging) creature card and copious CC/PC/healing cards to just let the games last forever).

Q: What is your most memorable PvP match?
PvP makes me sad usually. But I guess my most 'memorable' one was actually winning against Pervepic in War #2 (Kael Hate was giving me pointers the entire time so that I wouldn't slip off the victory), seeing my abysmal score in the War standings.

Q: What is your favorite activity on the forums?
Initially when I started talking, I used to participate in forum competitions and design cards since my PvP skills were awful (and still are). Nowadays, I enjoy reading about various PvP events, participating in WoE, and writing. I still love Card Curation and designing crazy competitions as a Competition Organizer, but I think it's about time for me to spread that love...

Q: What tips would you give to new players?
Always start with a fresh mind to learn, rather that coming in assuming you know everything. It applies to real life; no matter how 'skilled' or intelligent you are, if you come across condescending and hostile towards other people, you won't feel very welcomed into the community (the world) nor enjoy the game ('life') as much. Humility is a key aspect to understanding how to become better as a player. Taking the time to get to know others and admit your mistakes (or weaknesses) shows an almost immeasurable amount of potential for you as a person. After all, I don't think without my various mentors and veterans (some who have left the forums for quite a while and I still have respect for), I don't know where I would be as a member on this forum (or in real life).

Q: How would you improve Elements the game?
Achievements! Give players some crazy goals, quest lines, or tasks for them to try to aim for. The possibility of having more artwork for the game outside of the cards is also a nice touch for morale. I've always fantasized about the idea of each False God having their super-awesome 'avatar' that you can see when you fight them, and as 'elementals', it would be incredible if there was artwork on some of them being a icon for the cards they use. FG art = potentially more people sticking around to fight them.

Q: Name one interesting fact about yourself that nobody in the community knows about.
I used to skip school by pretending to be sick; the other kids teased me a lot which made elementary school a nightmare. But here's the crazy part; I actually wanted to be 'honest' about being sick, so I actually FORCED myself to get sick (eating bad food, standing in the rain, suffocating myself with dirty blankets, etc.) when my mom called in absent for me so that I wouldn't feel guilty for lying to her initially... that was probably a really bad idea, but hey, kids do crazy things.

Q: What would you like to say to all your fans?
You should admire someone else. Like, Albert Einstein, or Maya Angelou, or Scaredgirl... ^^; But to any 'fans' out there; thank you for your support, but know that you're most likely going to succeed me sooner or later, and when that happens, promise me you won't get annoyed when I become your biggest admirer.

Spoiler for Interview:

Card Curator

Q: What is the story behind your forum username?
I originally made the name 'Xeno' for an online RPG called AdventureQuest. Later I found out that it's actually a prefix that means 'stranger' (as in xenophobia). It became my standard name across all the games I played, but I noticed something: the name Xeno was often taken for most usernames on various websites. So I decided to tweak it a bit: taking from the suffix 'cide', which means 'kill' I believe (suicide, homicide, etc.), I formed the name Xenocidius. Being so unique, it is available on pretty much any website, and has become my Internet identity.

Q: How did you find Elements?
I found Elements from a friend who had been playing it for a while; we usually played mostly RPGs, so the idea of an online card game was a strange idea to me. As it happened, I got addicted and started playing it constantly. After the initial addiction wore off I probably would have quit were it not for the Wiki - the idea of being able to contribute to such a community intrigued me greatly, so I made a Wiki account; I still have draft articles that I've never posted. From that I came to the forums, and mostly roamed the Card Idea and Arts section before finally exploring the rest of the forums.

Q: How long have you been playing Elements?
Since 1.25. Scorpions and Nightmare were still in the In Development page; I remembered wondering what they were doing there when they were already in-game. I couldn't tell you much about the metagame back then, for I was still in full noob mode, playing 60-card quintets against AI3 and failing epicly.

Q: What is your favorite Element and why?
Darkness. Let's just say Darkness has been my signature element - in every, and I mean EVERY game I've ever played where Darkness was an option, I've taken it. For me, when I first created an account, I knew I'd be picking Darkness or Death (in most other games I've played Darkness encompassed both Darkness and Death). I'm glad I chose Darkness; it has everything: CC, PC, quanta denial, healing, stalling, card denial - what more could you want? (That was a rhetorical question; do not say rushing).

Q: What is your favorite card and why?
I'd have to say my favorite card would be Nightmare. The whole idea of infecting your opponent's mind is just incredibly appealing to me. Not to mention the draw denial and healing aspects of it.

Q: What is your favorite deck and why?
My favorite deck is definitely Mono Darkness. A single decklist for Mono Darkness can win against most other decks in the game. I once read that the idea of the game was to make a deck with as few counters as possible; Mono Darkness fills that criteria.

Q: What is your most memorable PvP match?
My most memorable PvP match was against a friend of mine, who was a total noob in retrospect. Since he had picked fire, of course he ripped apart my 60-card quintet like butter. It was when I found a good Mono Darkness deck in the Wiki that I finally managed to beat him (ridiculously easily as well). That was the first PvP match I won, and certainly not the last.

Q: What is your favorite activity on the forums?
Posting card ideas would have to be my favorite activity on the forums; it's always been my forte, ever since I first joined. I enjoy many other things though, including competitions, forum games, World of Elements, and the various off-topic threads.

Q: What tips would you give to new players?
1. Learn how to make a good deck ASAP. Look on the forums for examples.
2. Have fun once in a while, whether with a ragequit deck in PvP or experimenting in the Trainer. It is a game, after all.
3. Always, ALWAYS check the Oracle for the next False God. There are so many good counter decks that you can use to get some easy money; I, for one, wish I had known about them when I first started the game.
4. Go on Chat and let us get to know you. The community will accept you a lot faster if you do.

Q: How would you improve Elements the game?
A second developer would be a great addition. Basically, the game needs more cards that can do certain things (for example, countering poison/permanent control, more permanent control and mass CC, means of countering mass CC, etc.), so that the card database is a network of cards that can counter each other.

Q: Name one interesting fact about yourself that nobody in the community knows about.
I'm an Aussie. I'm also a vegetarian. Considering Australians practically live on beef, these two facts do not cooperate well.

Q: What would you like to say to all your fans?
I have fans?

Spoiler for Interview:

Deck Helper
Trial Overseer

Q: What is the story behind your forum username?
Interesting story with that.  It's my name and a former zip code.  Oh.  I guess it wasn't that interesting.

Q: How did you find Elements?
I'd been playing another webgame when the developers made a significant change to the game and then disappeared for a month.  The community there was good (though nothing compared to elements) and they begged the developers to reappear and fix the unbalance they'd created.  After a month I started looking for another webgame; a member there recommended elementsthegame.

Q: How long have you been playing Elements?
Aug or Sept '09.

Q: What is your favorite Element and why?
I really didn't have a favorite element until the scramble for respectable players before War1.  The Master of Fire was happy to have me because I was active and had made a splash in Champions League.  I was happy to be on Team Fire because I knew it had a great chance to win.  Through War1 preparations and then Trials preparations, my love for the element grew.  With some of the best rush cards and some of the best control cards, there's simply no element like it.

Q: What is your favorite card and why?
I'll say Nova/Supernova.  It's the foundation for many of the most popular FG grinders, PvP decks, and other AI grinders.

Q: What is your favorite deck and why?
I'm sure I'm expected to say Grabbix but its effectiveness died when 1.29 came out, so I'm gonna go off script and say PuppyChow's The-Compeltely-Unoriginal-but-Semi-Original FGBow.  It's now far removed from a top tier FG grinder but back in the day this one stood out from the rest.  I played a lot of games with it and it never ever got boring.

Q: What is your most memorable PvP match?
The best I can do is narrow it to two.  1) During the second Trials I faced Dragoon, a phenomenal player and all around good guy.  It was a super tight match, the margin for error was nil, and I was sweating like a whore in church.  In game four I topdecked my only dragon ftw.  2) My first ever War match was against jmizzle7, as seasoned a vet as a seasoned vet can be.  The first game he finished with 1 hp, and I came back to beat win the next two.  A couple times in that match he AM'd and then quinted my phoenixes so I couldn't immo.

Q: What is your favorite activity on the forums?
I have Events and Competitions Ľ Recent Unread Topics favorited on my smartphone.  The most fun this game has to offer lies in that section.

Q: What tips would you give to new players?
Periodically a "What now?" post appears in General Discussion, where the author has a fully upgraded FG deck, a fair amount of score and ups, and is seeking new challenges.  And I reply "I have Events and Competitions Ľ Recent Unread Topics favorited on my smartphone.  The most fun this game has to offer lies in that section."

Q: How would you improve Elements the game?
There's a lot of clamoring for new cards but I'm happy to take things slow, baby.  As the game is so dependent on PvP battles, I'd really love to see a fully functioning Spectate.  I spoke to zanz about it once though, and he said spectate was not near the top of his to do list, partially because fixing spectate was a time consuming project

Q: Name one interesting fact about yourself that nobody in the community knows about.
I have two kids, ages 4 and 3.

Q: What would you like to say to all your fans?
See you in chat!

Spoiler for Interview:

Master of Darkness
Council Member

Q: What is the story behind your forum username?
First things first, the story begins when I was called "Beef" -which in dutch has nothing to do with meat- at elementary (no pun intended). At high school I needed an e-mail address for the first time in my life and for some reason decided to use Beef. Apparently Beef is popularly used in e-mail addresses since all kinds of additives resulted in suggestions with stupid numbers behind them, which I find rather impersonal. So when I finally got to TheonlyrealBeef I got myself a unique name. Ever since I've been using TheonlyrealBeef, or just Beef for all kinds of online things.

Q: How did you find Elements?
I found it on Kongregate. Some person told me about Kongregate after I was peeking at what game he was playing and he was rather surprised I didn't know it. Shortly afterwards I got curious and searched for this "Kongregate". Elements was one of the games I ran into while hunting for badges. I ended up playing it a lot more than I thought I would though.

Q: How long have you been playing Elements?
I got my first Kongregate Badge on 12 Februari 2010 so that has to be the day I first played elements. Only played it for a month or two before I had a long break playing other even more addictive online games. After rage quitting those for their abundance of trolls I couldn't resist coming back to elements, which I visited every now and then even during that time for the Oracle, mostly. I signed up at the forums and you know the rest.

Q: What is your favorite Element and why?
I think it's rather obvious but it's Darkness. It's the first element I chose and the element I quickly rejoined with after the boredom of grinding. When I first chose it I mostly chose it for being what some would consider the "evil" side. I always do that in games, I can barely stand those "good" factions, always arrogant in their belief that they are always right. Radical and stubborn as I am that brings me to the exact opposite. While playing the game I also greatly enjoyed the game mechanics accompanied with Darkness and find it to be capable of everything I want from one element (except mass cc).

Q: What is your favorite card and why?
Vampire. Vampires heal you for the damage done being both mediocre attackers as well as solid healing: a good addition to any deck that can't win on speed alone.

Q: What is your favorite deck and why?
Pestal with Vampires. I think it's the deck that best utilizes Vampires, despite being called Pestal which would imply more importance of Pests and despite being a duo with Aether, best symbolizes Darkness for me. First locking down your opponent until they are absolutely helpless, after which you drain them of every bit of life they have. Vampires perfectly make up for the measly damage set up by your opponent before lockdown is achieved.

Q: What is your most memorable PvP match?
I think it's the final battle when I became master. There isn't any single other match that was both close and is still in my memory. Looking back at it that match was even closer than I first realized (bad luck from Kael's side). Close battles with Darkness decks are always exciting (sorry to disappoint Onizuka, but 5-1 isn't exactly close).

Q: What is your favorite activity on the forums?
Lurking. Oh and of course looking at pvp events, especially ones I'm involved in. This might come as a surprise since I don't join many, but that's just so I have all that much more time to fully enjoy major ones like war!

Q: What tips would you give to new players?
Stop continuously selling each card you get, try to collect all unupgraded cards and join various pvp events the forum has to offer and read other peoples' advice! But most of all, use your head, don't assume every deck on the forum to be perfect or every advice true. Try to gain an understanding of things by trying them out yourself, building worthless decks isn't as worthless an activity as it might seem, as long as you know what is wrong about it and know how to improve it. Before you know it, you'll build top quality decks without even thinking about it.

Q: How would you improve Elements the game?
Improving balance, mostly by adding more cards but also changing some of the current to allow for more cards to enter the game without instantly being overpowered when combined with aforementioned cards that need changing. Immolation, Nova and Fractal come to mind, which brings me to the fact that the game needs that much less focus on rainbows, just having Black Hole to counter them won't cut it, especially now that Sanctuary has entered the game (which I'd remove without hesitation, mind you). The fact that Fire and Rainbow are considered strong and that Immolation and Nova are the fastest ways to gain quanta isn't just a coincidence, you know.

Q: Name one interesting fact about yourself that nobody in the community knows about.
I hate beef. Seriously.

Q: What would you like to say to all your fans?
You exist? Seriously though, if you ever want to achieve anything in this community just lurking won't be enough, you'll actually have to apply and sign up for things. You'll get that much more involved and have that much more fun in elements, just don't expect everything to go the way you want it to go...
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Spoiler for Interview:

Deck Helper
Master of Life
Council Member
Arena Moderator

Q: What is the story behind your forum username?
That's a bit complicated...but it started years ago after my friends and I gave each other nicknames to make ourselves "cooler".  Because my last name starts with G and I am also the third person in my family to receive my first, middle, and last name, my friends started calling me G3.  That trend would continue even through high school where G3 started to be used as a name for any time that I would suddenly erupt with anger over a certain issue (G3 is also a type of a rifle, which makes this nickname even more appropriate in these situations).  This behavior was very unlike me, and people started to treat G3 as the alter ego of Will.  So after that trend caught on, any time that I needed a name for myself for a performance or game of some type, I would use willng3:  Will-a(n)d-G3.  I should note that the similarities between my username and the word "willing" are completely coincidental and unintentional.

Q: How did you find Elements?
I'd been playing games on Kongregate for a while, so when I started noticing people on my Friend's List playing Elements I figured I'd give the game a try to see what the fuss was about.  I've been addicted ever since.

Q: How long have you been playing Elements?
Since mid-August of 2010.  I actually officially first played the game during the first week of August, but immediately afterwards went on a vacation for a week.  Therefore I would consider mid-August to be when I started taking the game seriously.

Q: What is your favorite Element and why?
Life.  There are so many reasons that this Element just suits me personally.  Firstly, I love to get (most) things done as quickly as possible, and I like to be efficient with my time.  One of the reasons I purposely deprive myself of sleep is because I believe that it essentially wastes the amount of time that you have to accomplish more tasks throughout the day.  I'm also very energetic, so Adrenaline and spammable creatures are fun for me.  My favorite color is, and always has been, green and my favorite season of the year is spring.  I don't particularly have a fondness for plants or animals, but I hate to see them in pain nevertheless.

Q: What is your favorite card and why?
Horned Frog/Giant Frog, for sure.  Unupped is a fantastic, cheap target for Adrenaline and the upped has the best Attack/cost ratio in the game (sans Ball of Lightning and other free cost creatures).  A lot of people choose their favorite card based on it being the one that wins you the most duels, but I prefer the ones that fit my playing style because they make the game more enjoyable for me.  They look cool too.

Q: What is your favorite deck and why?
As always, this is a difficult question to answer; I constantly find new deck ideas that I consider unique or interesting.  If you had asked me the same question before Trials had ended I would have replied differently, but my favorite deck at this present time is, believe it or not, The Ultimate Speed EM Deck.  I don't exactly know what my fascination is with this deck, but it is one of the few decks that I can continue to use over and over and over and over again for hours, even days at a time.  In the earliest stages of my Elements the Game voyage I used this deck to obsessively grind score every single day (oftentimes more than 15k per day) before the Forums became a new time sink for me.  The deck also allows me to play the game while talking to other people and accomplishing other tasks.  It meets my need for efficiency and multi-tasking the best of any deck I have used to this day.

Q: What is your most memorable PvP match?
I thought I wasn't going to have an answer to this since I seldom do PvP.  But after some recollecting, I definitely have to say it was my 12 Lives match against QuantumT.  The main reason I'm drawn to this match is because there was one match-up where I ended up winning against a Mono Life deck with 1HP remaining.  It was the first time that I felt as if the Element was allied with me.  QuantumT is also a very skilled player, so the match as a whole was very, very exciting.

Q: What is your favorite activity on the forums?
As crazy as it sounds, I love doing staff work.  I either figure that I'm helping to improve the forums and its community or I'm doing something to keep me occupied; I tend to become restless if I'm not busy doing something.  It can keep me preoccupied for days at a time as well, which is oddly satisfying.  Otherwise I'm hitting the "Show unread posts since last visit" link every other minute which probably isn't good for my health or sanity.

Q: What tips would you give to new players?
Don't hesitate to ask questions.  People may call you stupid or other harsh names, but with every question asked, a door to progress is opened.  We're generally good at answering questions quickly and sufficiently as well, so there's really not much harm done by doing so.

Q: How would you improve Elements the game?
Giving the game additional mechanics would be beneficial to it as a whole.  Cards like Crusader and Mitosis were especially awesome when first released because they introduced unique functions that the game had not demonstrated before.  I think it's significantly important to keep older players attracted to the game, and I think that adding new features during each patch is the most effective way of maintaining senior interest.

Q: Name one interesting fact about yourself that nobody in the community knows about.
Wow.  This one's really, really hard to answer because my activity in chat leads to me revealing quite a bit about my personal life in the process.  However, one thing that I'm confident no one is aware of is that I suffer from a condition known as sleep paralysis quite frequently.  The first time that I can really remember waking up with my entire body paralyzed was incredibly frightening, but over the years I've adapted to it a bit more; my girlfriend also being aware of my problem and remaining calm while watching over me as my body "wakes up" has helped me even more.  If you have difficulty understanding exactly what it might feel like to experience sleep paralysis, imagine having something bind down your entire body as it lays flat on a bed, couch, etc.  Now imagine yourself mustering up all of the strength within your body just to make it move even slightly.  That's pretty much what it feels like, sometimes your body can break free of this state momentarily, but then it goes right back to being immobilized.  Fortunately this typically doesn't last more than a few minutes.

Q: What would you like to say to all your fans?
Firstly that I appreciate your support infinitely.  For some reason I always imagine the way I come across online to be similar to how I come across to people in the real world:  serious, calculating, and oftentimes cold.  But I think that must be because I don't have to deal with as much insensitivity and rudeness here.  I'd say that the community allows me to step out of my comfort zone once in a while, which is truthful.

Spoiler for Interview:


Q: What is the story behind your forum username?
I went to The University of Texas at Austin, and my name is Alan. Creative, eh?

Q: How did you find Elements?
YoungSot! He's a RL friend who introduced it to me, though I found my way to the forums before he did. I've been a part of multiple forum communities in the past, so I jumped right into this one and haven't looked back.

Q: How long have you been playing Elements?
Since Dec 2010/Jan 2011-ish.

Q: What is your favorite Element and why?
Aether, hands down. It probably has a lot to do with the fact that Higs gave me a chance in War 3 despite how unknown I was. But the versatility of the element (mono, strong support, rainbow spash) makes it fun to play with in just about any kind of deck.

Q: What is your favorite card and why?
Lightning, probably. It can kill more creatures than it can't, it can finish off an opponent a turn early by targeting th

Spoiler for Interview:


Q: What is the story behind your forum username?
My favorite RPG series ever is Fire Emblem. Naesala is the king of a race of half human half ravens in one of the games. He is devious, deceptive, and dastardly, and doesn't care what the other Kings think of him because he does it all for his people. I love sacrificing oneself in any manner for the good of others and that is what Naesala does. He is also extremely cool looking. I've used Naesala or some variation for my usernames online ever since I played as him.

Q: How did you find Elements?
Pretty normal way; Kongregate added badges so I jumped on it and played. I loved the system, so even after earning the badges I would come back and play more.

Q: How long have you been playing Elements?
Off and on since the game received badges, which I believe was about 3 years ago, but I may be wrong.

Q: What is your favorite Element and why?
My favorite element is Gravity. When I first started playing, I wanted with a defensive element because that is how I play most games. That narrowed it to earth and gravity based on the pre game descriptions. I chose gravity, because it sounded more impressive and I liked the look of the creatures. As I explored other elements, I found a lingering love for gravity followed me where I went. And as my hatred of Phase shields grew, so did my love of momentum.

Q: What is your favorite card and why?
Graviton Mercenary, purely for aesthetics. I love how he looks. Unfortunately, I rarely get to use him due to his poor stats and cost. I would love to see him buffed, but this is not the place for that argument. I find ways to play him whenever I can just so i can look at his completely awesome form.

Q: What is your favorite deck and why?
Hard to say, I would probably have to make it a tie between 60-card rainbows and Shard of Serendipity based decks. I like seeing little used cards on the field. I like playing with flexible decks. I'd love to use decks with more than 30 cards more frequently. It's fun to play a variety of things. I love going two matches in a row with the same deck and having completely different cards for both matches.

Q: What is your most memorable PvP match?
One of my matches of budokan against daccoo. Budokan was the first time I had done some real organized PvP, and there was a round where he and I fought for quite a while in a close match. That particular match was the most memorable of the lot, but what really made my matches special were that this was my first experience and he was an extremely good sport about everything. It made me feel good about competing when I knew I would likely be a weak player with my limited decks.

Q: What is your favorite activity on the forums?
Forum Brawl *Cough cough*. Or I hope it will be, anyways. What I really enjoy most right now is the Buff and Nerf this card sections. It's something few other card games can have, reworking cards to make them balanced. Some of the most interesting i

Spoiler for Interview:

Master of Aether

Q: What is the story behind your forum username and avatar?
For my username, deuce was a nickname given to me by my high school buddies because my last name ends in the suffix II ("the second"). The 22 was added because "deuce" is usually unavailable for most games, so it's my typical username for most games.

For my avatar, it's a picture of my dog, Cameron, when he was a puppy (guessing 4-6 months old or so). The ninja headband was added because I was obsessed with a music video by Die Antwoord called "Enter the Ninja" at the time. Not really sure why I decided to use it as my avatar, but probably because it's uniquely mine.

Q: What is your favorite activity on the forums?
War. It was the only event I wanted to be a part of when I first joined, and it's the still the focus of my pvp participation. There is no other forum activity that is quite like it. Pretty much all the friends I've made in the community have been on my war teams, so my devotion to this game and this community is entirely attributed to this event.

Q: What is your favourite activity when you're not playing Elements?
I'm a big golfer. I actually rate golf courses for Golfweek Magazine.

Q: Favourite Katy Perry song?
I actually am not a Katy Perry fan at all. I just love the gif of her with the shakeweights. Although, if I had to pick a song for the sake of answering the question, I'd probably pick Firework because of the music video. I really don't like any of her songs, lol.

Q: Ninjas vs pirates?
Rhetorical questions are rhetorical :P

Q: Favourite Aether Card and why?
This is a tough one. If I had to pick one, it would probably have to be fractal. It is arguably the most powerful card in aether's arsenal. The ability to add up to 8 creatures in your hand instantly is very OP. It can be used in rushes, domins, quantacontrol, and stalls. It is almost never a dead card.

Q: What is your most memorable PvP match?
There's been a few over the last 2 years, but the top of my list is probably my epic comeback against PlayerOa last war in round 11. We modded our grabbow to have about a 50/50 shot against trollmare. Game 1 I didn't draw any novas, and game 2 I didn't draw any grabbies. I remember thinking I couldn't get lucky 3 games in a row and that our war was likely over. Ended up having perfect draw in game 3, then he had 1 pend draws in games 4 and 5. Game 4 was close, but he only drew 1 creature in game 5. After that, we went on to easily beat 10 men in round 12 to win war.

Q: What advice would you give to a player that is an aspiring Grandmaster?
"Victory belongs to the most persevering." That was our team motto last war, and it ended up being 100% applicable. Every team is going to go through rough patches where you lose several valuable cards and winning war seems impossible. It's easy to go inactive, but the teams that go on to win war are those that keep their head up and continue to work hard and fight for every win. To quote Galaxay Quest, "Never give up, never surrender"...but suicide may be strategic :P

Q: Name one interesting fact about yourself that nobody in the community knows about.
I used to be obsessed with Stargate. So much so that I played Stargate TCG Online. I think there was about 50 people in the world that played the game. I think I spent almost $1000 on that game too (I was an idiot). The main reason I spent money on the game was that you could win money from tournaments, and you can redeem online sets of cards for real cards that they mail to you. Unfortunately, the game died just as I was getting good at it, so I never won a tourney. But I was able to finally receive my card sets almost 2 years after the game died, lol.

Q: If zanz gave you the keys and you could change one thing about the current version of Elements, what would it be and why?
I would probably make nymphs/marks slightly more accessible through quests or something. I'm awful at balancing card games, but pvp can be a bit unfair when some players have tons of nymphs/marks and others have hardly any. But with regards to 1.32 and the proposed shard changes, I would keep them "other" cards, but I would make it so that shards can't be used in arena decks (and maybe pvp1 and pvp2).

Q: If zanz then forgot to take the keys back what would most like to see added to the game?
I'm awful at this sort of thing, but the easy answer would be to add a lot more cards to the game. The more cards out there, the more balanced the game becomes (statistically speaking). Also, I would add something to the quest line.

Q: What is your Elements new years resolution for 2013?
Try not to complain about RNG as much... But that's gonna be REALLY difficult.

Q: Final word for your legions of Aether fans out there?
You're welcome  8)

Spoiler for Interview:

Member of 5th Council
Tournament Organizer

Q: How did you come up with such a nickname?
Long story, though it basically had me going and making an account on a game where I didn't want to be recognized by the people I knew (before that, my only "account" thing that I made was for Runescape, like five years ago), and I wanted to draw some pity/I'm very unimaginative, so what better way to say that you're a noob than to have your username reflect so (my original username was Iman00b8)?

Q: So, are you a Gen 1 man? Or do you love all Pokemon?
I have a confession. I haven't actually played Gen I pokemon save LeafGreen/FireRed. The earliest and first Pokemon I played was Crystal (Gen II), though the internal battery died very soonly, and I was never able to beat it. However, I do own Pokemon Emerald, which I have put quite a bit of time into, even doing some interesting takes on Nuzlocke (though I always end up starting over once its beaten, as that game get any harder after being beaten, or at least in matches that give creatures exp). So, to answer your question, I love all pokemon, though the Gen I ones do hold a special place in my heart, especially Bulbasaurs with optical issues.

Q: What was your motivation in becoming a Tourney orgainzer?
In all honesty, I had never thought I'd become or even want to be a TO. What I had wanted to be was a Warmaster, and that was the first position I had ever applied for. Though, as you know, I didn't get it. A while later, I heard that TOs were being hired, and after a little urging from a certain someone who shouldn't be named, I applied. However, even though I had never thought I'd want to be a TO, I absolutely love the position and hope all tourneygoers love the work that I, along with ddevs and Viney, put into it.

Q: What is your favorite elements related activity? (i.e. PvP, chat, forum jazz?)
Honestly, I'm not sure. I'd have to say chatting, as I haven't been involved in forum-related/PvP events much during my time here, and I enjoy speaking with all those nubfaces out there :). Besides that, I'd say staffing. I haven't been a staffer for very long (~September, I think), but I enjoy being able to work on things that only a few people see for the time being, and then releasing them to the community (the most common of these being tournaments).

Q: You claim to love gravy, so what is your favorite Gravity card and why?
This is actually a hard one for me, but I think I would say Otyugh. It's one of the best forms of CC, and it brings Gravity's stereotype of being "fat" to reality, having the devour skill take :gravity to cast. Besides that, it is the backbone to one of if not my favorite Gravity-based deck: Nomwall. That was the only deck which I have won with in War (yes, I'm 2 and like 6 in War, winning those two games in War 5), and I love using it in the few times I PvP.

Q: When you aren't on the forums, what is favorite thing to do?
Honestly, not too much, as my life is been busy due to classes (what I'm doing most of the time I'm in chat). However, one thing I do enjoy doing is watching/going to sports games, and I usually try to go to a Twins game when I have open time.

Q: What is your favorite war moment?
Easy. War 4, after suffering bad rounds due to a semi-inactive Team Gravity (which included nils, vagman, Jenkar, Vineroz, and myself), PuppyChow became active for the first and only time, helped make decks, and then Gravity went 5-0 in that round. Though my favorite part was what happened after that. There was celebration thread posted, which had to get heavily-censored due to the... contents of the posts in that thread. That, by far, was my favorite War moment.

Q: How has this war been so far working under willng3?
Fun. I'd finally been able to get to know will, and I was pleasantly surprised when he decided to go as far as he did for me for War. It's fun working under him, as he works way harder than I would've thought to keep Team Life as a whole functioning, and at least thus far in Round 1 it has shown :).

Q: For all the curious people, how will guilds make change for the better?
In all honesty, it's the participants who will be the ones to decide how much change will happen when the release of Guilds happens. Guilds will not be fun nor will they be helpful if players refuse to cooperate. However, if they do, Guilds will be a place of some fun PvP-based and Forum-based events, where players and teams will be rewarded points if they win, and said points can be used to get some perks, as well as the team with the most points after a certain time being deemed the semi-winner (don't really know what else to call it since points will fluctuate a lot). It will hopefully encourage Guildmembers to encourage newer players that they have to take part in said PvP/Forum-based competitions, and hopefully this will give newer players a jump start into the community.

Q: What is it like being a council member?
Fun. I like being able to decide what things to add (the biggest being Guilds), or even deciding who is able to get what new staff positions. As Councilers, we get to see not only what other Councilers see in applicants, but what the applicants see in themselves. To get a position, much of the time you need to say why you are the better choice over another person, and sometimes you can truly see what a person is like when they have to list their strengths and things that make them stand out.

Q: Name one interesting fact about yourself that nobody in the community knows about.
I would say my age, which, though this may come as a shocker to all, it is not actually -7000. However, my age will stay hidden for a time more, so don't get your hopes up ;). Umm, besides that, how about the only reason I started playing Elements was for the Kong badge, and it ended up taking me so long to beat a FG, that I became addicted to the game in the process (and yes, I did grind FGs using Liquid Antimatter until about -10000 score).

Q: What is the one thing in Elements that makes you tic and you would love to change?
Honestly, the one thing I have to say about this is making shards only work when upgraded. I know it's not as bad now, as they have elemental affinity and Zanz has taken some steps to make sure they're not abused in arena (giving a cap for the number of SoSacs AI will play in one game, for instance), but I have always viewed shards as, in a way, being a more-elite rare, and I always liked how they only worked while upgraded 'back in the day'. So yeah, if I could change one thing, that's really the only thing that comes to mind.

Q:What would you add as well?
Hmm... for what I would add? I'm not really sure, besides more cards overall and possibly more foil cards that one could get from donating (with vrt somehow getting a cut, I'd say, as he has worked his ass off creating a lot of this artwork). As to more cards, I wouldn't mind if each element had another shield (or at least the ones with only one shield), just because, when having one type of shield, things are more limited. Now, I'm not what anyone would call an Elements expert, and I've slowly started to gravitate (that one's for you, nils) towards the Community-part of Elements, and hell, I have even stopped looking at the Buff/Nerf Card sections, and only view the general GS&F maybe a few times a month. So, if you were to take the answer to this and the question before more seriously, or expect me to try to figure something out for those, I'd gladly pass, as that's not what I do. So, yeah, were I to suggest something, I would suggest what I suggested above. But, what will most likely happen, I will probably end up finding an idea from someone that really stands out and stay with them. I'm not a creative nor innovative guy half the time, and I'm better at critiquing than creating.

Q: Any last words?
Probably one of the things that you see on staff hiring threads: don't be afraid to apply for positions. Yes, there is a good chance you will not get what you apply for if you are very new and/or inactive, but it shows that you want to help. Being in Council, we notice when people have applied for multiple things. Also, try to be active in chat as well as the forums (which is directed to the newer players interested in becoming staffers)... most often your personality is better conveyed through realish-time chat than through through forum posts, and even when you are in chat, we are more-easily able to see that you are active, as much fewer of us watch the "Who's Online" thing at the bottom of the forums than those who notice when people come to chat. My final thing on that topic is don't be afraid to ask questions. Everyone has been in that state where they are new to the game or the community and have some questions. Whether it be about upcoming staff positions, War, or even how often tournaments are, feel free to ask about them, and it is even sometimes better to ask in chat than to post a thread on the forums.

Spoiler for Interview:

OTK Boss
Newbie Helper

Q: Why did you choose your nickname?
A: My real name isn't common in my country and South America in general, and sounds like a girl name for most of the people that never heard it before. When I was about 15 years old I entered a chat where I used my name as nickname. Unluckly, too many people were in that chat entering room by room asking girls for virtual sex. As I got tired of being confused by a girl, I changed my nickname for the first funny male character that came to my mind: ChapulŪn Colorado, an old Mexican TV program. Some time passed and it was damn long, so I abreviated it to Chapu or Chapuz.

Q: For the longest time, you had a Voodoo Doll combo as your avatar. Is that your favorite combination?
A: Voodoo Doll has one of the most badass creatures images in the whole game. There were some others I liked when I reached 200 posts, but this one was rarely used and easy to see when fast scrolling.
I also used to farm FGs with Shak'Ars Revange and have always liked annoying people in PVP1 with that combo, so when I found TheManuz was making his Custom Marks, I asked him to make one with the Voodoo Doll, BB and GP, which I have used until I created Pure Dolls much time later, which includes Adrenaline and Purify as combo cards. Vineroz had the amability of adding them into my avatar mark. The one I am using now is just a temp for War 6.
Oh yes, it's my favourite combo.

Spoiler for Hidden:

Q: Why did you want to become a Brawlmaster?
A: I enjoyed a lot playing Brawl #1, specially as Off-Topicker. Boosters to that joy were the amazing team I had and the teamwork in Titanpad, where everyone was helping everyone in every task. As almost every player, I had my own suggestions for Brawl #2 and thought about many aspects of the game that could be improved. More than that, I want it to grow as a massive community event and wanted to give more potatoes than just playing. You will find a pair or surprises when you read Brawl #2 rules.

Q: What is your favorite Elements related activity? (i.e. PvP, chat, Forum jazz?)
A: Chat, definitely. Annoying noobs in PVP 1 with hilarious decks and suggesting them to enter to the forums is another thing I like spending some time in. It is also a good scenario to test some crazy ideas which, some of them, ended up in the forums.

Q: You have been known to create threads to help newbs. Did you get any help when you started out?
A: There are actually 2 types of newbie threads I have made so far: Tutorials/guides and Unupped/semi unupped PVP fun decks/FG farmers.

About decks, my help was mainly the Decks sections, as at the beginning I didn't enter to the chat other than just for asking stuff.
When I started, as every noob in the forums, I looked only for unupped decks and cursed every single person that made upgraded decks because they were damn expensive to build (before knowing FGs were beatable with a simple Fire Bolt OTK). I like making FG farmers (and decks in general) as unupped and rareless as possible for that newcomers that don't have the electrum (yet) to make fully upped decks. The forum needs unupped support for vets too!

The reason I made those guides and tutorials is simple: The Tutorial section is a potential tool to make much more newcomers get into the game and community instead of getting scared the first pair of days and leaving the game for ever. They are just the potatoes I can give to the community to grow making something I enjoy. Unluckily, the Tuts section is underestimated by some council members and hasn't been updated (yet) with the worthy tutorials there are in the rest of the forums.

Q: When you aren't on the Forums, what is your favorite thing  to do?
A: Getting into the chat, ofc! I also like playing tennis, hanging out with friends, going to bars and raping old people, as everyone does.

Q: Penguins or Ostriches?
A: The other day I saw a movie where a girl was beautiful and fan of penguins, so penguins. Oh wait, I just saw a mod of Minecraft that has ostriches. Ostriches then.
Too... much... pressure...

Spoiler for Hidden:

Q: How are you functioning underneath PlayerOa this war?
A: Actually, Oa has been pretty busy up to now, so the one that is leading us most is Cheesy111. He is a damn good Lieutenant and I enjoy reading his thinking lines about deckbuilding. I think I'm learning about it, guess we will have to see it in War 7.

Q: What was the inspiration for becoming the OTK meistro you are today?
A: As I said before, my first FG grinder was the old Fire Bolt OTK. It was pretty boring, I must admit, but it was the only newbie way to get fast electrum and make my first upgraded experiences (I loved, love and will always love Timebow FG grinders)
The deck that actually inspired me was a Dragoon's one, the one I took Limitless Speed's combo from. 200 damage? A single turn? No Fire Bolts? Welcome style!
I also found OTK a funny strategy to play PVP 1 with, letting my opponent tell me -several times- I'm a noob while I imagine their faces reading a "Bye, noob" message and watching their HP reach zero in an instant. The best part is when they face me again some minutes later.

Q: You have been known to create some trolling decks as well. What is your favorite one?
A: The one that has given me the biggest joy has been a simple unupped version of the a simple unupped version of the Ragequit Factory, as I could receive the biggest amount of insults per game on average.

Q: Which card has the best art?
A: I couldn't decide if I had to pick only one. Let's just say vrt is OP in this and deserves one of the tallest altars in the whole community..

Q: How has the War experience been for you so far?
A: Noobish, as a common first-war trainee. I am learning a lot about competitive meta and counterdeckbuilding though, so I wish I can do better in War 7.

Q: Name one interesting fact that people in the community don't know.
A: Peru has over 3k of different types of potatoes, so if there's an apocalypse and the world is nearly destroyed, you know where the potatoes reserve is. Interesting, huh?

Q: What is something in Elements that you dislike and would get rid of?
A: Nothing at all. Maybe Round 3 of War 6.

Q: What would you love to add to the game?
A: Just more cards that offer new synergies and mechanics, there are lots of them in CI&A. Dual Buckler -or any of its viable variations- is an example.

Q: Any last words?
A: Thank you for choosing me as the member of the month. Just that, no more boring interview for now =D

Spoiler for Interview:

Master of Earth
War General
PvP Veteran

Q: Why choose the name "mrpaper"?
A: I used to play an rpg online game called Fiesta.  I used to be a healer and people we're laughing at mage's armor calling it paper armor.  I always found that comparison funny so I used that when I built a mage in the same game.  I enjoyed the name a lot and getting some fun with the character and having some praises for the cool name so I decided to keep it for a new game called elements!

Q: Have you always loved the element of Earth?
A: Almost, when I started I picked gravity as starting element for no real reason.  I soon got to enjoy the power of pulvy with the duo.  But I didn't like earth that much then because I couldn't really use all the earth cards at their full potential.   But as soon as I got most of the unnupped cards, earth was a favorite.

Q: If you had to choose between a mono, duo, trio/qaud, or rainbow deck which would it be, and why?
A: I hate trio/quads, they are too unstable.  If I have to choose among the others, I'd say rainbow because the numbers of possibilities are limitless so more fun... bring the party!

Q: What was your favorite moment in the Trials that led to your becoming the Master of Earth?
A: The moment when I saw I had a good majority of the votes, not so much for the points, but mostly cause it meant the community believed in me which meant a ton to me.

Q: What is your favorite Elements-related activity? (i.e. PvP, chat, forum shuff?)
A: PVP by far! I love preparing decks for all sort of events.  Once in a while I get in a mood where I chat a lot, sometimes not so much though I always talk a lot during every war I've been into.  As for the forum stuff.. well I respect those who keep the community alive by getting involved in this, but I'm more here for the game.

Q: When you aren't doing Elements-related things, what are you doing?
A: Digging earth ofc  ;D  More seriously though, I'm a lot into sports and since I'm canadian... it's hockey of course, whether it's playing or watching a game with a cold beer (if you're under 18, and reading this... I meant soda!).

Q: What's the luckiest you've been in one match playing Elements?
A: I've been known a lot for some unbelievable luck so it's hard to pick.  But the most luck I had is in a pvp2 game facing a turn 1 discord who failed all game long against a mono aether deck where I drew no dims and still won... go figure!

Q: Earth had a good run this war, but in the end, Aether ousted your team. Would you say that this War has been a learning experience for you? 
A: Every war has been, but this was my first war in earth team and there will be some little adjustments next war...  then again it's not like we need to change everything.. a few more wins vs aether would have change our fate and maybe the fate of the whole war.

Q: Rock, paper, or scissors?
A: Whatever you picked... I just ninja and edit this post with paper/rock/scissors and  you lost... sorry ;D

Q: What is your favorite Earth card, and why?
A: Basilisk blood... it such a good cc card, especially if facing high hp cards where lightning or bolts won't be enough.

Q: Name one interesting fact that people in the community don't know. 
A: I'm part of wars since war 2, and people may know I've been trying to go for aether mastership before, but it ain't because I wanted it more than earth... I applied for earth at first but my score wasn't that high and there we're too many applications.  So in the end I made a run for aether since it was the only element that had free space left (most were afraid of fighting Higurashi at the time).  I lost but made a bit a name for myself and mostly had fun.

Q: Penguins or Ostriches? 
A: As a hockey fan... Pittsburgh Penguins!

Q: What is something in Elements that you are not fond of, and would eliminate or reduce? 
A: I hate the fact that the leagues don't encourage the participation and go for the averages of wins.. it sure doesn't help the community to stay active and grow.. but I know many don't feel the same.

Q: What would you love to see in the game?
A: Much much more cards, but in particular, one powerful thing I was always thrilled to use in mtg I'd like to see here is the ability to force the opponent to discard cards.. it's such an evil way to win!

Q: Any last words?
A: Am I dying yet?????.... arrrrrgggghhhhhhh...  I'll be back!

Spoiler for Interview:

Chat Moderator
War Veteran
Forum Lurker

Q: There's usually always a story being everyone's username. What's yours?
A: I want to say something witty about 'usually always', but nothing comes to mind.

I've used Wizardcat pretty much since I was thirteen, or somewhere around there. I don't remember exactly. Wizardcat actually isn't the first username I've used, though, with a minor exception, it has been the only one I've used since adopting the username. I pretty much respond more quickly to Wizard than my name at this point. As for why I chose it, at the time of choosing, I pretty much only played mages, felines, or feline mages - I was very into the fantasy genre (And still am, I suppose) and I wanted to incorporate both of my favorite things (wizards and cats - I got creative, right?) into my username. 'Wizard' is an excellent word, anyway. I may have actually been influenced by the game Megaman Battle Network 4 - there's a part of the plot where you have to fill in the missing parts of a story about 'Wzdog' and 'Wzmonkey' - one of the wrong answers is 'Wzcat'. Wz is, presumably, the game's shortening of Wizard, thanks to a limited number of letters.

Q: Congratulations on your team's win in War! What was your favorite part of the whole thing?
A: Thank you. I think my favorite part of War is simply seeing what the other teams field and how each round, and the whole War itself, turns out. While I like the event and want to be a part of it, playing in it has gotten to be less than enjoyable for me. The actual PvP just doesn't appeal much to me anymore.  However, if there were to be available positions for new Warmasters for next War...

Q: How do you feel deuce22 did as the Aether General this War?
A: Aether wouldn't have won without him, I feel. He was a machine - he had ideas, tested decks, and just got everything done. Like I told him, it wasn't surprising he had won a War before.

Q: Penguins or Ostriches?
A: Penguins. This is me taking advantage of the fact that you did not ask why here. 

Q: Now you're a notoriously quiet individual, are you just shy or do you only speak when spoken to?
A: I'm merely an introverted individual who would rather not talk unless there is a reason to. 

Q: How did you find Elements?
A: Through Kongregate. I can't remember if it was because of the badges or because it was a card game. Perhaps both. 

Q: Has Darkness always been your preferred element? Do you ever foresee that changing?
A: It's been my preferred element in Elements ever since I tried my first Mono-Darkness. I like its theme, mechanics, and cards and while it's possible that either those or my tastes will change, which would influence my preferred element, I don't see this happening anytime in the near future. 

Q: Name one thing about yourself that nobody on the forum knows.
A: I suffer from clinical depression.

Q: If you had to make a decision to play only PvP or only be on the forum, which would you choose?
A:  Since the only time I play PvP in Elements is for forum-related events, this is an easy choice: the forum.

Q: How long have you been a fan of elements?
A: According to Kongregate, I got three of the four Elements badges on June 9th, 2010, so nearing three years, it looks like.

Q: What is your favorite deck? Why?
A: I wouldn't be able to pick a favorite, I think. There's quite a few to choose from. I tend to be fond of decks that use Voodoo Doll, though, even if I don't get to play them much since they're usually less than optimal. I love the way you can 'double dip' with certain cards with it, turning what is normally a negative effect alongside a positive one into two positive effects. Filling the opponent's hand with Dolls using Nightmare? Have fun trying to make use of them. Liquid Shadow is technically a 'triple dip' - you get vampirism, a poison counter, and damage out of it. Also, you're beating people up with dolls. It's an interesting mental image.

Q: How were you entrusted with the posting of War tables every round?
A: I asked a Warmaster if I could. They said I could. Maybe I'm trustworthy. Maybe it was because they wouldn't have to do it if I did.

It helps that I was very active and had done a good job of keeping War Auction spreadsheets up to date previously (which I also asked to do - maybe initiative pays off).

Q: What's so bad about the dogs of war?
A: Mostly that they aren't cats of war. It's just a quote I liked, taken from a M:tG card.

Q: You have won two tournaments this year. Do you have any tips on deckbuilding for weekly tournaments for those aspiring to win their first?
A: I don't consider myself any kind of expert when it comes to deckbuilding. If you, for some reason, still want to get advice from me on tournaments: Read the rules. Know what kind of decks are legal, try to predict what everyone else will be using. Consider all the cards you can use - restricted formats can make some a lot better than they normally would be. Have multiple decks. Don't be afraid to make changes as you advance.

And it never hurts to have lots of Nymphs others don't. :V

Q: Are you an actual cat?
A: The beauty of the internet is that you can never be exactly sure what or who I am regardless of how I answer this question.

Q: Any last words?
A: "Don't worry, guys, I've got this-"

Spoiler for Interview:

Member of 6th Council
Card Design Veteran

Q: What's the story behind the name "Hyroen"?
A: In all honesty, I came up with the name Hyroen at a very young age, starting off from a very basic and easy game called AdventureQuest. At the time, I played the game because any computer at my disposal ran all animated games horribly slow and AdventureQuest had virtually Paint-like graphics, which to me was perfect. Ever since then I've had more of a conceptual appreciation for every game design, and graphics have always been a last priority. In a sense then, starting off on games with horrible graphics have always made me think of how to conceptually make a game better, allowing my designing skills to always be at their prime.

The name Hyroen has since then been my identity and I know I'll have a good day if I start a game where I can still choose that name.

Q:What is your real life goal?
A: My real life goal consists of a variety of different ones. I want to have a happy and healthy family, to continue my studies and work in my area, and to continue being a part of the great community that is Elements the Game.

Oh, and of course, world peace.

Q:What's it like to have few Canadian brethren on the forums?
A: It's great, eh! Though to be honest my few brethren are too far from me!! I hear cases where people have seen each other at the same university, or down the block, and yet some of my brethren are almost on the other side of the map!

I would definitely add to my list of "Real Life Goals" to convince a friend to not only join the forums, but to also get massively involved.

Q:What is your favorite .gif?

Q:How did you get started playing elements?
A: I believe I started off as a Konger, as many others have. It's good to have a community on Kongregate because we can find some previous friends, current ones and even possibly future ones! Despite the fact that the Kongregate community is a diamond in the rough, we must remember that many of us have come from there and maintaining healthy ties with that community is important to the forum's success.

Q:What keeps you playing the game?
A: Elements the Game has become part of my life in a significant way, not so much because of the game but because of the community. I've already tried to leave and I couldn't and can't. To leave the game is to leave the community and to leave the community is to leave people I care about, and those who appreciate when I'm around and what I do.

Q:If you hadn't gotten into it, what hobby would occupy the time you spend on Elements instead?
A: I think if I hadn't gotten into Elements I would've gotten much more into either cooking or singing. I love both and to be honest, could imagine doing both for a living; being a Chef or a Musician.

Q:Do you sleep or you just pretend to?
A: This is a very good question. There's really only one way I can answer this question; I try to make each day more than 24 hours. Oh and I think my statistics speak for themselves.

Q:What False god is the hardest to beat?
A: I won't say he's the hardest, but I hate facing Osiris. Why? Because I expect him to be all straight-forward Pharaoh with Catapults and simple, so I can keep sniping him down, but out come the Shards of Focus. GLAAAAA.

Silly updates... False Gods with Shards? srsly.

Q:What's the best PvP event you've had/hosted at this forum? Or maybe the first PvP Event you've participated in?
A: To be honest, I'm not one of those names that you will see in many of the PvP Events. Why? I'm honestly not quite sure. I'm sure if I tried one out I'd get right into it, but the PvPing side of Elements is not one of my fortes and I don't pretend that it is. I have experience with the game, and have recorded lots of statistics with a few decks but I know that I'm always against many amazing strategists who have MtG background. It's always challenging.

Despite this, I always enjoy working with new people and being part of a team, which is why I was one of the first members of the :air Air Team in War 1. Yep, the very first War.

Q:What are the standards by which you judge things in this game?
A: I definitely judge things from a perspective of design. I analyze cards for their balance, unique mechanics, elemental thematics, and lastly the finer details such as name specificity, trope representation, and always consider the Grand List of Card Designs.

Q:Penguins or Ostriches?
A: Penguins all the way. They've always been my favourite animal. To me they embody dedication, loyalty and kinship. One love.

Q:If you had one deck to play Elements with for the rest of your existence what would it be?
A: :air / :light Stall with SoDs and Sanctuaries. Why? It's devastating and very difficult to counter. Not to mention that the potential to gain a lot of electrum is high.

Q:Favorite CIA card?
A: One of my favourite cards from the entire CI&A would have to be Thunderbird | Thunderbird by PhantomFox. Naturally I am happy with many of the card ideas that I've designed, however Thunderbird easily became one of my favourites because of the fact that it's a great card with great design that would be a great inclusion in the element of :air Air and would become one of the first times Permanent delaying would even be heard of.

I can be quite critical of Card Design, but this one example pulled off balance, thematics, and art very well. Oh, and if there's anyone that can pull PhantomFox back, please do so. Great card designers are hard to find.

Q:How's the Guild experience thus far?
A: The Guild experience has been great so far. Many people have their own take on Guilds and there are obviously still many kinks that need to be worked out, but it's great to know that Guilds can and will modify and adapt to what the people want. Guilds have great potential and as Guildmasters we will work to making that possibility come to fruition.

Q:Share with us one of n00b's many secrets.
A: To start off with, n00b is not as much of a noob as some may think. *wink*
Also, if you ever have to share Youtube history with him, just keep deleting it and don't -ever- look back.


Q:What can we expect in the future for Guilds?
A: Well for one a new Guildmaster!! This will bring the number to 3 Guildmasters and I'm sure we'll have a blast working on this grand event. You can also expect nifty things such as changing backgrounds for GP costs, new Quests, more fluid mechanics and hopefully more integration between Guilds and other, larger events.

Q:What's your favorite thing about the Elements community?
A: The Elements community truly becomes a group of friends over time, not everyone will be your friend, nor your fan, but it is absolutely worth it for the few who appreciate you for who you are and it's a place where you can keep practicing your skills, whether it be strategy or creativity, and keep them at their prime for when they're needed elsewhere.

You won't know what you've got 'til it's gone, so hold on tight.

Q:What's the best advice you can give a newbie on being a forum member?
A: Whether you're a forum veteran or a forum newcomer, respect the rules, the community, and above all, yourself. Don't sell yourself short just because you have 30 posts. Participate in all that you want to and can; seize opportunities to do more. Get involved and learn about the community and Staff. Make friends.

Q:Tell us one of the newbie-est things you've done, how long ago or recent.
A: Not all may understand, but I feel like one of the newbie-est things I've done when I was a new forum member was to sell myself short. I would always feel more like someone in the way when asking questions rather than someone with a valid and valuable inquiry. I felt like my comments were a "meep" from a random person, when they were part of forum history.

From experience comes wisdom, which is why never selling yourself short and valuing yourself whether a forum veteran or newcomer is so important.

Q:Any last words?
A: Respect begets respect. Be yourself and you'll find those who appreciate you for who you are. Understand the difference between work and fun; let some slip both ways.

Love life.

Take some time to breath; cherish the :air Air of the moment.
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Spoiler for Interview:

NewsLetter Writer
PvP Newb

Q: From where did the ridiculous name ďOpsinisĒ come?
A: Well, Iíve only ever had two gaming/forum names. My first one was ďzarthron27Ē that is for kongregate and a couple other sites I now rarely visit. That is my main kongregate account, so it has more points than my other. Now, my other kong name is ďOpsinisĒ which some of you may be friends with. I hardly get on that one, but I made it so Iíd be more easily recognized since I use Opsinis for basically everything now.

Q: Do you have any alternate accounts for Elements?
A: Actually I do have one, the name is Vulcalco. I made it so my Opsinis kong account could get some points through the badges, but I donít do the oracle daily. I hardly ever get on it anymore, and I donít think I even got any of the badges. It must have been the result of my mind at night, thinking I would actually be able to manage two accounts.

Q: How was your War experience?
A: Really exciting, because I actually donít do anything. Iím not in War.

Q: Whatís it like being a NewsWriter and working with whatifidogetcaught?
A: Itís lots of work, but I honestly love doing it. I get to see and dive into so many different parts of the forum as well as meet and work with some really neat people who I would never actually have a reason to talk to. As for wiidgc, heís an incredible person. Without him the NewsLetter would be much less appealing and Iíd be out of a job.

Q: Penguins or ostriches?
A: Ostriches, because.... well, theyíre ostriches.

Q: Elements the Game or Elements Forum?
A: Definitely the forum. I do love this game, and sometimes I get into fits of grinding, but in all honesty, PvP is not my expertise. Building decks, finding synergies, anticipating decks, and acting accordingly are all really important skills that I havenít developed. Fear not! This isnít my pity party, because the forum saves me. I love seeing the community come together and work on new projects and cooperate to create something amazing. Things like Guilds and Brawl are extremely heart-warming to have basically PvP-less events. As a NewsWriter I also keep tabs on all new members, so seeing the influx of newbs makes me happy.

Q: When your face isnít glued to the computer screen, what are you doing?
A: Iím studying, reading, and swimming. School consumes my life, but I love it, so what the heck!

Q: Whatís one thing about you that the people in the community wouldnít know?
A: Well, there are plenty of things. Of course I could lie and say I survived a shark attack or Iím actually ďan angel in an earth suitĒ (as Gary Busey would say), but thatís just distasteful. So something truthful would be: Iím a Knight of the Golden Horseshoe.

Q: Give some advice to a newb on in the forums.
Know this: You can't predict where real life will take you, so make the best out of right now in the forums, because you might not be able to get on tomorrow.
The forums is an incredible place, full of incredible people with incredible ideas. Don't be afraid of veterans will 4k posts and multiple titles. They're just like you = people dealing with real life, wanting to make a difference in an online community.
Know that as you climb the ladder or responsibility and reputation the site takes more and more of your breath away, please don't suffocate yourself, it's along fall.

Q: Should you be grinding lately, what have you been using?
A: I have been using Swallow by Snoweb in Plat and Gold, I really love this deck. It is incredible versatile and can lock down really well.

Q: Whatís your deepest secret?
A: I canít tell you that!

Q: Whatís your favorite element?
A: At first Iíd say Time. It was my first element to have fully upped, and I love mostly all the cards. As I finally started to gain electrum again, I was upping Air cards. I think the upped air towers are sooooo good-looking. So I just started to up all the air cards for their good looks. So now, Iíd have to say Gravy because Iím almost finished with upping all of those cards and they look pretty good too. So, Time > Air > Gravy > Next thing I am going to up.

Q: Who would you like the NewsWriters to interview next?
A: I'm not so sure. Maybe someone who won Trials and/or surprised the whole forum.

Q: Speaking of Trials, how was your Trials experience?
A: Oh my! I had such a wonderful time! I think my favorite part was answering the questions. The community came up with some incredible questions, and I loved asking questions to each element's Trialists! I wish the best of luck to any and all participants in the final battles.

Q: You claim to see lots of the forum, why a decently, low post count?
A: Well, itís decently low. I comment on things when I really feel the need to or if they are directed right toward me. I stay quiet often because 1) What I want to say has already been said 2) If I comment I probably have no idea what Iím talking about 3) My wordiness restricts my desire to post simple and concise comments.

Q: How narcissistic do you have to be to interview yourself!?
A:Well, yeah. It's like a last dying wish, okay?  :P

Q: Whatís your favorite holiday?
A: Christmas

Q: Any last words?
A: Well, Opsinis, thanks for picking me to be interviewed this month. I really feel honored. Good luck to you in future endeavors, you'll need it.[color]

Spoiler for Hidden:

Deck Helper
Master of Entropy

Q: What in the world does your name mean and/or why did you choose it?
A: Well, my real name is Calin, so when I firstly came in the world of internet, I needed a name, Calin was always taken, so I had to improvise, then Calindu became my internet name.

Q: How long have you been playing EtG for and what impact has the game had on your life?
A: Over 2 years. The game itself didn't had much impact, forum had mostly, my english is way better because of this forum.

Q: Some have said that you are OP. What do you think about this?
A: Can't disagree with them  ;) . Well, not really, everyone that plays almost daily a game for 2 years will eventually be called OP. All you need is deck building skills and prediction, but of course, you need some luck too.

Q: What are your thoughts on the upcoming patch for the game? Will there be an OP Calindu NPC?
A: I think this will basically make the game feel fresh, with some RPG stuff in, but it would be even better if there will be some new card, this does nothing to PvP at all. Well, don't know if someone will ever make a deck with my name, but I submitted a deck which I think it's pretty OP, 900 HP, Miracles, stall breaking creatures, lots of healing and all the stuff a deck needs.

Q: Over your time in PvP, who has been your biggest threat?
A: Well, majofa won PvPWC in the final against me, so I think it's time to take revenge, right?

Q: What has been your favorite PvP/EtG/Forums experience thus far and what are you looking forward to next?
A: No event compared to Grid till now, it was very fun and you needed more than deck building skills and prediction skills.

Q: What is the best deck you've seen to date? Or maybe, what is your favorite?
A: I assume you mean best deck in PvP.

Best deck:

Spoiler for Hidden:
Hover over cards for details, click for permalink
Deck import code : [Select]
4vp 4vp 4vp 4vp 5rp 5rp 5rp 5rp 5rp 5rp 6qq 6qq 6qq 6qq 6qq 6qq 6qq 6qq 6qq 6qq 6qq 6qq 6qq 6qq 6qq 6qq 6qq 6qq 6qq 6qq 71b 71b 71b 7do 7do 7do 7k2 7k2 7k6 7k6 7k6 7k6 7k6 7k6 7km 7km 7km 7km 7km 7km 7n5 7n5 7q5 7q5 80a 80a 80a 80a 80a 80a 8pq

Yes, The Deck in its upgraded form, it's very hard to take it down.

Favorite deck:

Spoiler for Hidden:
Hover over cards for details, click for permalink
Deck import code : [Select]
6qq 6qq 6qq 6qq 6qq 6qq 6tt 6u3 6u3 6u3 6u3 6u3 713 713 745 77f 77g 7ah 7an 7do 7gv 7k6 7k6 7n8 7n8 7q5 7t9 7t9 80a 80g 8pj

Probably the best and most versatile SNBow I ever built, not to say that it won me CL when I firstly started to use it.

Q: Do you remember the first time you won something of note on the forum?
A: Ah yes, my first tourney win, Penduolum I think, it was a great feeling to win that and my first mark.

Q: Speaking of noteworthy events, what did you think of Trials this year?
A: It was fun, but also boring in the same time, taking out Phase I made it just a PvP contest.

Q: Besides EtG, what other games do you play hours on end?
A: I'm mostly playing on my XBox, Fifa(the football game) most of the time.

Q: And outside of video games, what's a hobby of yours?
A: Playing football with my friends, going out, watching TV series, etc.

Q: What is something you could tell the community that we don't already know?
A: I have a bad handwriting.

Q: What is your biggest fear?
A: I actually have a phobia, it's called Kakorrhaphiophobia, which is the fear of failure and defeat.

Q:If you could choose one TV show, movie, or video game to describe your life, what would it be?
A: My life is pretty simple, so I don't think there's any that fits my life.

Q:Anything else you'd like to say?
A: See you in the chat!

Spoiler for Interview:
September 2013

Artist Guy

Q: For those who don't know, what does your name mean/stand for?
A: My name is short for 'Verticae'. Now, that doesn't exactly have a major meaning behind it either, but it sounds fancy, and I've used it for many years. Alternatively, 'vrt' could stand for 'very retarded twatwaffle', I imagine.. Or 'violently roofies Tinkerbells'.

Q: You've done art for EtG. Isn't it awesome to see your card art as you play?
A: It definitely is pretty cool to see your art at work in a game played by thousands of people. It does have its drawbacks, though; I can't play certain cards without thinking I could've used a different approach to them, and when playing, I realize just how many cards still would need reworking at some point if I'd find the motivation to start painting for Elements again.

Q: Have you ever worked on art for different games, websites, movies, etc.?
A: I've done quite a bit of game-related art, though usually, it's either concept art or fan art. The concept art I'd love to show you, but I've signed an NDA until the game's release, and sadly, it looks like it has been shelved for now. The fan art is a different matter, though; I've made quite a few pieces for Realm of the Mad God and Diablo III, both of which at some point lead me to have a word with the game's developers. Most of my website work has been for local businesses here, but I've also done a bit of graphic design for Twitch streamers. You can find more on that right here.

Q: Speaking of art, what is your favorite piece that you've done? (linky? :D)
A: First and foremost, Product Line. It's an artstyle I've stepped away from in recent years, but this piece of art once got me talking to a wonderful lady on deviantART, by the name of 'Pepokish'. As of two years ago, we've been happily married. For more recent work, I'm really satisfied with how Insomniamania turned out. And when it comes to Elements, finally, it's a tossup between Bone Pillar, Psion, and Dry Spell.

Q: And to all of those thriving/learning artists out there, are there any wise words you could leave them with?
A: Keep working. Art is not about talent, it's about skill. Do your studies, keep practicing, and you'll find yourself improving. Find critical feedback, and put it to good use; ask for opinions of other skilled artists on sites such as CGSociety and conceptart.org. Finally, find something you like and stick to it. Have some fun when you're making art.

Q: Over your time here on the forums, what has been your favorite experience? And is there anything you're looking forward to?
A: My favorite experience probably involved winning the first Card Art competition (before they got dumbed down), and the first War propaganda. Since it wasn't an 'official' thing back then, I ended up making random insulting posters for a whole bunch of Elements. It was awesome. As for anything I look forward to.. Honestly, I haven't been keeping up. If ever a Brawl comes out where I could judge just the art entries, I'd look forward to that.

Q: If I remember correctly, you're into FPSs. What game do you think transformed the genre, pushing it to new heights?
A: [Woah, sudden subject change!] I'm pretty big on FPS games, that's true alright. There's two games that heralded the changes I've enjoyed most in FPS games, and those would definitely be Team Fortress (the original, mind you!) and Return to Castle Wolfenstein. Yup, I'm a class-based fanatic. I love that TF included classes, but the way RtCW combined it with objective-driven gameplay and timed respawns was just beautiful, and the evolution that has seen in Enemy Territory and Enemy Territory: Quake Wars makes for some amazing games. The team behind those games is currently working on Dirty Bomb, and I can say I'm happy to be in the Closed Alpha. Very happy.

Q: What is your favorite game and why?
A: Oh God, there's so many! Shooters such as Enemy Territory: Quake Wars and Counter-Strike will always be among my favorites, but so will old RPG's like Baldur's Gate 2, and newer ones like The Witcher and Mass Effect. Too many to pick!

Q: Online gaming can require teamwork at times. Do you consider yourself a team player or do you prefer the lone wolf route?
A: Teamwork all the way. I've had the privilege of playing with some insanely good aimers when I played competitive ET:QW, and I found it a good challenge (as well as a lot of fun) to play a support role in such a way that they could maximize their playstyle. It also brings people together a lot more, I find, especially when you're all on a TeamSpeak or Raidcall server.

Q: What has been your favorite Halloween costume?
A: Weeell.. Back when I lived in The Netherlands, nobody really celebrated Halloween, so I never really got to wear one. In the States, I've only celebrated it once, and I had to think of something in a hurry, so I wrote "GO CEILING GO" and "CEILING #1" on my shirt, face and hands and went as a 'ceiling fan'. Yup.

Q: If you could have dinner with any three people from any time, fictional or non-fictional, who would they be and why?
A: Christian Grey, Rebecca Black and Yoshi. Hah. No, but on a more serious note.. I'd have to choose Rembrandt Van Rijn, George R. R. Martin and J. R. R. Tolkien.

Q: What is something you could tell the community that we don't already know?
A: I have fybromyalgia. I've been in constant (though varying degrees of) pain since I was 13 years old.

Q: What is your biggest fear?
A: Honestly, the thought of losing my eyesight terrifies me. So many of the things I love have a strong visual aspect to them.. I don't know what I'd do.

Q: If your life was turned into a movie or TV show, what actor would play you?
A: According to my wife, I'd have to be played by Robin Patterson. Because I'm depressed-looking. Personally, I'd have gone with Liam Neeson, because that more closely resembles just how awesome I actually am.

Q: Speaking of movies again, what is your favorite?
A: Again, too many to list. A random selection would include the Star Wars prequels, The Phantom of the Opera, The Island, and John Dies at the End.

Q: On a typical guys' night, what are you up to? Shootin' hoops, playing poker, or maybe playing board games?
A: Honestly, I'm a biker bar, eightball and beer kinda guy, but I'm also a big fan of sitting down with a good glass of whisky and watching a band play.. Or starting a moshpit, depending on just how good said band is.

Q: Anything else you'd like to say?
A: Go look at this, and see if we can't convince zanz to motivate me a little. :p

Spoiler for Interview:
October 2013

PvP Event Manager
Gravity Master

Q: Laxadarap? What kind of name is that?
A: he one that started all of the derpiness I am known for.  I make a different name for literally every game I play, and for some reason, I chose Paradoxical, and wanted to spell it backwards, but derped, and ended up spelling it "paradoxal".  Reversed that is Laxodarap, and I switched out the "o" and the "a", and Laxadarap was born.

Q: When did you start playing EtG? What was the most grabbing feature [what was the hook]?
A: Had a friend years ago that introduced me to it.  Was march of 2010, or atleast thats what my kong badges show me.  Got bored and left.  Got bored again around august of 2011 and came back and actually started playing (got my 10 pvp wins and such), then found the forums.  As to why I like it? I just like the fact that you don't build a play all, win all deck.  It makes pvp about mindgames, not the perfect deck.

Q: You're a PvP Event Manager; Do you have anything planned to spice up PvP Events?
A: I am planning on running events based on the community. I already let the community choose the last event, King of the Hill, I ask for their input on rules, extensions, and all that good stuff.  I could dictate everything, but I feel like people will have more fun in an event that they partially designed.

Q: Maybe you have some ideas for the forum in general. Are you still feeling that something is missing?
A: I am personally of the opinion that the forum is fine.  It gets everything done it needs to, and honestly, it is no longer about ETG.  I quit playing ETG except for oracle long ago, but hey, I'm still here :)

Q: To keep it EtG related for a bit, now that you're Master of Gravity, are you looking forward to War as general?
A: Hell yes.  I was worried about auction, then had a blast during it (at least the beginning part).  I expect war to be quite fun.  Besides I'm filling the gravilla with bewbers, whats not to like?

Who do you think is going to be your toughest competition? Has this been a person you've faced before?
A: Well the obvious answer is Deuce.  But everybody knows that gravity is better than aether, so not concerned with that.  In all reality, it is probably inthisroom.  Fire does well against gravity unupped, and I know from last war that his mind-gating is pretty damn good.

Okay, and that's enough EtG stuff!

Q: Are there any other games that you like to play? What is your favorite?

A: Currently I've been playing smite.  A lot of smite.  I was actually talking about it last night chat, and got a couple people to download it XD.

Q: What are your weekends like? Do you like to hit the city, have a night out on the town, stay home, etc.?
A: Well during the summer I'm a night person, but since I got to school I've had ungodly early classes (not compared to high school, but hey, I'm in college I'm supposed to be allowed to sleep in).  This means I actually wake up fairly early on weekends, and I go and do stuff during the day.  For example, went to adventure Island last weekend, and of course I go out to eat and watch movies and other normal kid stuff.  Also laser-tag.  I am a boss at laser tag.

Q: If you could pick an author to write your biography, who would it be?
A: Dr. Seuss.  Biographies are usually boring as hell, and mine would not be a huge exception.  At least if Dr. Seuss wrote it, I would end up riding rainbow elephants or something.

Q: Is there something you could tell the community that we don't already know?
A: Well I am actually a pretty open person if you guys ask me something.  So nothing that I can think of.

Q: What is your dream job and why?
A: I want to be Iron man.  Well not quite the superhero, but Tony Stark's life is fucking awesome (Shrink edit: really cool!).  Nice cars, nice house, gets to tinker around all day, and he gets all deh bewbers.

Q: If you could have dinner with any one person, fictional or non-fictional, who would it be and why?
A: Tony stark.  I would find some way to connive myself into his will.  Probably through drinking games.

Q: Do you have any special talents?
A: Lets see, I set high scores on those little laser gun arcade games at the movies and stuff, and am a boss at "duck hunt".   Oh yeah, and I can shoot actual guns too XD.  Not much else I can think of, I don't have a musical bone in my body.

Q: Anything else you'd like to share?
A: Gravy mascot says hi!
Spoiler for Murica!:

Spoiler for Interview:
November 2013

Life Master

Q:Marsu? What's a Marsu?
A: Hehe. The name is actually the short form of 'Marsupilami', which is a character originally out of the French comic 'Spirou et Fantasio'.  You can see how it looks from my avatar here. It's a funny and friendly guy living in the jungle, but if it feels threatened it knots part of its tail and uses it to punch the aggressor. (Its tail is nine metres long, by the way - that, in combination with the fact that in German, the word for 'tail' is the same as the word for 'penis', had me accused of having cheap phallus symbolism in mind when choosing this name. This was, bien sŻr, not the case.) You should definitely check out the comics if you don't know them already.

Q: When did you start playing EtG and what effect has it had on your life?
A: I started playing EtG early on, when it was still a very young game. However, I didn't join the forum for about two years, as I was content with the game on its own and didn't really like game forums in general before (and still don't, with the exception of this very forum).

To be honest, it had no impact at all on my life: Simply because had I not found Elements, I would have played something else. So computer games in general had quite some - in retroperspective: too much of an - effect on my life, but I can't blame Elements specifically. :)

Q: You're the Master of Life now. What does that feel like to you? How had it changed the way you look at the game, forum, or players?
A: Of course, I am very proud to hold that title! But otherwise, not much has changed, simply because I immodestly feel that I had already become a member of the "vet club" before already. I'm sure that for some Masters, more has changed than for me. Well, one could say I feel like I, for the lack of a better word, finally arrived (wheresoever). To be honest, my ambition regarding things like winning events (excluding War of course) sunk dramatically over the last few months. I don't think I'll participate in many PvP events from now on - or if I do, with certain self-imposed limitations to make it more fun, like in BL at the moment. (Not saying exactly what it is of course, as BL is still going on!)

Q: What has been our favorite moment on this forum and or in the game?

Q: You live in Germany, so what's your favorite thing there?
A: Hm... quite a difficult question, because one tends to take it all for granted.

So apart from the obvious stuff, I do love German breakfast and still think it's the best in the world. Breadrolls with butter and mett or an old gouda...

On another note, there is actually something I like about Germany that this forum (More specifically: The contact with American people here) has reminded me of: The fact that religion isn't taken too seriously in Germany. It amazes me that religion is still a thing in America.

Q: Do you have any hobbies outside of staring at your computer screen?
A: Nothing I'm obsessed with, but many things I do regularly - working out, cooking, learning foreign languages, plants, non-PC games, ball sports, reading, drinking whisky, and - to keep it nerdy - Warhammer. I definetly forgot something here, as this changes all the time anyway. A jack of all trades, but master of none. I guess that fits.

Q: Movies, do you like them? If yes, what have you seen lately? If no, what's wrong with you?
A: Actually, I'm indeed not a big fan of movies. I think I watched less than 50 in my whole life, so there are not any movies that I have seen lately... I prefer books, as cheesy as that may sound. I do have some movies I love though, here are my three favourites in no particular order (And yes, I know, two out of those three are mainstream stuff, but still :p):

Lord of the Rings, Jurassic Park I, Tampopo.

The latter is a great Japanese movie about ... well, watch it and you'll know! I think you can watch it on Youtube at the moment. Don't do that while you're hungry though, or in case you're on a diet. I warned you! :-)

Q:If you could eat only one thing the rest of your life, what would it be? And if you could pick any celebrity to share it with, who would it be? And maybe you had to stay in one place, so where would you be?
A: If I'm supposed to take this literally: Potatoes. One wouldn't think so, but they contain almost everything your body needs. Also, you can eat a looot of them without becoming fat, and there are quite some different recipes with them - boiled potatoes, French fries, roast potatoes, potato crisps ad infinitum!
The main reason I chose them might be my background though: They are so popular in Germany that it has actually become the most common insult for a German by people with a non-German background living here. I personally find it rather amusing.

Otherwise, I love meat. Meat meat meat. Any kind basically, except chicken and other poultry. That's for vegetarians.

Sorry, I don't care much about any celebrity. The only thing that comes to my mind is some random hot girl, but as I'm happily taken, that's out of the question as well.
[Here stood a rather macabre joke about why I'd chose some old guy if I had to chose]

Definitely somewhere in nature. I guess many people thought it was just standard promotional talk to become Master of Life when I wrote that nature means everything to me during Trials, but it's the truth. Somewhere in the jungle, I think. Marsupilami belongs into the jungle.

Q: What is your biggest fear and have you tried to overcome it?
A: The only thing I can think of right now is the fact that I care way too much about what people think about me, probably because my memories of school aren't too pleasant and I'm trying to avoid having to relive them.
For example, when I'm walking somewhere in the streets and I suddenly realize I'm walking in the wrong direction, I don't just turn around. I'll pretend receiving a call and being told to come somewhere else, so I can turn around and go the other way without people seeing me thinking 'Why is that guy suddenly turning around? What a weirdo.'
This is, despite being the most extreme example I could think of, of course a rather idiotic behaviour, and I'm in the process of actively changing this.

Q: What is something else we probably don't know about you?
A: Something I don't want you to know. :-) Apart from that, nothing of interest to you guys, really. Well, I have a Youtube channel with 1000 subscribers. That is ridicoulusly few of course, compared to people who actually earn decent money with it, but I'm still somehow proud of that. In my videos, I'm teaching Japanese, but it's in German sadly. Still, if you want to have a look, here it is: http://www.youtube.com/user/JapanischErfahren

Q: What is something that you would tell your 10 year old self if you could go back in time?
A: I thought quite some time about this question, and I'm sure I came up with the correct answer by now: Nothing.

Q: And if you could travel forward in time, would you? Why?
A: The concept of traveling forward in time is just too hard to grasp for me to come up with an answer I'd be content with. In order not to be a killjoy, I'll say that - provided I can go "back to the future" anytime - I'd go backwards in time, because I want to see dinosaurs. I wouldn't give a damn about metaphysics when seeing dinosaurs is at stake. (Which is, by the way, an elementary rule of my life.)

Q: Lastly, do you have anything else to say?
A: Yes, but I will only manage to think of it once I have sent my answers off, so there's no point in brooding over it. Instead, I want to thank you for chosing me for this month's interview.

Also, thanks to everyone who read this, I hope it wasn't too boring and if someone wants to have a chat sometimes, I promise I'll be up for it sooner or later! (Sorry, I always sucked in time management)

Speaking of which, I want to thank my whole War team who knows that fact very well by now, and especially rem4life and mathman101 who are sincerely doing better and more work than I am doing, and without whom this would not be working.

Last but not least, I want to appeal to this forum's community not to forget just how much opportunities we have here, and to use your creativity for something great and fun - the CI&A section deserves way more credit, PvP events can also be organized without being official if you are willing to put some effort into it, and there are tons of other ideas waiting to be put into practice. So what are you waiting for? Oh, and feel free to interpret this as an allegory to life.

Spoiler for Interview:
January 2014

Council Member
Competition Organizer
PvP Veteran

Q: What in the world does your name mean and/or why did you choose it?
A: Actually, that's kind of a long story. Way back on the very first game I played on the internet, I had a group of "friends", obviously.. And it just so happened that the two capital letters of my name were "D" and "M", so I was shortened to Dm. At the time the numbers were "123", which then changed to "1", which then changed to "1321" (and I have no idea why..). I still keep in contact with one person from that group of friends, although we don't talk as regularly now. It's kind of something I keep to remember the first game I played. When I can't be Dm1321 I'm usually "Deeme", if that matters for anything.

... This really didn't answer anything, did it?

Q: How long have you been playing EtG for and what impact has the game had on your life?
I started way back on November 2009. I only went to make an account on Kongregate on May 2010, and I still sucked pretty badly at the game. I only stopped resetting like mad at October 2010. (Also, by that point I had won a tournament and used the code. Not that it matters, because I picked a green nymph...)

Q: What is your favorite element? Why?
As everyone knows, Gravity. Why? Good question. I myself don't know either. It just kind of is, because it is.

Q: What is your favorite PvP Event that you have participated in?
Tournaments count?
I haven't really participated in a lot of PvP Events. I think that Sideboard was the one I liked the most, way back when I was new. I remember I lost to Svenningen in the early rounds kind of right away. It was fun though.

Q: What is one thing every serious deck builder should remember?
... I dunno. I'm not a serious deck builder. But I guess people should remember that "QI is not set on stone". I see a lot of people checking if their decks have a QI of 5 when that's not really needed. A rushier deck may want to have lower QI to dish the cards out faster, for example. But I may have no idea what I'm talking about.

Q: What was your most embarrassing moment in Elements (it can be on the forums or in the game)?
Every single time I double click Pulverizer.
Oh, and a tournament game vs RootRanger where I got him to 1 HP three times, with the board varying in terms of creatures and attack/healing power just about every damn turn. Wtf, Root.

Q: What is something in Elements that you are not fond of, and would eliminate or reduce?
I don't think I'd reduce anything. I'm satisfied as is.

Q: What is something you could tell the community that we don't already know?
I don't know. If it's about myself... hrm, well, I'm kind of shy in real. I'm pretty antisocial. I don't like places with a lot of people. I don't enjoy most conversations.

Q: Which section of the Arena is your favorite? Why?
Gold. In my opinion it's a sweet spot between Silver and Platinum where it's way easier to get the spins than in Platinum, you'll see more variety than in either League, and you'll still be making lots of Electrum.

Q: What is one tip that you feel any player of Elements could use?
Obviously : This is just a game, if it starts feeling like a chore, take a break. As it is a game, the most important thing to do is, obviously, to have fun. Try building your own decks; it helps a lot with understanding mechanics. And playing your own decks is almost always more satisfactory than playing Forum Premade decks.

Q: What was your motivation to become a Competition Organizer?
To be honest, I just didn't want to watch the section die.

Q: What is your all-time favorite Competition?
MS Paint is probably my favorite. I suck at art so I don't even bother to attempt, but looking at the entries is definitely funny. And some are real good.

Q: Congratulations on becoming a Councilman! What do you forsee doing as a councilmember in the coming term?
Eh... I dunno? I guess I'll see when the time comes. I'll do what needs to be done when it needs to be done, I guess. Probably start by fixing the Staff...

Q: What do you think is the Council's toughest challenge this term?
Clearing up the current staffers will kind of be tough, and filling in all the spots that will be left missing will be kind of hard, too...

Q: What is your favorite thing about the Elements chat room?
It's pretty calm. It's not a chat that you feel like the conversation drags on infinitely and it's definitely not a place you get tired just because you're on it because lines are popping on your screen at a speed of 10 messages per second. You can relax, and when there's a conversation, it all sails smoothly...

Q: What do you think is your great achievement in Elements so far?
Lawl, none.

Q: Online gaming can require teamwork at times. Do you consider yourself a team player or do you prefer the lone wolf route?
I solo pretty much every game I go to. Every game. And if it's not possible to solo it, then I'm most likely not playing/doing it. Unless it's something a two-man or three-man team can achieve. I'm fine with parties of that size.

Q: Reflect on the past year. Are you satisfied with what you've done for the Elements Community?
Er... what have I done? I'm satisfied with my posts, but I don't think I did anything worthy. Oh well; I wonder if others are satisfied?

Q:What is your real life goal?
I dunno. I'll just enjoy myself as I go, I guess? I'll find a goal eventually and work towards it.. but enjoying myself as I go is my goal, you could say. I don't like worrying about things.

Q:Penguins or Ostriches?

Q: When you aren't on the forums, what is favorite thing to do?
I'm currently playing a lot of Osu!, but I'm almost always on the Forums, really. On the rare cases where I'm not on the forums, I'll be usually watching Anime or reading Light Novels/Manga. I also listen to music pretty much all day long.

Q:Anything else you'd like to say?
Let's just set a disclaimer here, probably something I wanted to place in every single post of mine if I could. I don't know how to go on a roundabout way and I don't go around mincing words. So I probably sound very rude and straightforward. I never really mean to insult anyone, it just comes across like that. If you have ever felt like I insulted you once... just know that it wasn't my intention.

... Well, it probably wasn't.

Spoiler for Interview:
February 2014

Tournament Organizer
War General
Water Aficionado

1) I'm gonna take a shot in the dark and say that your forum name is somehow connected to your actual name and birth year. If not, what's goin' on with that thing?
Yep. My first initial is D, middle initial is also D, last name is Evans, and birth year is 1996. I wanted a simple name for my second email and this is what I came up with. Iíve used it with very little variation since.

2) When did you discover Elements the Game? And in turn, when did you find the forum? What do each of these discoveries mean to you?
I found Elements when it was posted (illegally, I later confirmed) on the gaming site MoFunZone, in May 2009. I stopped playing it shortly after, returned the next February, and began lurking forums in April. The forum discovery is very significant, because this community has wound up becoming a huge part of my life, assisting in my recovery from depression - which is still present, just never in the form it was four years ago.

3) What has been your favorite moment been in-game and or on the forum?
So many great memories. I think the one that stands out to me the most is winnng my first ever War match, against nelde59 of Team Light in War 6. I joined this forum to compete in War, because it was so interesting to me, but I wound up getting involved in a much different way - through event management. When I finally had a chance to compete in War, it was a huge moment for me.

4) In your opinion, where do you think the forum/game is headed? Not to say those words are interchangeable, but they're linked.
At this time, the lack of updates in Elements has stagnated the game, causing people to get bored more easily. This means the community is on a slight decline, in my opinion, and has been for some time now. It's not a crippling decline, nor an irreversible one, but it is something we need to be aware of.

5) Enough Elements for now, let's mix it up a bit. The holiday season is among us; are you fan? What is your favorite holiday and why?
I love holidays, for a variety of reasons. My favorite is probably Christmas, because it seems to make most people happier and friendlier. Also, I get cool stuff and/or money, which are both nice.

6) Regardless of your answer to previous question, do you have any games/toys/movies/etc on a wish list of some sort?
LoZ: Skyward Sword and Kirby's Epic Yarn (Wii), along with Portal 2 and FATE IV (PC), are the four games I'd be most pleased with. There's also a chance I might get a 3DS, in which case Pokemon X or Y is on that list as well. (EDIT: Since initially writing this, I did indeed get a 3DS from my parents, and Pokemon X and Y are both in the mail, thanks to a very generous and beautiful female.)

7) If you could be any super hero, other than Turbo-Man, who would you be? And if you could pick anyone to be your sidekick, who would that be and why?
Either Iceman or Frozone, for reasons that should be obvious, with either the Hulk or the Thing as a sidekick, because that kind of strength would keep my argumentative personality in check. Also, ice and brute strength pair well together.

8) What kind of music do you listen to? Would you ever want to take part in a band of sorts if you don't already?
I listen to many different things to some degree, but I've primarily listened to electronic music for the past year. Myself, a niece, and a couple friends attempted to start a band in middle school, but it fell through. I've also considered taking up electronic production, but I'm more focused on improving my percussion talent at this time.

9) Other than EtG, what games tickle your fancy? Will you be going after the PS4 or Xbone?
I enjoy a large variety of games. My two favorite single player games are Mobile Weapon (Flash) and Mother 3 (GBA), but I could name so many more. My favorite multiplayer games, apart from Elements, are Minecraft (PC) and SSB: Brawl (Wii). I probably wonít get any current generation console for quite some time.

10) What TV shows have you been catching up with and or what was the last movie you saw? What did you think?
I don't watch many shows or movies, but the last movie I saw was Free Birds. Fairly typical animated kids movie loaded with jokes meant for older people, but it was insanely hysterical. (EDIT: Since initially writing this, I have also seen Catching Fire - great movie, as expected.)

11) What do you consider your best quality that most others seem to lack?
My only quality that I actually pride myself on is intelligence, but most people have that, regardless of how much they choose to use it. There's not many legitimately unintelligent people in my experience.

12) It's easy to be whoever you want to be online. Would you say that your real world traits carry over your exchanges over the Internet?
For the most part. The internet is great, in that it allows you time between responses, so you can formulate something more mature and collected. The internet has done wonders for my maturity, in my opinion. But my personality doesn't really change over a screen as opposed to in real life.

13) If you had to get a tattoo, what would it be and where would you get it? Why that?
It'd be something combining the things I most deeply care for in life, on my upper arm. My idea for this changes often, so I probably won't get it until I'm out of college and settled into a more stable life.

14) If you had to pick only one book to read for the rest of your life, what would you choose? Why?
This is a very difficult question, and Iíve thought about it for quite some time, but I donít really have an answer. One of the books I considered is a excellent collection of short stories, poems, and other material known as Tapestry Ė but Iíve read through it so many times that itís lost much of its value.

15) Lastly, do you have anything else to say to the community?
If this community is to survive in our current situation, with updates coming as rarely as they are, everyone needs to stay strong together. Itís clichť, but united we stand, divided we fall. Thereís no logical reason for some of the things that have happened recently, even some of which I am heavily responsible for. We need to maintain the bonds we have formed with each other and keep this place alive.

Below are questions asked by players in the community:
Spoiler for Hidden:
Q: Did your Warmaster experiences come to good use when you led your team this War?
Honestly, they would have, but this entire war was a trainwreck, both in the general organization and in my personal life. Needless to say, I'll never again be generalling, or something as important, unless my life is in order - but that likely won't take long, so expect to see me put forth a better effort as soon as possible.

Q: Favorite pokemon and why? :)
I never have been able to just pick one favorite, but ome I've grown very attached to lately is Aurorus, which I can definitely say is my favorite Pokemon picked in Generation 6. It just pulls off powerful and adorable at the same time, and I love it.

Q: Kind of an obvious one: Tell the story of your favorite dramatic/awesome moment from Trials and/or War.
My match with Raving, in the Water Finals of Trials 7, was my favorite moment throughout Trials or War. It was a really close match, and it came right down to the wire, just as Water deserves. From that match, I couldn't pick a specific moment, but it would definitely be from there.

Q: Over the years this forum (and its precursors) have been around, numerous members have left or disappeared. Which one would you most want to bring back?
There are so many names that I really miss, but if I had to pick only one, it would actually be our former admin, ScaredGirl. She was sort of a mentor to me during my time as Warmaster, and I honestly enjoyed talking to her outside of that as well.

Q: How do you feel about the community right now?
This has been covered in previous answers, but I'll reiterate that I feel the community is in decline, and we need to stay aware of our condition and not let the community go down in flames.

Q: What would be your dream council if you could bring back retired members to actively participate with you? Any particular reasons for choosing each member?
There are too many to name, honestly. I could list a good fifty members, at least, that could help form an effective council at any decent activity, due their leadership skills, experience, and/or intelligence.

Q: What other CCGs, if any, do you enjoy playing, and why?  (if no others, why that, as well)
Elements is the only CCG I actively play, simply because even though it has it's flaws, it's a very intriguing game with tons of potential, and I don't leave myself much time for gaming, so it's casual nature is appealing to me. Occasionally I'll play Kongai or Spectromancer as well. One CCG I really miss playing, actually, is Aetheron - I've been thinking about it for the past six months or so and I've just never gotten around to playing it again.

Q:What keeps your interest at ETG forums these days?
I'm 90% sure I know who sent this to me, but that's beside the point. My interest is held in the people here, as there are countless members I enjoy talking to for a variety of reasons. The game itself has often taken a backseat - recently I've rejoined leagues, and I'll be doing large amounts of grinding for upgrades between Championship League and Trials, so those will tie into my forum activity as well.

Spoiler for Hidden:
March 2014

League Organizer
War General
Total Bird

Q: So, can you give us a little background on your name and that very cool avatar?
When I was deciding on a name, I figured I wanted it to do with birds, but I decided to go with burd just because. As you well know, I'm only 1 burd, so justaburd seemed to fit. The avatar was made by vrt. Thanks again!

Q: What importance did birds have previous to your joining the forum?
I love em. Chirp <3

Q: Do you have a favourite? And do you own one/more?
Not in particular, no. I guess for me it's more about the idea of flying where you want.

Q: And if you could fly anywhere right now, where would that be?
Probably some active volcano somewhere.

Q: Do you think your interest in flight has inspired you in any way that relfects your time on the forum?
It influenced my decision to try for Trials, yeah.

Q: How has your time after trials been as Master of Air?
I feel like I didn't do much. I wanted to War but my laptop problem kind of stopped that. But I'm glad that I got Jenk to lead. He's done great.

Q: Do you plan to later defend your title?
I don't know. I want to, but if work gets in the way, that comes first.

Q: Has there been a moment on the forum, other than trials, that defined your reason for having stayed for so long?
Community. I think most people agree with me on that. Not really a moment, but...

I think we all understand you with that one. But let's move on to less Elements-related business.

Q: What is your favorite movie?
How to train your dragon. A movie doesn't have to have explosions to be great. Of course, that's followed by Avatar cause sometimes explosions and graphics are awesome too >

Q: What character from what book or movie or television show have you found yourself able to relate to the most?
The bird that noone pays attention to til it steals your pie.

Q: If you had to pick one president of the United States' first ladies, to live on an island with for the rest of your life, who would it be?
Um... chirp?

Q: Here's an easier one. Do you like ice cream? If so, what is your favourite flavour?
Of course! Cookies and cream is awesome.

Q: You know what's up. What is your "dream job?"
I want to be one of those people in Leverage. Wouldn't that be kind of cool?

Q: Is there a specific skill of a character that you would like to have if you were one of them?
I have to admit the grifting is kind of interesting to watch. not that i'd be a con person.

Q: What is your biggest fear?
Many things. Many, many things.

Q: Namely?
Unspeakable things that may try to hunt burds.

Q: Is there anything else you'd like to share with the community?
We want YOU for Leagues 1/2014!
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May 2014
Card Curator
Master of Earth
Some other stuff

Q: You are master of Earth, though on your profile you mention fire as you fav element..any reason for that? You recently made it to staff member, how do you think this will affect your activity on the forum and what more could you do to help other members? Perhaps another staff position? (by dark ripper)
A: Hm that is actually 3 questions. Yup mono  :fire was my first competitive deck and it has been 1 of my favorite elements for a very long time. Atm my favorite element is both :earth and  :fire, the reason it only says fire on my profile is because I haven't changed it yet.
I don't think another staff position will affect my activity, simply cause I already am quite active.
And I always liked to help other members, I helped people in kong chat for years and the section I posted the most in is still the deck help section.  These days I more rarely help people but when I do it I'm much more ambitious. O and feel free/forced to ask me for help at any time  ;)
And the only staff position I could think of joining right now would be council member.

Q: Microsoft, Sony, or Nintendo? (by Rutarete)
A: Ruta, you so evil  :-\  making me choose between them.
Spoiler for answer:

Q: If you could ignore how ineffective they would be, what would be your:
AI3 grinder
HB grinder
FG grinder
Bronze/Silver grinder
Gold/Plat grinder
PvP deck
(As in, what cards and cards combos do you like just because?)
by: eaglgenes101

A: Hm to be honest I stopped playing this game a year ago, I'm only here for forums. But I still got a few decks in my deck manager (330 to be exact and then I've tried to remove some) so here are the decks in order

Spoiler for Hidden:

Ai3: Well I don't really have one, so long time ago I played ai3.

HB: I made a few otks back in the day and this was the one I liked the most. It's actually quite good and the 100 damage version won me many games in cl.
Spoiler for Hidden:
Hover over cards for details, click for permalink
Deck import code : [Select]
5rp 5rp 5rp 5rp 5rp 5rp 6u3 6u3 6u3 6u3 6u3 6u3 6ve 6ve 6ve 6ve 6ve 74a 7dr 7dr 7ee 7ee 7ee 7ee 7jo 7jo 7jq 7n9 80b 80b 8po
FG: Must be my singu otk. It has like 25% win rate and it's very very hard to play but since it's so fun it evens out.
Spoiler for Hidden:
Hover over cards for details, click for permalink
Deck import code : [Select]
6ts 6ts 6ts 6u3 6u3 6u3 6u3 6u3 6u3 6u7 6u9 75c 77l 7do 7do 7ee 7k6 7q9 7q9 7q9 7q9 7q9 7q9 7qb 7qb 7qb 7qb 7qb 7qb 80h 8pj
Bronze/Silver: I don't really have one but since you asked I must pick something so why not a 41 card rush. It's actually more stable than you think.
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Hover over cards for details, click for permalink
Deck import code : [Select]
4vj 4vj 4vj 4vj 4vj 6u1 6u1 713 752 77g 7ae 7dp 7dp 7dp 7dp 7dp 7dp 7dq 7dq 7dq 7dq 7dq 7dq 7ee 7ee 7ee 7ee 7ee 7ee 7mt 7mt 7mt 7mt 7mt 7mt 7n6 7qb 7qb 7qb 80k 80k 8po
Gold/plat: For a while it was this:
Spoiler for Hidden:
Hover over cards for details, click for permalink
Deck import code : [Select]
5lg 6rt 6rt 6rt 6rt 6rt 6s2 6s2 71a 77e 77e 77e 77e 77e 77e 7dp 7dp 7dp 7dp 7dp 7dp 7dq 7dq 7dq 7dq 7dq 7dq 7ds 7ds 7ds 8po
until it got old but now it's this:
Spoiler for Hidden:
Hover over cards for details, click for permalink
Deck import code : [Select]
6qq 6qq 6qq 6qq 6qq 6qq 6tt 6u3 6u3 6u3 6u3 6u3 6u3 6u9 71b 71b 74b 77f 7dq 7dq 7gv 7k6 7k6 7n1 7n3 7n3 7q5 7q5 7t9 80i 8pj
Pvp: These 4 is both good and fun to play I think: Death tears, raged focus, blue dials and stall-breaker( don't have a better name for it yet).
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Other: Hm I want to pick something tasty for you.
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5f2 5f2 5ur 5ur 6s2 7dg 7dg 7dg 7dg 7dg 7dg 7dg 7dm 7do 7do 7dp 7dp 7dp 7dp 7dp 7dq 7dq 7dq 7dq 7ds 7ds 7ds 7ds 7ds 7ds 7f2 8pm
This was my first real deck. I used it to grind gold both before and after the shards.(excluding the sofo then)

Q: Why hello one of my favorite community members, what is your ultimate goal in life? (by CrockettRocket)
A: Ultimate goal, hm I actually got four of them by now. Here is 1 of them: Win olympic gold medal in orientation.  I've only done orientation like twice but it was fun so why not...

Q: Dear Blacksmith, how are you going to improve CI&A (and also this game, our world and universe  ;D)? (by Krzysiekxd)
A: Sorry Kryz I can't answer questions regarding Cia without talking to my other curators, it could turn out very badly. He regarding improving our universe it's something we all do every day just by being here ( even you Haink you noob ). My main goal is to attract more people to this game and in that way making it survive. But I can admit that I have some ideas that could be useful but you will just have to wait and see, or nag repeatedly.

Q: Which female community member do you feel the closest to you? Or which female community member do you like the most? (by Submachine)
A: He there aren't that many to choose from are it? Well right now I have a hard time picturing this forum without our fellow Higu. She is the one that has taken the responsibility for the council and has good ideas as well as making them come true.

Q: if you could have any 1 member come back, either here or kong, who would it be and why? (by Dawn to Dusk)
A: Ah a tricky question, so so hard. But I guess since I have to pick one it will have to be be Jmdt. He he was a ok deck builder and was an active member both here and on kong and more importantly one that I never got to know. But there are so many more that I'd liked to meet too, Willing, Tstar, Rastafla, Scaredgirl etc

Q: BL or CL and why? (by ARTHANASIOS)
A: Cl since there are less noobs which makes you able to come up with strange rules people which people agrees to and don't play like a wandering  antlion.

Q: Favorite community member and why. (by Dm1321)
A: Besides myself you mean....  :P   It's a shame to choose, you are even more evil than Ruta.
Spoiler for answer:
Could just as well been Afda, Vang or anyone but this dude has been with me from the beginning and has always been like a gnome rider to me, thank you for that.

Q: Why did you apply for Card Curator? What was your first rare weapon? Why are you sharing your acc with sinyor? Where have you met him? (by Odii Odsen)

A: Okay. Card curator since I like the section and since is has so much potential that was just thrown away. I also wanted to apply for some kind of staff position at the time.

Farenheit. Yeah I know it's a bad choice for a immo rush, dagger had been of much better use but I was nothing but a noob back then so please have mercy.

Well this story is rather long and complicated. I had an account--> I changed password--> one key in password was invalid-->it said wrong password every time-->I lost 17 nymphs and 140 uppeds with that account-->Sinyor was my friend-->Sinyor stopped playing-->I got 50% of his account--> a year later after to many emails Zanz fix password and now I have 2 accounts.

Q: Penguins or Ostriches?
I imagine Ostriches tasting better than penguins so I'll go with them.

Q: Every name has a story, what's yours?
I needed a name when I first entered forums. I looked at all the cards and couldn't find a name I liked. Suddenly the work blacksmith struck me and it fitted so well. Smiths work with  :fire ( which was my fav element at the time ) and I added black since it was my second upped deck. So simple someone who make decks with fire and darkness. Later on we can add earth since the smith has to forge with something.

Q: Do you plan on defending your title?
Most likely not, I'm a nomad and like to search for new areas in the elemental world. But it depends on who is entering trials and for what element.

Q: What's the one piece of advice you have for anyone who wishes to design cards?
Look at the game and think of a functions you think has been missed or that could be fun to play around with then make at least 1 card based around it.

Q: What's your most embarrassing PvP moment?
Either my first tourney win or my trials final. ..... Trials final thinking twice.

Q: Is there one major thing about yourself that the community doesn't know? What is it?
Some people know it but not all. Okay prepare to freak out.... I'm not black... I'm a soulless ginger with glasses.

Q: Can you reflect a little on your climb to a Mastership and Staff Position?
No idea what to say here.

Q: Can you recall one of your biggest fears when you first joined the forums?
I originally came from kong so when I first came to forums I wasn't' a plain noob and I think that helped a lot. The only thing I feared I think was that people would dislike me, luckily that didn't happen ;) ( what I know of )

Q: When you aren't on the forums, what are you doing?
Well besides going to school, eating, sleeping and working I don't do much. I sometimes I go skiing during winter time. O and the main reason for that is because I play guitar. When I first started this game it suited me really well since I was able to practice during my opponents turn in pvp and thats 1 of the main reason I'm still here, I'm able to play at the same time I do stuff.

Q: Your friends in real life, what three words would they use to describe you, and why?
Ha ha. Stupid, lazy and smart they might also add quiet at time, depends on who you ask. Well thats just who I am.

Q: Have you found a certain source of inspiration of some kind in the forum?
My focuses have changed throughout the years. At first my focus was deck helping section then my decks section and now the Cia section. It's hard to find interest in 1 area at the forum forever and thats why it's so very good this forum has a wide spectra.

Q: Reflect on a time when your real life commitments/activity and Elements the Game collided (for the good or bad).
I'm rarely without a computer for longer than a week and the only time this has became a problem was during deck building period in the trials final battle. That resulted in me playing some decks that I made less than 2 hours before game.

Q: Describe, in as much detail as possible, all of the changes you plan to make to the CI&A.
Sorry can't do. I can't describe things before talking to other curators since that would be giving false hopes or telling lies. Sorry

Q: How do you plan to remedy the divide between CI&A aficionados and those who never set foot in that section?
I think we will have to use the newsletter for that. Be active in introduce your self thread and include cia section in welcome pm when you sing up. We will also try to make the section easier to understand.

Q: Who on the forums has been your biggest inspiration?
I don't know. Inspiration has never been a problem for me when deck building.  What has driven me is to reach as high as possible so possibly willing or calin.

Q: Who outside of the forums has been your biggest inspiration?
Don't really know what you mean`

Q: Why did the chicken cross the road?
Cause the chicken like strategy in any of it's form, it doesn't matter if it's in form of chess, mtg or something else. I even learnt the rules for pokemon and Yu gi oh.

Q: What's your favorite season a why?
Winter, it's not to warm for god sake.

Q: Any last words?
If you have any questions I'm here and see you around.

Spoiler for Hidden:
June 2014
Competition Organizer
Old Member
Ex-Master of Time
Nice guy overall

Q: All right, let's start off like most interviews, if not all. We know where your name comes from (And if the reader doesn't, please go watch Cowboy Bebop), but why did you choose it? (And if it does NOT come from Cowboy Bebop, then damn.)

A: It's the same nick i've used long long time ago in another on-line game (Ogame). I just kept it here too.

Q: That question out of the way, let's get into the real stuff. What was your motivation to become a Competition Organizer?

A: Forum Competition section has always been quite active and funny, I was sorry to see it so..."abandoned"; also, after years, it was the time to thank staffers by giving them an hand. So i became CO.

Q: On to the topic of Competitions, what kind of Competition is your favorite - Art Competitions, Deck Competitions, Card Competitions, Story Competitions...? Why? Did you used to join Competitions often or not at all?

A: My favorites are probably Art Competitions just because i like to draw; Deck and Card Competitions would be amazing if it were possible to add the winners to the game, but I know that this is very difficult (almost impossible at the moment). And yes, i used to join Competition, i won a MS Paint Competition too!

Q: So, we finished Brawl. I don't believe you've joined Brawl since it's a fairly recent event; what did you think of this Brawl? Do you have any plans of joining another one, if you're around?

A: It was my first Brawl and it was a very funny event (and above all, we won it!!), organized in a perfect way (Great job Naesala and Chapuz!); of course I'd like to join the next one!

Q: Do you think the way Brawl interferes on other parts of the forum, like for example, Competition section, or taking a bit longer for the next Trials/War is a negative or positive thing?

A: Each event is likely to interfere with another, that's why we run them separately. Brawl can be seen like a "greater" forum competition and it's normal that it killed our section for a while. And about PvP events, well, at the moment we have other issues...

Q: Talking about Trials, you've been Master of Time once. Do you still like the element? If yes, why? Do you have any plans on going for Mastership when our PvP servers come back?

A: I love time and I always will love it! The power to manipulate time has always fascinated me (when I began to play EtG I was watching JoJo's Bizarre Adventure where Dio Brando could stop time!) and advancing in the game, I realized that it was the style of play that suited me more. And if I'll have enough free time, I'll join trial for sure!

Q: You're a relatively old player. This is a touchy subject, but many older players get a bit turned off from the community as people that they've talked to a lot go away. Do you miss any older player that left and you used to talk to a lot? 
A: I miss a lot of players, GG, Nilsieboy, Icecoldbro, Scaredgirl, Willng, etc...but the one I'm missing the most is Raving. I know he's really busy with college but if he'll ever read this interview I'd like to wish him good luck for his studies!

Q: On the flip side, what's your stance in relation to new players? Do you think that on the whole, they are mostly positive, or view them generally on a bit of the negative side? (This question may or may not go into the interview, I am still deciding.)
A: Newbies should know that when you join an online game that's 5 years-old, maybe there are some players a little bit more skilled and expert...New players are always welcome here, above all if they are polite and friendly, it's a pleasure to help them. But if you join the forum and your introduction is something like "HEY N000000BS! I'M THE GRE4TEST! YOU SUXXXXX", first i think you're an idiot, second one you can forget to be taken seriously and then helped.

Q: Do you have, or did you have any Staff Member or Master of an element that you looked up to when you first got a Staff Position or got your Master position? Needless to say, if yes, who and why?
A: As Staff Member, without any doubt Scaredgirl, who was the very old Admin of this forum and she (or he?) was a very active and nice member and a skilled player too. As Master i mention Xinef who was my old time Master, a great player and a nice person. Last but not least, I always looked up to Higurashi (even if we're not always gotten along) as the perfect example of how a staffer/master/community member should be.

Q: How do you feel about Leagues, PvP Events, and Tournaments? They're quite different from Competitions. Do you partake in them often or not at all?
A: When I've time, I like to join them, even if they are pretty much different from each others; a tourney lasts few hours, a league or a PvP-event can last...weeks or months (and require more time and participation).

Q: Since you came back, are you in favor of Shards, against them, or simply don't care?

A: Once and for all: I've nothing against shards  ;)[

Q: Do you visit CIA often? Because I know I don't, god knows what goes on in there Why do you/do you not?
A: Sometimes. It's one of the forum section that imho suffers the most the absence of Zanz, because no Zanz = no chance to see one day your card added to the game. And it is a real shame because there are some really cool ideas...

Q: Have you ever felt like writing a tutorial or something of sorts but never got around to it due to laziness?
A: To be honest? Yes. But i wrote the tutorial to use the chat mod panel and I'm happy with that. (I'm sorry non-chat mod cannot see how awesome my tutorial is)
Aaaand... random questions time.

Q: Movies or books? Why?
A: ....both? Movies when I just want to take a rest, books when I'm more in the mood.

Q: Your house is on fire. What is the first thing you do?
A: Light up a cigarette? Jokin'...

Q: Favorite kind of music?
A: I hate this question because i hate my answer: I listen a bit 'of everything...

Q: Do you play some other games apart from Elements, be they multiplayer or not? Which ones?
A: I played Diablo 3 in the last year, but at the moment I'm playing only EtG.

Q: Zelda, Final Fantasy, Fire Emblem, or Pokťmon? C'mon, this is valid.
A: No idea of what you're talkin' about...

Q: This is the first time I'm actually doing the interview and honestly I just have zero creativity. Rate the interview you're receiving from 0 to 10, with 0 being the best and 10 being the worst! this isn't bullying
A: 3!

Q: Any piece of advice that you'd offer new people, old people, humans in general... I guess animals, too...?
A: Do I look like someone who's able to give an advice? Com'on...

Q: Last words? don't worry you're not dying
A: If you've read up to here...thanks!

Spoiler for Hidden:
July 2014
Tournament Organizer
Achievement Hunter
PvP Specialist
Big Bang Theorist
Self Professed EtG addict

Where does the name Submachine come from?

It originates from my early days of gaming. Submachine is a point-and-click escape game series with wonderful graphics and a twisted plot. When I first registered on Kongregate, I was looking for a cool name and finally settled with Submachine. In the game's bounds the Submachine (also called the Subnet) is a complex set of parallel universes, that's why it hurts me sometimes when people associate my name with a simple submarine or a gun.

So tell me about yourself? What do the EtG forums need to know about Submachine?

I'll tell you about my gamer side at first; my real identity is a bit of a secret. (Jen thinks this means Submachine is Zanz)
Basically I'm an Achievement Hunter from Kongregate, I was collecting badges to become one of the best players. As my forum profile also says, I never played a game for too long, instead I just looted the badges and went on. However, Elements was different, it took me a long time to defeat my first False God, longer than I usually take to complete a hard badge. While I was grinding T50 (which was the old trend before arena), I became addicted, although I didn't notice at that time. I had to stop playing in 2010 and totally forgot about the game. Two years later in high school, I saw that the girl I like played Elements with one of my friends, I was interested in their progress, so I took a small peek on their monitor.

You said you became addicted to EtG, even though you didn't know it - what was it that drew you in?

I can't tell what made me stay when I first started playing. However, after my 2 years hiatus when I logged back to see the new cards, I was amazed by the cardpool I already had. I didn't even remember that I had so many upgraded cards and rare weapons. Starting out with a massive cardbase, I began my epic journey to collect the new shards that were introduced. Before I left, there were only 3 kind of shards and they were only usable if they were upgraded. I had 1 upgraded SoG, and ~13 unupped iirc.

If you're not sure what made you stay initially - what keeps you around now?

Now the game lives a dark era with all the problems regarding pvp. The thing that keeps me around is definitely the Forum (not to mention the daily Oracle duels ^^). Oh and I almost forgot, since I'm an achievement hunter, I made goals for myself too regard the game.

Why did you become a TO?

I wanted to bring some revolution. At the time when I started playing in tournaments I lost many games because of misunderstanding the rules and building an illegal deck. When I planned my 200th post to be a post about an epic tournament win, it turned out that the rules were different that I thought, therefore I lost and had to waste my 200th post in the Suggestions and Feedback thread.
The other reason I applied as a TO is that I think tournaments are the most approachable PVP events for a newcomer, and since we had many farewells at that time, we could only rely on new members to fill the community. Not to mention that my name looks good in blue. :)

If you could leave behind one lasting contribution to the community, what would it be?

Good question. Maybe a guide on where to find anything you're looking for on the forum. Or some forum games, like the RPG I'm working on.

Do you mean like an index that would link you to everything in the forum?

Well, yes. Funny that you say the word 'index', as I nowadays helped updating the Forum Index too. x)   Check out the Link People!

I've got some war related questions: In your opinion what is the most important role of an Elemental Master?

Having fun with the team is only half of the whole picture, but it's definitely a must if you want to be a good Master.  The other most important thing in my opinion is to fill every holes. This means that the Master's biggest challenge is not when it's about war, but when it's about choosing the team.

What is the most important part of choosing a team?

I think it's bidding on the right people. My War Team plan if I manage to become a Master in Trials is to pick at least 2 mindgater. Mindgaters should predict what deck the opposing team will probably throw at us. Then we would need at least 1 deckbuilder. The deck builder's part would be to think of neat synergies that can be added to each prepared deck. We would also need someone who can handle our vault and the changes in it. Speaking about my personal experiences in the last war, we had everything except mindgaters. In fact, we were the ones who got mindgated nearly every time. That's why I'd include at least 2 of them. :)

With 1 exception light has consistently placed in the bottom half of elements in war. In your estimation why is that?

Maybe it's because light's main profession is stalling and it makes the element more predictable. Unfortunately Light has no real CC or PC and it also lacks efficient mid-hitters, while all other elements can show at least 1 decent creature that can be easily spammed without going overquantad.
The only mid-hitter light gets is Archangel, but in war that takes up precious upgrades, while other elements can afford to upgrade something else and still have good attackers.

Tell me more about your experience in the last war.

In the last war, there was a crazy auction going on. Former air-master Jenkar threw trollbids at everyone (even at me) thus forcing other masters to increase their bids significantly. Zso_Zso, the current Master of Light reacted in time and raised my bid, so I could get in his team. He and I are from the same country, so it was quite a pleasure to work with him. We also had ji412jo at our team, who previously tried to introduce me to the basics of war. Sadly right before the first round, we had a dropout, so we could only start with 1 less person. :(  We still had ji412jo, MegroN and furkannnO on our team. I won my matchup in the very first round, but I had no time to celebrate, because the rest of the team all lost. In the second round, I won my matchup again along with furkann, but as in the previous round, all other matches were lost. After this we couldn't recover. Apart from that 1 round where we could achieve a perfect 3-0, we lost more in all other rounds than we won. We can say, that we only had Hope left.

If you could have changed anything what would it have been?

Apart from most of our deck choices - obviously -, I'd change the team member roles a bit. In our team, only jijo had war experience, but he didn't want to interfere with our original plans. I should have convinced him to tell us his ideas from the beginning.

What was the highlight of War #7 for you?

The highlight for Team Light was probably around Round 8, when we had a perfect 3-0 score. The highlight of the whole war was probably when Gravity came up to to the first place with an incredibly fat vault, leaving Air and Aether behind himself. (of course, if I recall correctly. I barely remember how the standings looked back then)

What about for you personally?

Hm, maybe the highlight for me was Round 2 when I was playing against Team Life. I had the perfect deck choice and my opponent wanted to Ragequit during all our matches.

If you had one piece of advice for the next Master of Light what would it be?

Decide who you want on your team before the bidding starts, and bid aggressively on them. The minimum bid on the important members should be around 5-8. Well, not literally aggressively, but with confidence, if you get what i mean :) I never was an aggressive player - just to clarify that.

If you were trapped inside Scaredgirl's basement with nothing but Elements cards around you, how would you escape?

First I would light up the basement with Holy Flash to see what's going on. Knowing SG, he uses cages to trap people, and cages are Permanents, so I'd use a Shard of Focus to break out, because SoFo OP. To get out of the main chambers, I'd use Shard of Freedom to break free - or at least to the other side of the basement's trapdoor. And finally, just for the kicks, I'd use Wings to get the Heckaroni out of there!

If you could resurrect one forum member to fight with you on Team Time, who would you choose?

If I can only choose from people who played in Time Trials, I'd choose inthisroom. I know he's the Master of Fire now, but there were days when he played in War under the leadership of Time. If I could choose anyone outside Time, I'd choose Willng3, because he's the guy I never even had a chance to interact with.

You've been doing very well in Sacrifice; what's the strategy that got you so far in the event?

It has

Spoiler for Hidden:
August 2014
Old member
PvP veteran
Nice guy
Some other stuff

Let's begin this interview with a classic question: how did you find Elements the Game and why you joined our community?

I've loved CCG's forever, but card board cards were starting to get prohibitively expensive. I no longer had thousands of dollars to spend on competitive card collections. So in 2010 I googled "Free Online CCG's". I tried about 5 or 6 of them before playing Elements. I really liked the game play, but I was totally stumped at the time on how to beat FG's. I spent quite a bit of time lurking in those days, before happening upon SG's rainbow deck and finally finding an answer to FG's. Technically this is the second time I joined the forums - my original user name will remain unstated. I went back earlier this week to look at some of the posts under my original user name and was surprised to see what an idiot I was. I've lost track of forum moves, but I started a new forum name during one of those moves and I became Jen-i.

You've been here for a very long time: do you think the community or the kind of players is changed over time?

That's a tough question to answer - many of the early community values have become culture around here. And while there is occasional trolling for the most part this is a mature open-minded community. There are however some key individuals that we've lost that have never been replaced. Pillars of the community if you will. The enthusiasm, commitment and creativity they brought, now is gone. I'm not slamming our current community, there are still many people that exhibit those traits. But we now play events like War, Trials and others that these people created, it's rare now to see that scale of innovation. Although I applaud both Brawl and World Championships for capturing that spirit!

I totally agree that something is stuck in this community, but it's also true that we have some traditions to continue. In your opinion, what we (as community) need to fully restore that innovation spirit that you mentioned few seconds ago?

I'm afraid of being too honest - especially because I'm certainly not part of the solution, we need leadership and vision - and hope; those first two are in my mind the role of the Council - the last falls decidedly into Zanz's lap. When all leadership fell onto SG's shoulders it was easy to pursue a vision of what the next exciting idea was, we've now split that leadership up between the Council and Admins and I imagine it becomes much more difficult to unify that energy in a specific direction. I think I answered your question - or did I just gracefully dodge around it? Or like a drunken rhinosaurus just trample it underfoot?

You answered my question honestly and I appreciate it, the rest of the community will do the same. Still on the subject, would you ever apply for a staff position? If yes, which one?

I've considered it a few times. Probably the most likely would be War Master or Trials Overseer.

War will come most likely soon after these Trials and imho you'd be a perfect WM. Moreover you have already led team Time when I was Master and I had to leave suddenly, so you have experience as General too. Now, talking with other members too, it looks like last War hasn't been the best one so far. What do you think we need to make next War an unforgettable event?

To start with I'd abandon the auction. As much fun as it has been in the past we've had multiple occasions where it has threatened to unbalance the war. Though last was the first time it got quite so out of hand. To replace the auction I'd recommend a Draft Auction.
For each round of the Draft each General bids a number of cards from their vault, the General with the highest bid receives the first choice in the Draft that round. Ties would be broken in reverse order of the previous wars Final Standings.
(For example if in Round 1 :fire bids 7, :death & :air bid 5, and the remaining elements don't bid. Then the draft order for that round would be. :fire :death :air :light :water :life :darkness :entropy :earth :gravity :time :aether)
It would probably also be worthwhile to set team sizes so that Generals aren't forced into choosing players that are highly likely to be inactive in the final round.
I've always had a wish that event cards would provide teams with a choice each round, like a Risk-Reward proposition. The Event card from Round 6 last war was a decent example, if a little bland.
The idea of Spoils was interesting but the increased Salvage early in the war forced teams to collect large vaults of off-element cards, which makes suicides more likely. I haven't put too much thought into the idea, but I'd likely just abandon the Spoils idea for now and run an event similar to earlier wars. Perhaps with an increased tempo during the final rounds (i.e. each round take less time).

Talking now about the game, Zanz is almost on an everlasting holiday, and the game is stuck to 2012 in terms of updates. Do you think a new patch, like the 1.4, would help the game? Or EtG needs some new cards, first? Or maybe, something else?

More cards, more cards and then for good measure more cards. I'm intrigued by the concept that Zanz put forward for 1.4 but the execution doesn't leave me really anticipating its arrival. But that said I'm a veteran who owns all the cards (well I'm still missing that last upped Chimera, but that doesn't count) so I'm always looking for new toys.

I can understand well your feelings. As you just rightly said, you're a veteran and from most of the community you're considered (with right reasons) one of the best PvPer around here: there's something you wanna tell to new players that are starting to join PvP? Have you got some "secrets" or "tricks" you wanna share with the community?

I wrote something like a 12 or 15 pages article filled with references and other reading - but no one in their right mind wants to read that. (Anyone silly enough to want a read could drop me a pm - lol). The easiest thing that I think everyone is afraid of doing is to find yourself a partner or two with whom you can build decks. Someone that can tell you your idea is stupid or that you need to not be such a chicken-shit and just play the damn deck. That and persistence, lots of this game has to do with being favoured by the RNG, so you need to learn to deal with the fact that sometimes it screwed you over, and sometimes it does your opponent.

Now you're going to join trials for :light; you once said to me that you like to change elements to compete on trials. There's any specific reason that made you to join :light?

Yeah - I've chosen light a few times now in PvP Events (Team PvP twice & now in Sacrifice) and I've enjoyed deck building with it. I've been tinkering with war legal light decks since the end of War #7 - and have been having lots of fun playing around with deck builds.

Light has no "real" CC, nor PC. Which one do you think light misses the most?

Both true. Thematically I think CC would be a better addition to Light - some form of soft CC would augment its already strong stalling capability as well as open a few alternative deck types.  Mechanically some form of PC would be better - Light struggles to build Break decks so its only real answer to beating another stall deck is to come with a larger stall.

I know that decks usage is very situational but you just mentioned stalls, so let me ask: do you like more to play a fast deck or a stall? (Let's give to your trials opponents a chance...)

I love control decks - that's my preference; the ability to make my opponent's cards irrelevant is always my goal. That said, I'll happily play whatever deck I think gives me the edge in a match up, and if I can trick you into thinking I'm bringing FireStall and then beat you silly with an ImmoRush I've quite happy to do so

You're wicked!

No, wicked was something I learned from TStar, I occasionally play a sub-optimal deck simply because no one will see it coming - it keeps your opponent's on their toes all the time.

As i said, you're wicked! Now, please give a "PvP-veteran point of view" to the community: which card needs a buff the most and which one needs a nerf, in your opinion, and why?

I went through the card list - I had seven cards that stood out for their suckage. The worst three were: Dagger, Skeleton and Flooding. Skeleton at least has a fun Reverse Time Deck you could play with it, and Flooding sucks 98% of the time and wins games outright the other 2%. Dagger is just... (words fail me to describe its suckage)
I don't know that I've ever included a dagger or even thought about including one in a PvP deck. That alone tells you how sad a card it is.
I don't even have to look the most OP card in the game is still Fractal. When every new creature idea is weighed against the question "Does Fractal make this OP?" you know a card is influencing the meta more than is should.

Well, let's end this pleasant interview; I don't like to go onto personal info since I firmly believe that here and real life are two separate entities, and i don't like silly and useless questions like "favourite colour? favourite food?". But to end this interview in a light way I ask you: if you were an EtG creature, what you'd be and why?

Crusader - I find myself complimenting any group of which I'm a part, I have a fairly diverse skill set and I find myself irrationally drawn to hopeless causes.

Jen, thanks for your availability and good luck for your trials!

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September 2014

New Master of Air
2013 PvP Champion
PvP veteran
Nice guy
Some other stuff

Congratulations a new Master of Air! We will be talking about Trials later, but first I want to ask about your name.


Does your forum name have any deeper meaning? Why such a name?

It's actually a pretty dull story. I wasn't sure what to call myself, so I just mashed the keyboard. Since then I've been Afda pretty much everywhere. Does that count as a deeper meaning?

Your IGN is Afdarenty 2 - was there ever an Afdarenty 1?

Nope. The 2 was part of the keyboard mash. Sometimes I keep it in the name, other times I don't.

Ok, let's go back to Trials, you're the new Master of Air! How do you feel with it? Were Trials difficult for you and did you have fun participating in this event? And finally why Air?

I'm feeling pretty happy, obviously, and little sad that RNG made the final so one sided. I'm also excited about war - I think the 3 Warmasters will do good things with it.

Trials was fun - the last time I joined an event that let me play whatever Air deck I felt like was Budokan (leagues don't count :P), and that was a very long time ago. Not being limited to 3 or so elements gave me a lot more freedom, which made deck building much more interesting. Trials were definitely difficult - I ended up against a lot of good players - but I was well prepared so I felt confident.

I like Air so much because it's versatile - lots of different ways to slow down your opponent, lots of ways to hurt your opponent, as well as some 'unique' cards in Skyblitz and Flying Weapon. A range of strong options means you're harder to predict, and you'll normally have a way to counter your opponents. It also means you've got more decisions to make when deck building and choosing which deck to play, which I enjoy.

Now, I'm sure community wants to know if you're going to general Air team in incoming War?

Yep, I'll be general. Remember to put Air as a favourite element  :P

You are also the 2013 PvP World Champion! How did you become so good in PvP?

War 6 was a nice kick starter for me. Playing a ton helps too - if you play a lot you'll either win a lot or improve a lot. Both are good.

How much time a day do you spend on playing Elements PvP? What did you do during two great PvP borks we experienced last time? That must have been a horror for you ;)

If you include testing things, probably ~2 hours, and sometimes more when there's a big event like War or Trials going on. I can't remember what I did during the first PVP bork - that might have been when I found FTL (Faster Than Light). The second happened just before my exams started, so I didn't have much free time anyway.

You are a well-known Konger. Why are you playing on Kongregate? Do you prefer Kong chat to blab chat?

Like most people I found Elements on Kongregate before I found the official website. I stay there because at times the chat is awesome, and when it isn't you can just ignore it. On a good day I prefer Kong chat to blab. On a bad day Kong chat is dull, dull, dull. It depends entirely on who is online.

Have you ever considered a staff position? Are there any in particular that suit you?

Yep. I was considering applying for TO but I can't be online much on Saturdays for at least another month. I think I could handle any position to do with PVP - being a Card Curator or a CO wouldn't suit me at all well.

In the past season, you won both BL and CL.  What was the most exciting part of that several-month long journey?

My final game of CL, playing Odii at the end. He'd had connection problems which had kept him from playing PVP the last two weeks of seasons, so we agreed to meet and play one final game. Whoever won would end up winning CL. I think I was 2-6 against him coming into that, so it was pretty nerve wracking.

What fellow players would you say have influenced you most as a player?

Jenkar, probably more than he thinks he has. The first single player event I joined was Budokan, where we played a couple times. Talking afterwards gave me an insight into how he viewed our match ups, and helped me understand and fall in love with Air.
All the War 6 Entropy guys - I went into that war knowing nothing about competitive PvP, and came out of it as a decent PvPer.
inthisroom, who persuaded me to join War 6 in the first place, and Budokan, and Trials.
Blacksmith, who I knew from Kong and who has been a team mate in many events. Dm1321, for all the time we spent messing around with stupid rules back when I was first starting :)

I kind of feel like I'm giving an acceptance speech at an awards ceremony. Oh well.

Thanks for your time. Best luck in incoming War general!

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October 2014

Know-how, know-where guy
Nice person
Some other stuff

First off, we'll start with some general getting to know you questions.
What made you choose the name CuCN? Are you a chemist?.

I'm currently in the first year of college, studying chemistry. I've been interested in chemistry for years, and this username is from 9th grade, when I decided to pick a name and use it consistently. Before that, I had a different name (usually a bunch of random characters) on every site. I wanted my username to be a cyanide chemical, and then I picked a cation at random. Since then, CuCN, coppercyanide, or some variation on that is what I've used most of the time.

How did you find EtG, and what was your first experience with the game like?

I don't remember how I found EtG, but it must have been on the main site. I picked Death as my starter element and chose +- as an IGN (representing the Ī symbol, and I don't remember why anymore). As a noob, I made a terrible death/gravity/darkness trio that beat Level 1 most of the time and Level 2 rarely, and played that long enough to upgrade a card (Retrovirus). My best guess for when this happened is some time around November 2011, and then I forgot about EtG until I found it on Kong in March 2012. Once I started playing it again, someone finally told me why my deck was bad. I switched to ai3 farming with the normal mono death rush, and eventually got to the forum, which I lurked for months before creating an account.

You always seem to have a lot of programming knowledge whenever people ask questions in chat - can you tell us about your background with programming?

My only formal programming background is a year of Java in high school, but I've been exposed to programming for my whole life because my parents are programmers.

If you could make one change to the way EtG is coded, what would it be, and why?

I honestly don't have a clue how EtG is coded, so there aren't any changes I can suggest about that. I do have concerns about the fact that the game sends account information to the server unencoded.

And now for the part of the interview everyone's been waiting for: War questions.
What made you decide to apply for Warmaster?

I was on the forum for two years and never participated in any events except Guilds and War 7. I wanted to do something for the community, but I wouldn't apply for a position organizing something that I never did. That didn't leave many possibilities, so I applied when I heard that the position was low on applications.

Has the preparation for War been as exciting as you hoped it would be?

I didn't expect preparing for War to be exciting, but it certainly has been.

What has been the most challenging part of planning War?

I'd say the most challenging part is deciding what ideas not to include, because it can be hard to scrap something that took a lot of work to come up with. For example, I wrote a set of rules to allow shards to be used in matches only when both sides agreed, without making shards dead in the vault otherwise, but we ultimately decided not to have shards at all in War 8.
A close second, because of frustration value, is dealing with Titanpad constantly being down.

Some would say the increased vault size and the draft are huge changes to the way War is run - what inspired you to create these changes?

The draft is based on Jen-i's suggestion and dd's post right after it. Although the auction system might have been more entertaining, it doesn't deal well with a number of applicants close to the number needed, as we saw in War 7.
The increased vault size has several purposes. It compensates for the higher elimination threshold, gives teams space to include some large decks, and ensures that even a poor performance in Round 1 does not severely harm a team. Assuming no team incurs an excessively large amount of penalties, every team member is guaranteed to play at least the first two rounds.

If you could be a general of any element, what element would it be and why?

Since I'm no good with deckbuilding or mindgating at all, I probably wouldn't take a General position. However, if I had to I would choose death, only because it's my favorite element.

Any final remarks you'd like to share?

My avatar is a series of copper(II) compounds in solution (the copper in CuCN is copper(I), but that doesn't look as interesting). The colors are not intended to mean anything.
Anyway, thanks for reading all of this!

Thanks for the interview!

dawn to dusk
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November 2014
dawn to dusk

Master of Life
Competition Organizer
Tournament Organizer
Green lover
Cool guy

Where did you get your username from?

Tbh, i don't actually remember anymore haha... Uhh I think I was just searching for a name I could take on kong that didn't have any numbers in it when this popped into my head. I tried it and have stuck with it since.

Sorry for the boring answer ^_^'

You're one of a handful of players from Australia - have you met up with any of the others in person?  If so, what was it like?

Unfortunately, no. I live about an hour away from Sydney (by car) and most people tend to live there or Melbourne. I will say though that my school was closed down due to the bushfires this time last year (most Australians would know of that i presume, if not, a google search should fix that). But between the fact that I don't know anyone who plays and I don't know where to find anyone, I'm not really expecting anyone to know me.

How did you find Elements?  What drew you in about it?

Sometime 2012, I was really into this game, edmus. I was getting pretty good, getting the furthest on most days and getting fairly well known. I decided it was time to make an account to put a name to my face. I did this which was fine, but every time I put edmus into the search bar, a little yellowish dragon would often appear. "Well now that I have a kong account, I can go check that dragon out!" And thus, i find elements.

I guess what made me stick most was the fact that i was so bad at it ^^ I was determined to actually make something that could get me somewhere. Once I did, I started enjoying myself a lot with it and decided to stay.

What other kinds of games do you enjoy playing?

I don't really play a lot of games anymore lol. I guess i would say RPG's, Puzzles and Endless. And Music games if they count. And card games. Only thing is that despite liking many games, I don't stick with many of them.

You're one of the best known Life-loyalists on the forums - what drew you to the Life element?

I want to say something really deep and meaningful but one of the main reasons i started liking it was because of the colour green :P
Also adrenastaves was my 1st favourite deck and the life used in it was vital. That may also be a reason.

In the War Auction, your draft strongly focused on known Life specialists - is there something about the element that makes it require specialists to play it well?

Not really, though life isn't one of the more popular elements. I wanted to choose people who i knew like :life as an element and would be able to make decks with it. So far, i haven't been disappointed ^^

You're been a Competition Organizer for a long time - what was your favorite competition to run?

Paint with elements. Seeing the kind of stuff people come up with was amazing. I really enjoyed that one ^^

Any upcoming competition ideas you've got still in the mental workshop?

There are a couple that I want to try. None of them I will reveal though XD

You recently became a Tournament Organizer as well - Congratulations!  What excites you most about this new role?

Just the power to influence what the tournament will be. Though I dislike the fact that I forgot all the ideas i had upon becoming a TO...

Your Team Life got off to an amazing start in the first round of War! Will :life in this war perform as strongly as War 7's team :gravity did?

Look, this is my second participation in war, and I have the lowest score of any previous master afaik. While I do lack the things that other generals and masters have been thriving on, i am happy on my position and am confident that we will do great in this war. So, to answer your question, I hope like hell we do ^^

Aside from leading teams, how does it feel to be Master of Life?

Amazing ^^ As you have said, I am an avid life loyalist. Being able to represent that element is great. And i have been trying to do so as much as i can to further represent it.

Can you talk us through the excitement of winning your first Mastership, and what led up to it?

The last turn against mathman was me thinking to myself "Holy crap I've actually done it!" The next few moments were mainly me in disbelief and shaking with excitement.
After about 5 minutes i started to think, "what now?"

Thanks for talking!

Odii Odsen
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January 2015
Odii Odsen
Awesome League Player
Master of Darkness
Already Qualified for World Championship

Q: Hello Odii! First of all, pardon me for a cliche question, but it is standard procedure. ;) I think the community might be interested of the origin of your name.
A: Hello Krzysie! "Odii" is Latin and means colloquially "hated" or "the hated". I picked that name for me when I was 14 or even younger. I liked the meaning and it sound good to me. Later I found out I wasn't the only "Odii" on this planet, so I added "Odsen" to my name. "Odsen" has no special meaning. I liked a rapper who was called "Kay Kaysen". Well, I just mixed up "Odii" with the ending "-sen". Odii Odsen was the result.

Q: You are the Master of Darkness for the second time. Owing to the fact that I am a Light loyalist and am thus on the opposite side, I am really interested in why Darkness is your favorite Element (or at least why you have chosen it for Trials). Do you like this element just because it is powerful in the game or are you also "dark" in RL? Do you like the theme itself?
A: When I started this game in August 2009 my first element was Darkness. I played for almost two years different types of Mono Darkness decks. I was farming electrum to upgrade all the Darkness cards I need. What I want to say is that my first steps in this game were with Darkness and it was really a nice time. Darkness is indeed powerful in the game, but I didnít know that when I was starting this game. I picked that element because I like the theme and because it fits best to my personality. Darkness and I share many common characteristics. It is quiet and patient. I am a guy who actually never go to bed before 2 AM. I like the Darkness :D

Q: Speaking of your second Mastership, you are also participating in War as General for the second time. How did you like Trials #8 and now War #8, and how were they different from Trials #7 and War #7? Which did you find more interesting and difficult?
A: Trials #8 were fun but much easier than Trials #7. Actually I had just to win the final game against jijo. I knew I will face him in the final battle and I prepared my decks for his playstyle. Every War is hard for all 12 elements. But itís harder for some elements like Life, Water, Gravity, Light and Darkness as you know. So I canít really say which War was more difficult. Probably War #7 was harder, because I had no General experience and my team (including me ofc) wasnít as much experienced as my current team is in War #8.

Q: War is almost over.  What do you think you could have done better in War #8?
A: Actually pretty much everything, initial Vault building, decisions that I have taken every round after. I was just satisfied with the Draft phase.

Q: You are a well-known Leagues veteran (just look at your impressive collection of League trophies). Are you going to participate in the current 1/2015 season? As of yet, I have not seen any matches for you.
A: In the last couple seasons I started my matches always pretty late. But this time I probably wonít join Leagues. I reached everything I wanted. It was a really fun time!

Q: You also participate in the PvP World Championship 2014 which is about to start. Are you excited about it? Do you have any special tactics how to become the PvP World Champion?
A: I am not excited about that event. I have no special tactics here. For some reason the WC event rules suit me pretty well. In my first WC event I reached the top 8 and lost against the winner, majofa. In the second WC I didnít participate because I hadnít much time. And for the coming WC I wonít have much time again because of exams. But this time Iíll try to catch the title.

Q: Do you plan to compete in Brawl as well as defend your title in Trials #9?
A: Sorry to say that but I wonít defend my title in Trials #9 and I wonít join Brawl. After War and WC I have to make a little break from elements.

Q: Do you have any New Year's resolutions regarding Elements the Game or in your RL (if it is ok to share this information with us)?
A: I never had and never will have any New Yearís resolutions. I just hope that everyone stays healthy.

Q: Is there anything you would like to wish the EtG community for the New Year?
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February 2015
Council Member
TO, CO and TrO (More Staff Titles than you)
PvP Giantslayer
Master of Team Events (War #8 and Brawl #3 winner)
Uncliched cool guy

Where does your username come from, and are there any other sites or games we might find you under the same name at?
My username comes from my real name, Zawad. I added an x at the end because I just love that letter. It's my username for pretty much anything, and it's what I use on Kong, Hearthstone, HexRPG.com and almost all other websites I'm on.

You seem to be the kind of guy that sticks to one avatar - or at least it hasn't been changed for a long time.  To an uninitiated eye, it appears to be a blue fire. Can you explain why you chose it and what it represents?
Yes, I'm usually not too worried about changing my avvie. To me, it's... blue fire. I chose it because it is a representation of something extra-sensual, something which goes against the standard norm. I feel like it shows a cold fire, which I often feel represents my mood.

Why are you scared of your own reflection?
To be frank, it's not so much of a fear as dislike/hatred. It actually creates the same reaction as fear, at least in this case. I believe the logical explanation is that I'm a bit too imaginative, and my reflection just doesn't live up to my standards :/

How did you discover Elements the Game?
Well, I had always had an affinity for Card Games in general; I've been playing with Playing Cards since I was 4 years old. This drew me at first to the Pokemon TCG which used to be pretty popular with the kids over here. So back in 2012, I'd discovered Pokemon TCG Online but was unsatisfied with it. So I searched for free online TCGs and CCGs, and stumbled upon Elements the Game :D I made a noob account back then which is long forgotten. But when I returned in 2013, I tried the forums and gained a lot of valuable experience here. I managed to overcome my noobiness after that.

Which starting deck did you choose, and do you still associate yourself with it?
My starting element was Aether, mainly because I loved how Aether as an element could bend the rules of the game through Immortality, Dim Shield, Psion etc. I've always loved bending the rules in real life. I also love how Aether represents the realm of Imagination, which is something quite dear to me. Game-wise, Aether is seriously strong. My first few grinders all used a significant aether component as it gave common upgrades (RoL/Hope, Psiontal). So yes, I still associate myself with Aether and will probably be Trialing for it as long as I can.

What are your current goals in Elements the Game?
My current goal in the game is to get to Trainer Edition. It would be nice to no longer have the hassle of grinding. PvP-wise, I want to become a Master and a Grandmaster one day. I hope to see myself as a top-tier pvper. I usually tend to get too emotionally attached to the game, so I also hope to fix that.

You are relatively new forum member, you registered to the forum on the 9th of December 2013. Your forum career is fast though. You are currently Tournament Organizer, Trial Overseer, Competition Organizer and newly elected member of the 9th Council. How did you got all of that within just one year?
Well, it was mostly enthusiasm I suppose. Trial Overseer was a position which I'd always wanted; the process of a normal member becoming the Master of an element seems amazing to me. So when applications opened up for Trials Overseer (fun fact: I always mistype Trials and Trails :P) I wrote an extremely detailed application detailing my plans for Trials. The then council almost unanimously appointed me, and you can see that plan has come to frution in the 8th Trials ;)

The other staff positions were simply jobs which i felt I could do well, and volunteered for. I do have some experience in Competitions and Council from another forum. I hope I have been meeting the expectations for there tasks :)

How do you manage to juggle those responsibilities?
Well it doesn't require that much effort. My active responsibilities, TO and CO just take a few minutes of attention on a few days. It takes me about half an hour to type up a tourney or a comp, and aside from that it's not really too time-consuming. Trials is quite time-consuming to organize, as it is really intricate and involve many meticulous decision. CCC really took much of the workload there, so I can't say I've ever been overloaded with duties. But that might change with the new council term though.

What is your favourite staff position and why?
I don't want to play favorites here, so they're all close to my heart. Trials is dear to me as it is my first staff position, and I'm often thinking of ways to improve Trials. But Tourneys and Comps keep me busy throughout the year, and they're a lot of fun to organize! I also get to work with a lot of amazing people in these positions, who've all helped me out a lot.

Do you have any plans how to improve forum as a Council Member that you're willing to share with the general public?
One of the things I intend to do as a Council Member is to increase the transparency of the staff. Many people are unaware of what the council does, and I want to try and see if I can fix that. We also have to work to save our dying community. Nothing's fixed in my mind on that yet, but I do hope that we can come up with something together. We'll definitely see some awesome stuff this term of council :D

In addition to holding so very many staff positions, you've also been a member of the winning team of the biggest team events in both PVP (War) and non-PVP (Brawl). Which event was better, Brawl #3 or War #8? Do you plan to participate in the next edition of these events?
Both events were awesome! And to be honest, my success in both came primarily from being selected in such amazing teams. Brawl was great because back then my PvP experience was limited. And writing is always fun. War features a meta which isn't seen anywhere else, one which I quite enjoyed. The mindgating and testing portion of war is something which I'm quite used to. So yes, I will be participating in the next editions of these events. Although for the duration of War #9 I'll have a few tests and exams, so I might have to skip out on that one.

You say you want to be a writer, and you put a lot of work into your writings for brawl. Would you share any of your writings from outside Elements the Game with us?
Sure! Here's a link to some recent work of mine. It's for a forum game of sorts which Emulates Quidditch which I play on a Harry Potter RPG website. Sadly I haven't really done much writing lately.. :/ But I do have some good pieces from a year ago here.

Thank you for the interview!
You're welcome! :)

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March 2015

Council Member
Elements Leagues star
War Victor
All (world) around cool guy

Your name seems appropriate for use on the internet, but is there any reason in particular you chose it?
Nope, it is the same as my kong username. Come to think of it, it somewhat suits me as I am called the "internet" in my school.

How did you first discover Elements the Game?
Through kong. I was just browsing and found this game and it seemed really fun. Glad I continued with it.

What was your starter deck, and do you still associate yourself with that element?
Difficult to recall, but I believe it was mono dark and that was on the recommendation of afda/CR, iirc. Nowadays, I am more towards mono fire, but that might be because I play it more as it is very fast and has excellent control too.

What's been your most exciting moment in Elements play so far?
Winning war. What really helped was that our team had experienced players and we were probably the most active. But that will soon be replaced by something else  ;)

Congratulations on being part of the new council! What made you decide to apply for it?
Thanks fellow council member ;) I applied for council because I do have a lot of time and want to work for the community. Also, it will help in gaining experience.

Are there any staff titles you'd like to hold someday? 
If I believe that a title is best suited for me, I will apply. At the moment, I would avoid holding another staff title purely due to the amount of work in RL. In the ideal world, I would like to have TO,LO, Deck Helper and possibly PvP event manager.

If you could add any one new card to the game, what would it be?
This is a tough one because I rarely (never) visit CIA. IMO, life needs something as it lacks pc,cc, the creatures are weak (in terms of hp) and it is unable to stall effectively. There are so many cards in CIA that it is difficult to pick one, so I would like quite a lot of new cards to be added (hurry up, zanz)

Were there any members you especially looked up to when you first joined the community?
In terms of pvp, definitely Afda as he won BL, CL and WC around the time I joined community. Root is a really good pvper too as he spends a lot of time, doing the math, to improve the deck, even if it means by changing one card. I also look up to Spike and CCC for different reasons. I am probably missing a few members , so sorry if I missed you out!

Thank you very much for talking!
You're welcome!
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May 2015

1 million score holder
Newsletter Writer
Forum comic drawer
No one really special

This question never really goes out of style. What's the meaning behind your name and why did you pick it?
It has been already explained here. I picked it because I don't have to hide my real name ;)

Why is Light your favorite element? Do you plan on attempting to run for Trials of Light? If you win, would you lead as a general?
First of all, I think I need to clarify some things. The fact that I like Light element does not necessarily mean that Light decks are my favorite ones. I really prefer fast decks, with CC and PC, not healing stalls, especially in very slow PvP. On the other hand, I like Light as a theme because it represents my personality best. I try to avoid any dark or vicious things in real life and in games I usually play as a good character.

Unfortunately, I think I will never participate in any bigger forum events anymore. Real life keeps me busy enough. I seldom find an opportunity to play weekly tournaments. I have some free time at work, which is why I can handle drawing comics and making Newsletters. However, playing PvP is usually impossible for me there, where is why I hardly ever play PvP. So to answer your question, I don't plan to attempt Trials at this time.

What led you into picking up the Newsletter Writer position? Now that you have it, what do you think of it?

I like the Elements forums and I felt that I would like to give community something more from me. I tried to apply for Card Curator, but I was not chosen. Other positions didn't really apply to me. When they were looking for Newsletter writers, I knew that it would be something for me and I was almost sure I would be chosen since I sent the Council an almost ready Newsletter. ;) And I was right; I am still holding this position and I like making it. I hope the community also likes my and the other contributors' work.

How much do you enjoy working for the Newsletter? Isn't it too much stress each month? (Zawadx)
I really enjoy working on it ... when I have time at the end of the month. It becomes stressful indeed when it is days into the month that it is due, and I am still waiting for reviews or other parts of the Newsletter which others said that they would write. But usually I have everything on time and everything goes well. :)

You've displayed a lot of talent with the comics for the Newsletter. Have you done any art besides this forum, at any time? (Zawadx)
When I look at vrt's or andretimpa's works I can say it's talent. My comics are not really that difficult to make with a good software (I use Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop). Unfortunately I don't make any art outside the forum, even though I know that I ought to. I should especially practice hand drawing, but I'm currently too lazy to even start. Nevertheless, I am glad that some of you like my comics. What I need every month is a good idea; this is the part which I personally hate. It irritates me when I don't have an idea and I know I that should have already started working on the comic if I want to make something good. So people please, think about something funny related to forum life and send it to me!

Is there any other position that you'd be interested in attempting to get?
The position I'm currently hilding keeps me busy enough, I don't plan to have any more staff positions. I like having a RL. ;)

Standard question, but seeing your participation in Brawl, do you prefer PvP or Competitions? What was your favorite PvP Event or Competition?
I don't really have time for either now, and it is difficult to choose which one I would prefer. I had fun playing some PvP events, for example Trials, even though the games were stressful. ;) When it comes to Competitions, I had a really fantastic time with Brawl #3, especially since my team won that 8). It's also memorable as I got married during Brawl and I'm still a happy husband. :D

What did you think of the most recent Brawl? Do you plan on participating in the next one?
Brawl #4 looked really fantastic, with some really good submissions and awesome arts.  Pity I couldn't manage to participate. As I mentioned earlier, I don't think I will be able to participate in next one either. Unfortunately, I have more and more duties, not less.

Your first anniversary was about a week ago, so belated congratulations! How is married life going for you? (Zawadx)
Thanks! As I mentioned earlier, I'm a happy husband. :) Living together is a way more interesting than living alone, and I recommend it for everyone. Get married folks. ;)

You probably get this a lot, but have you stopped farming ever since you achieved your 1 million score?
Well, in fact I could probably count on my one hand how many times I farmed after that. Even though I am still missing two unupped Shards of Divinity, I reached my ultimate goal. I received a 1 million score and then I lost motivation to play verses the computer anymore. I didn't buy anything during my crazy platinum league farming and I accumulated enough electrum that it turned out that I could upgrade six of each of the cards and still have more than 400K left over. So I guess there is no need to farm, except for those two missing unupped rare cards.

How did you score 1 million in one year? What element did you start off with and what were all the decks you used (against which opponents with each deck)? (anonymous forum member)
This has also already been explained here.

Are there any members who inspired you to grow, either as a PvPer or staffer?
I don't really remember anyone who inspired me to do anything here. I have some friends who helped me and others who are still helping, and I enjoy chatting with them. I liked talking with some Kongers (yes, I came from there), for example gomorycut. One of my best friends here is Submachine, but he left the forums and I really miss him. I also respect SpikeSpiegel, who helped me with bossing during Brawl #3. I like his "seriousness" in general. ;) Also big thanks for helpers with the Newsletter, especially J617 and theelkspeaks, and I can count on Dm and Zawadx when in a pinch.

On second thought I need to say that Brawl #3 inspired me to draw comics so I really need to thank Brawl #3 Brawlmasters Naesala and Chapuz for that first task. :)

Any advice for newer members?
Don't be rude, don't spam, and have respect for older forum members, then you'll be fine. :) And you all are always welcome here. :)

I think that is all we can ask for now. Any last words?
Thanks for the interview! I don't really feel that I deserved to be interviewed, but I did agree to it. Thank you Dm for suggesting it and interviewing me (especially you have officially left the forums). Also thanks Zawadx for that 3 extra questions, and thank to you, secret member, for a question.

My really last words in this interview: Read our Newsletters and comics, and comment more folks! Comments really motivate us to work on them!

Spoiler for Hidden:
June 2015

Trial Overseer
Manly Man
Great Guy
Has a Creepy Pair of Eyes

Where did your username come from?

Back in my early Kongregate days, before I came up with the username, I was talking to some friends online about a karate tournament I had just come back from. I placed 2nd in the 15-17yrs division, so was pretty proud of myself! The style of karate I did was called Fushin Ryu Karate, and as soon as I mentioned the name to my friend, he started referring to me as Fission. I took it up as my online name, and over the years it gradually developed into something more unique - Physsion is where it has ended up. Nothing overly deep or meaningful, but I like that my username still has a little bit of a story behind it.

When you first started playing Elements, what was your starter deck?  Is that still your favorite element?

Ironically, the starter deck I picked was actually Light. I liked the healing power I had, and even as a new player, I could tell that cards like Sanctuary and Miracle would be very powerful at all levels of the game. I was playing alone, so without any deck-building advice, I made a crude PVP deck with Photons, Luciferins, Hope, Sanctuaries and Golden Dragons. My first upgraded card was a Morning Glory. While I still respect the power of Light, and it will always be special to me as my first Element, my Elemental affinity has shifted to the power of Darkness, of which I am, of course, entering the 9th Trials for.

What's the most exciting thing about being a Trials Overseer?

Getting to make the Trials experience fun for everybody is an awesome opportunity to have. Zawadx and I have been working together closely as TrOs, and watching our event come together has been really exciting. I think my favourite part is watching people progress through their Phase 2 battles, tracking their progress, and knowing that one of them could soon be a Master of their favourite Element. I've never participated in Trials before, so it's equally exciting for me both as an Overseer and a challenger.

What's the worst part about being a Trials Overseer?

I can't really name a worst thing about being an Overseer! It's been a really fun experience so far, and I really enjoy being in charge of events like this. I guess the hardest thing for me, personally, is entering as an Overseer with no previous Trials experience. As such, I've had to read the rules for all the phases extremely carefully and extensively - while I'll jump at any opportunity to learn new things, I have to be careful not to mess up when I'm answering Trialists' questions!

You've mentioned before that you were a staffer or mod in other communities before this one - how has that shaped your experience here?

Yep, I'm a chat and forum moderator over at Kongregate, and I've previously held staff positions within a few Counter-Strike: Source, Team Fortress 2 and Garry's Mod communities. While I've moved on from those games now, learning the ins and outs of how a community forum works has been great experience for holding a staff position here.

Are there any other staff positions here you'd like to hold someday?

Sure! I was very close to applying for the Warmaster position for War #9, but I really want to participate in the event again this year. I'd definitely consider it for next War, though! If given the opportunity, I'd like to eventually apply for a seat on the Council.

Can you describe your excitement about the Darkness trial you're participating in?

I'm not sure if I can! The idea of possibly becoming the next Master of Darkness is incredibly exciting. Becoming the Master of an element has been an ultimate goal of mine since I joined the community, and it's almost overwhelming to think how close I am to achieving that dream. I'm gonna give it everything I've got, because it would make me proud beyond words to earn the Master title for my favourite Element.

What was your favorite moment in your Elements PVP career?

I'd like to say the entirety of War #8 has been the highlight of my PVP career thus far. I got to meet a lot of very skilled players, and was given the opportunity to learn from and duel alongside them. The War match I'm most proud of was probably my battle with pwconfirm of team Time - it was an extremely close game the whole way through, ending in a 3-2 victory for me. I had to change my tactics half way through the match in order to score a victory for team Entropy, leading to a very exciting finish.

Spoiler for Hidden:
July 2015

Community Veteran
PvP Pro-player
Forum expert
#4 and #8 War winner
Overall nice guy ^^

How did you discover Elements?

Since all the other games I liked to play had died, I looked around Kongregate for a new one. Fortunately, Elements has been far more resilient than most. Itís been five years since I joined, and people are still playing.

What was your original starter deck, and how have your feelings about that element changed since?

I donít recall my starter deck, but I remember using a Mono Gravity against AI3 and T50. Light used to be my favorite element because it was what I used to win my first tournament, but I no longer have much of a favorite anymore. I like all 11 elements.

What was your most exciting moment in your Elements career?

My early tournament wins were exhilarating, because I was quickly making a name for myself. Iíve never really been able to recapture that excitement, both because the tournaments are smaller these days and Iím already known as a top player. Of course, I still enjoy being around here, hosting and playing in PvP Events and Forum Games.

What has changed the most about the community since you joined?

The quality of players has gone up a bit, but the quantity has dropped. PvP Events and Forum Games are just as popular as theyíve ever been, but participation in Tournaments has fallen considerably. There are significantly fewer posts, in almost every board. I also miss SGís April Fools jokes.

To what do you attribute your team's success in the most recent War?

Fireís decks are powerful and diverse, Iíve been saying it since 2011. The decks that beat Sancdial Firestall or Mono Fire are countered by Immolation or Grabbow, and vice versa. Fire is a case of too many good cards being packed into just one element.

What player or players do you look up to most?

TStar was the very best at Leagues and Tournaments, and he spent more time building and testing decks than anyone Iíve known. Outside of PvP, Scaredgirl deserves recognition as the ďfounding fatherĒ of the Elements community. 10 men, Gl1tch, and The Mormegil were phenomenal writers. In fact, Trenzalore was largely inspired by The Mormegilís Falling Empire.

Why have you decided to re-join leagues this season?(jonathancrazyj)

I joined on a whim, really. Iíve been having a nice time, though.

-What's your deepest darkest secret?(CrockettRocket)

How much it means to me for yaíll to appreciate my posts, and games, and events.

How did you get your forum username?(Kuroaitou)

Heh, this is a fun story. Back when I was 10, I was known as ďROBOT RAGERĒ on the ďRobot RageĒ forums. Somebody called me ďROOT RANGER,Ē and in a typical 10-year-old fashion, I got really mad and offended by it. As a result, a few players started calling me Root Ranger, despite my opposition. Eventually, the name caught on, and I too started using it.

Elements Mafia is a game where you're truly skilled at both scumtelling as well as strategizing (for any side really). Is there any advice you'd like to give out to novice/immediate Mafia players who want to participate and or host?(Kuroaitou)

If youíre playing in mafia, just read the rules. Oftentimes, a good strategy in one version of mafia is a bad strategy in another, because of differences in the rules. In the case of my Pokemon mafia, the civilians freely gave away their information to a mafia member who they thought was a civilian, ultimately causing their defeat. This strategy may have worked in another mafia with different rules, but not mine. As for hosts, I have just one piece of advice: implement both primary and secondary roles. Most of the players have a ďvanillaĒ primary role (which allows the mafia members to claim to be vanilla), and secondary roles can go to either civilians or mafia members.

At the time of writing, you're in the top 3 in the current BL season, and have won numerous PvP Events. What do you attribute to your PvP success?(MeowMeowCat)

This is a question you shouldíve asked me in late 2011, back when I was more successful! Anyways, I suppose I just have the right kind of mindset for strategy games. In the years before I started playing Elements, I was very much into Kongai, Stratego, and Competitive Pokemon. These games were all very different from Elements, but I still think they helped me learn overall strategy.

Tell us a lil about the 'good old days of the rainbros

Heh, the RainBros were more of a joke team than anything else, but the basic idea was that we would discuss how to win tournaments with rainbow decks. The team consisted of Legit, Onizuka, mrpaper, and myself. We competed in Team PvP #4, but since rainbows were banned, we did not do very well. Since then, the RainBros have been fairly quiet, but we would perhaps return to compete in a Team PvP or Guild War.

What card can :fire not live without?

No matter which card is remove, Fire will still be an above-average element because of all the strong cards it has: Phoenix, Deflagration, Fire Bolt, Fahrenheit, Immolation, Lava Golem, Rage Potion. If you remove just one of these, Fire still has many different strong decks. I suppose the card that Fire would least want to lose is Fire Bolt.

Is confidence a virtue or a flaw?

It depends on how you define confidence. If confidence is an overvaluation of oneís abilities, then it is a flaw. If confidence is an accurate evaluation of oneís abilities, then it is a virtue. I believe that generally people make the best decisions when they have the most accurate information available to them, even information about themselves.

Spoiler for Hidden:
August 2015

New Master of Gravity
Tournament Organizer
Dragonball lover (yay!)
:gravity fan
Nice guy, would meet him again ;)

Can you share with us why you chose the name you use?
I love Dragonball and Dragonball Z. A long time ago, my parents bought me the game "Dragon Ball Z: Legendary Super Warriors" for Game Boy Colour. My favourite charakter to play became... yeah, Ginyu, obviously.

How did you first discover elements?
When I was in 12th grade at school, a friend of mine who I regularly played chess with showed me a new game he found. He was very fascinated of the huge diversity and all the possible combinations, and I became interested. He doesn't play anymore, but I stucked on it.

Was gravity your starter element, or if not, how did you come to be a gravity fan?
To be honest, I can't remember what element I started with. My friend advised me soon to go with Firefly Queen/Bond combo for EMs, and I made my first money with it. Later on, because of my fascination of the antiquity, I went to a deck based around Pharaoh's, and built a Time/Gravity duo. It was the first deck I upgraded cards for and I played it for a very long time. Even though I built a lot of different decks to try different combos, both Time and Gravity became a favour of mine.
This had not changed when I joined the community. However, when I learned competitive deck building (actually learning by doing), my interest in Gravity grew. From my earliest childhood, I has always been fascinated by astronomy, and I discovered tons of different and viable combinations. Guardtal became my favourite deck in War #8. And the following War, I will play a lot more Gravity cards.

What was the most tense moment you've experienced in Elements play?
Probably my last War match. I faced inthisroom, playing with a Mono Aether against Ghostmare. My deck didn't rely too much on Fractal, so I was able to be fast enough to get an early 2-0. I should mention that I had to win in order to keep my team alive. Then, however, things changed. itr's desperativeness began to develop as well, and games went closer. It was 2-2 when I just needed another mid-game hitter to make it almost won, but he kept gaining RT/NM to deny my draw just enough to win barely.

What do you believe led to your success in the recent Trials?
A lot of work and enthusiasm. I put in tons of time analyzing the meta for Phase 2, making a strategy for what to do in Phase 1, and was zealous enough to do much more to become bonus points. In my final match, I took hours over hours trying to realize montrossen's best shots and finding counters for them, that aren't too situational. That payed off; and the enthusiasm is not gone yet.

What staff positions, if any, would you most want to hold?
Tournament Organizer. I love to bring new ideas and hosting tournaments to make people have fun and give them changing little metas every week to keep them here until zanz finally returns.

Gravity's had its ups and downs in War; do you believe this War's changes will help or hurt your team?
It's time for Gravity to shine, to quote Discord. From what is known of the new War rules, Gravity will benefit a lot and be able to bring a lot of new decks. Also, SoFo covers up PC to perform a real control element, that will be able to do anything it needs to do.

With  the addition of shards to War, do you think you can lead Gravity to a win? What's your strategy for doing so? (MeowMeowCat)
 I don't think I can win War. I know it. A new sharded meta brings a lot of new decks, and roles and sideboards, if anything comes true, will make it much more strategical than the last time; and I like it strategical. Gravity has a lot of potential and shards will bring even more. My strategy? Choosing a great team, working hard, winning a lot.

Who would you use Body Change on and why? (You must select a community member). (CrockettRocket)
 Not sure if he counts, but my main target would be zanzarino. I could balance some cards and add a lot more to fresh the game up. Otherwise, there is not really anyone who I would target, as I like how I improved more and more on my own, and are now considered to be top tier at PvP by a lot of players as well as having a lot of great contacts. I may target some people for short amounts of time to have fun, though. I like confusing people in a funny way from time to time; and Body Change would help a lot.

Which  female community member do you feel the closest to you? Or which female  community member do you like the most? (by Submachine)
Haha Sub, your question didn't disappoint. Actually, there are not a lot to pick from. There is Higu, who gave me some useful advice last War and a person who is always there when you need her. Then, DANI, someone who is always ready for a League Match, brings up versatility in matches, but with the ability to freeze everyone's blood when raging. Also, Discord, who began like an annoying newbie, but changed fast to a very active addition to our community who I like to talk with and see her growing. Her potential is great.

You're usually very calm and collected. Under what circumstances do you rage usually? Or do anything really crazy? (anonymous)
Sometimes, I rage when RNG decides to troll me continuosly over several games. My rage always keeps verbal, I never shattered anything because of being enraged. Overall, it takes a lot to make me really angry, especially to another person. Years of having to deal with different kinds of trolls in real life and as a chat/forum moderator hardened me a lot.

What members of the community do you most look up to?
This is hainkarga, who became some kind of mentor for me in War #8. He showed trust in drafting me, and afterwards he put up a lot of time for discussions and explaining me how this and that was going. I improved my playstyle and overall skills a lot in this time. Without him, I wouldn't have had that great War experience and lots of fun.

Spoiler for Hidden:
September 2015

New Master of Earth
Council Member
League Organizer
Newsletter Writer
Nice guy!

A standard question, how have you discovered Elements, what was your starter deck and do you have any favourite element?

I discovered Elements around May 2011, right when I was graduating from high school, when a friend of mine from the track team and the unofficial board game club recommended it to me.  He played on Kong and was a forum lurker, but didn't post here often and didn't mention here to me.  I played on Kongregate for a few months but ultimately forgot about it.  In January of 2014, I was looking for a game I could get some progression in by grinding in small amounts of time, and remembered Elements.  I went googling after it, found the community, and never looked back.  My favorite element on my 2011 account was :fire, and on 2014 was first :death, then later :darkness.  Now, I would say that I consider :earth, :light, and :air my favorite elements, probably in that order.

Congratulations on the Earth Mastership! As a Master of Earth, how do you intend to win War? (MeowMeowCat)

Earth is amazing at bending but not breaking, and that's a characteristic that serves a team well over the course of War.  War is ultimately a game of attrition, one that you win by not losing.

If you could be reincarnated as an elk, would you? If not, what animal would you be reincarnated as instead? (You may choose human if you please). (CrockettRocket)

I've always loved animals and nature in general, but if I were to be reincarnated as an animal, I'd rather be either a falcon or a hawk.  I've always had an attachment to the idea of flying.

How hard is it to maintain all these positions and the related responsabilities? Did you ever feel you might burn out? (Jenkar)

I generally do the variety of positions because they excite me and because I love this community! I also love working with spreadsheets, as you may have noticed from several of the projects I've been involved with.  Sometimes the time gets a little pinched, especially if it overlaps unluckily with Real Life or with each other, but on the whole it never makes me feel like I want to quit (only sometimes to wish for a time turner).

Why did you choose your username? If you simply like elks, what makes them special for you? (Ginyu)

Years ago, on a chess website, I used as a username  the initials of those who had various quotes on a coffee mug next to my computer in the basement.  It was an unpronounceable name that looked something like elkwjcdv, and was shortened to elk by others.  When I started playing on a poker site and a different chess site, I decided to keep the most pronounceable part and switched to elk12429.  I later went to register for a site that didn't allow numbers in the name, and kept the "elk" part I had grown to like, but decided to use theelkspeaks instead.  I've kept the name ever since, though I still have a few accounts named elk12429, jimfinn, or rr0520 (two other old names) on various sites.

As for my feelings towards elks and other hoofed animals, my fondness for them has grown from the name being mine, rather than the reverse.

Shard of Integrity will be a mostly unplayable card in the upcoming War. Do you think this puts Team Earth on a disadvantage, or is Earth able to use off-element shards in a way good enough to keep track? (Ginyu)

I'm not 100% convinced that Shard of Integrity is unplayable, though I do think that the high price put on shards lowers the disadvantage we face if it does turn out to be unplayable.  I think that Earth is in a better position than in previous wars, but a lot will depend on whether we assemble a good and cohesive team.

On a similar note, how do mark cards affect one of Team Earth's strongest cards in War, Earthquake, that got Team Earth pretty far in the first War? Should they be restricted in some kind for War and other PvP Events? (Ginyu)

I'm generally in favor of restricting cards (whether Marks, Shards, or Nymphs) as little as possible.  They're part of the game, and in large events players should learn to play them or beat them.  I believe that restrictions, however, are very useful for creating unique metagames for players to solve, as I intend to explore thoroughly in my next event, Double Double Double Double.  I see the goal of restrictions not as removing things that are too powerful, but instead creating holes where there weren't before and taking away holes that exist so as to see which players can best theorycraft a given ruleset.

Recently, you had huge success in high reputated PvP Events, namely as Vize-World Champion and Master of Earth. If a new player would ask you how to achieve this, what would you answer? (Ginyu)

I think the biggest key to success has been in knowing the event and focusing on what makes that event unique.  In World Championships, the most unique factor was the escalating upgrades over the course of the match, so I focused on optimizing my deck order based on the number of upgrades allowed.  I also generally tried to use less mindgating attempts than in previous attempts and focus on solid play; I believe that trying to get too cute based on opponent tendencies can often lead one to disaster, though some level of mindgating is needed at high levels of play.  In Trials, the key to winning was efficiently allocating my Element usage across my phase 2 matches.  Allocating element usage was the key feature of Phase 2, and basing when I played which element on the banlists both in element and of the head to head matches gave me the best chance to win.  I specifically banned borderline unplayable cards in-element so that I could guarantee access to powerful cards I expected to not have the opportunity to play out of element.   Remembering the previous Trials' :aether finals, I knew that in the finals, Meg would have to play stalls to win with an upgrade disadvantage of that magnitude, despite that going against his usual playstyle.  In order to keep the pressure of my upgrade advantage on Meg, I tried to focus on stallbreak and PC in my deckbuilding for the finals, to the point of naming my decks "Steals," "Deflags," "Pulvy," and "Butterfly" in my deckdoc.  Meg actually put up a very strong fight in the finals given the upgrade disadvantage, but that was a hard margin to overcome.

Do you have any favorite non-music youtube channel? If yes, what is it? (Submachine)

While I'm not a game developer myself, I've always loved the game design videos from Extra Credits.  I watched all of their design episodes to date once I discovered them, and check in every month or so to catch up on anything I've missed.

Also, what is your favorite music? ;) (Submachine)

My music tastes vary wildly, from metal (especially Dragonforce), to pop and a capella, to movie soundtracks (especially Pirates of the Caribbean, which I once arranged a medley of for two friends and I on sax/sax/trumpet).  My current favorite Youtubers are Peter Hollens and Nick Pitera, both of whom produce amazing medleys and a capella renditions of songs.  Parodies and referential songs such as Soviet Tetris, This Is War, and Catherine the Great (Poker Face) also occupy much of my music listening time.

What staff position do you like mostly and why?

My favorite staff position is probably being League Organizer, as I love working with spreadsheets and formulas, and I'm hoping to bring forward a new and exciting surprise soon related to Leagues.  I see Leagues as the backbone of Elements PVP, and I love having an official role in it.  Newsletter Writing gives me an outlet for creativity that I love to have, however, as does designing new PVP Events.  I tend to think of my staff positions and unofficial projects as all part of what I do within the community rather than as discrete entities.

You made interesting Elements-related podcasts and you have got a really nice voice. Have you ever thought about working on the radio?

Not radio specifically, but I went to a voice acting talent search years ago, and have thought several times about working in audiobooks. 

What is your favourite RL activity?

I like a variety of RL activities, but my current favorites are playing board or card games (most notably, Stratego and Risk for the former, Magic and Poker for the latter), driving, and running long distance.  I hope to run marathons someday, but I got a little out of shape in university and need to build my endurance back up.

Final Elements and RL-related thoughts for the community?

I just want to say a final thanks to everyone who's helped me along the way, from community members like Odii, rob, Acsabi, Jen, and dragons, who helped me get started playing seriously, to people like Zephyr, ddevans, Treldon, and Krzys who put in so much of their time to keep things as amazing as they are today.  I can't possibly name everyone who's helped make my life in this community amazing, but I'll add a final shoutout to ji412jo and Afdarenty, who drafted me to Brawl and War teams when I was still relatively new and helped me become part of the social fabric of the community.  Good luck to everyone in all that you do, and remember the spirit of :earth: stay the course, weather the storm, hold strong, endure.

Spoiler for Hidden:
December 2015

Competition Organizer
:water fan
Craze guy (really, it's not a typo!)
Proud actor
Overall nice and crazy guy

Hello JonathanCrazyJ! Are you really a crazy guy?
What is the origin of your username? (Clean0nion)

They let me out of my straight jacket when I want to play a League match. Most of the time. I blame losses on having to press the space bar for 'end turn' with my nose.
Actually my username is fairly straightforward. My name is Jonathan Craze. Seriously, that's my actual surname. CrazyJ is my usual internet tag, but I believe that was taken when I set up my ETG account, and I made my forum name the same as my IGN. I actually like JCJ more than CrazyJ now too :)

It's a time for second another standard, but important question. How did you find Elements the Game and this community?

It's a tale as old as time. Boy meets game, game meets boy, game takes over life. Started playing through badge-hunting on Kongregate in my 3rd year of University 5 years ago, but never got into the community. Did a tonne of farming with CCYB, Shakar's Revenge, Instosis and my own Pre-V.1.32 Pharaoh Rush and burnt out. I remembered the game last year just before brawl, got into the community this time, and can't see myself ever buring out again :)

Development has been at a standstill for years. What makes you still be actively involved in the game? (anonymous)

Well, it probably helps that despite having started playing it 5 years ago, my rejuvenated interest is only about 1 year old. However, I would say my interest now transcends the actual game, and is rooted in my involvement in the community. The Competition Section is awesome and you should ALL GO THERE. I also have several long term goals, including redeeming my 4-5 loss in the Water Trials Final against ddevans96. I still have nightmares.

If you were zanz, what one change would you make to the game?(Clean0nion)

Can I say two? Servers and Spectate.

How does a daily process of Competition Organizer look like?

It's more weekly. We always want to have a competition up, and immediately start a Vote upon its completion. The actual writing of the comps takes a lot of time and effort. I went a bit overboard on my first constructed competition, making it an epic team-competition adventure, but it has seemed to go down brilliantly (4 submissions on such a large, team comp is something I am really happy with). It's in the voting phase as we speak, so the winner will have been announced as you read! Other than that, we keep up the Hall of Fame, design and distribute prizes, and ddevans96 and I sometimes cuddle. It's in our job description.

Is there any particularly sweet memories with Water-based decks which has made it your favorite element? (Basman-1453)

Actually it wasn't an entirely Water based deck. It was that CCYB was my first FG farmer, and it was one particular card, which remains my favourite shield. Permafrost. So good, I just loved the futility with which a hoard of FG-controlled creatures would be rendered totally useless with just a couple of Antimatters, some SoG and a beautiful, majestic Permafrost. Once I started my journey into Water as an element, I loved the way it could synergise with literally any of the other elements. I also love how long you can spend tweaking Nymph Tears decks to make the quanta balance and splash cards just right.

How do you feel about water in real life? Do you like to swim, do you drink water every day, do you like when it rains, etc. (Submachine)

I live in Brighton, England right by the sea. If the weather is nice, I walk 2 minutes to the beach with a book, a sandwich and a fold up chair. Rain, however, nope. I have mild S.A.D. so if the weather is bad it can affect my mood. I am a water lover, but I prefer to look at it than be in it :)

What is your favourite kind of happiness, and the kind of happiness that you feel represents you best? (Clean0nion)

This is actually a really insightful question. One of my happiest memories of my father who passed away in 2007, was after a play I performed in, and it was simply "I'm really proud of you." I think, being a performer at heart, my happiest form of happiness is feeling applauded. If I feel proud of producing a performance, a joke, or... anything really, then my most fulfilling form of happiness is when anyone applauds me for it. [censored] is nice too.

If you had to choose a female community member, who would you date? Assume that none of you are in a relationship, even if you are. (anonymous)

Yeesh who turned up the heat? Actually as many of you know (as you'll see by the next question) I just got engaged in real life! But I said I'd answer anything sooo... I'd have to say I value humour hugely in a long-term relationship. And nobody has a closer approximation of my slightly deranged sense of humour than Naesala. She gets me. I mean she understands me - I don't mean she physically gets me.
Spoiler for I realise I obviously break a lot of hearts with that answer. I mean, who doesn't want to get with this?:

Spoiler for Honestly, my fiancee is so goddamn lucky. We even did a cute photo-booth thing once.:

Regale us with the super-awesome story of how you proposed to your fiance. (anonymous)

Well first I learnt dutch over a period of about 6 months, so I could ask her parents in their language if I could marry their daughter. They both speak perfect English too, but it was a nice gesture. I bought the ring (i'll give ring description for the girls later) about a month before I proposed... and 7 hours later she found the receipt. Captain Subtle right here. In that conversation she extracted from me that I had been planning to propose on our planned weekend to London to celebrate our 5th anniversary. I nearly proposed then and there out of sheer embarrassment, but she told me to "just do what i was going to do."
Our anniversary plan was to do a jazzed up, super posh version of our 1st date (where we went bowling (an activity), went for a meal, went for some cocktails and then walked along the Quay in Exeter. For our anniversary we were going to watch a musical, go for a really REALLY fancy meal, then cocktails, then walk along the river in London.) I planned to propose as we walked along the river in London.
As the day got nearer, I realised that, knowing her, with all of the great things we had planned, she would just spend the whole day worrying/wondering "is he going to do it now? now? NOW?" so I changed my plan.
On our actual anniversary, we were just going to have a meal at home. I cooked a 3 course (well, 2 course + chocolate mouse) meal. We were listening to Postmodern Jukebox, an amazing Swing cover band on youtube, and I was trying to stop her from getting up to go do the washing up lol, which would somewhat kill the mood. They don't have a huge array of romantic songs, so I waited until one came on that was at least not completely un-romantic, and got down on one knee. At which point she squealed "OH YOU'RE DOING IT NOW!", and went to turn off the music. Fair enough, if she didn't want music at all that's ok... except she hit backspace by accident and started playing their cover version of Barbie Girl. Yeah. Is that 'our song' now?

Oh right, the ring.

Spoiler for Sparkly Expensive Thing:

After a couple of years of subtly asking questions here and there, I knew she wanted a ring with some colour, rather than just a plain diamond, and I also knew she wanted a second-hand ring. I spent about 10 hours over 3 days looking, and I thought that the usual Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald gemstones were all really really dark. Even Sapphire is a dark, royal blue, and she has quite a light skin tone. I settled on Aquamarine, which is a beautiful light blue colour which i know she loves. And even though she had said she didn't necessarily need them, I wanted to get her diamonds too. Even just little ones.
Technical details: It is a 9 carat yellow gold ring. The Diamonds are each 0.75 karats, so it has a total of 15 points. The setting is pronged, and the setting prongs of the diamonds are white gold, not yellow, as that allows them more sparkle.

What was the proudest moment of your life? (Linkcat)

I'd say anything I have done in my acting career. It's incredibly difficult to get anywhere as an actor, because of the sheer number of people who you have to compete with. Most professional roles have an average of 4000 people apply, and they will audition 50-200 people. For. ONE. Part. Take your pick from:

Spoiler for Production Photos:

And if you want a listen of me singing the solo of "Aint No Sunshine" in a massive Soul Choir, here's the link.

What is your deepest darkest secret?

Honestly I'm quite an open person, I rarely hide things, even my mistakes. It might come from being the youngest of 6, so I have watched 5 older siblings, and whenever we screw up, it's always best to talk about it than bottle it up. Only thing I can think about it I used to smoke a lot, and now smoke occasionally, but still more than I should, and a bit more than my fiancee knows! (though not many more :P)

That's really boring. I should have said something like "I dress up in women's clothing" or something.

Spoiler for A Strange Night-Out at University:

How do you spend your free time? What is your favourite RL activity?

You've probably gathered I love singing, so playing Guitar sort of goes with that. I'm also really into Football (or Soccer), supporting Manchester United. I play Fantasy Football, and actually write occasional articles for Fantasy Football Hints blogs and publications.

Tell us a random interesting fact about thyself!

I have a 3rd nipple. No, seriously.

Please tell community some final words!

"All the worldís a stage,
And all the men and women merely players;
They have their exits and their entrances,
And one man in his time plays many parts."

-William Shakespeare

"This is the way the world ends
This is the way the world ends
This is the way the world ends
Not with a bang but a whimper."


"I have a plan, sir."
"Well, I'm afraid it'll have to wait. Whatever it was, I'm sure it was better than my plan to get out of this by pretending to be mad. I mean, who would have noticed another madman round here?"

-Captain Blackadder

Thanks for talking :)

I feel violated.
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January 2016

Tournament Organizer
 :light fan in  :gravity disguise
Has a cute pair of ears
He is really a cute cat
Even more cuteness? Blah...

-Please tell us a short history of your presence here.
Well, in September of 2014, I was talking to skyironsword] on Kongregate, and somehow, these forums came up in the conversation. I popped into chat, as a lowly little guest, and just watched things flow by. Eventually, I made an account, but then took a hiatus for some reason. I don't think I made a post, just kinda stuck around in chat. Eventually, in May of 2015, I came back to the forums, and you guys have had to deal with me ever since.

-Why did you choose your username? Also, why do you think cat-related nicknames are so popular on the forum? (Submachine)
I chose my username because, at the time, I quite liked cats. I still hold a particular fondness for them. As for why cat related nicknames are so popular? I guess cats are just popular in general, and people like them. I mean, Egypt used to place them on the same level as gods, so, they must mean something :P.

-What breed of cat are you? Your accent is that of a normal house cat but your coloration is most unusual. (dracomageat)
Norwegian Forest Cat.

-What is the thing that distinguishes you the most from the numerous other cats out there? (Jenkar)
Well, generally my ability to talk tends to set people off. Maybe that I'm biped, too.

-If you had to change your name to another animal and vocal sound, what would you switch it to? (mathman101)
I believe that the obvious choice here is WoofWoofDog.

-How many lives do you have again? If you lost one or more, how did it happen ? xD (rogerluc)
I have 8 lives. I fell asleep in the Otyugh pit. Once. ONCE. If Naesala stabbings count as well... I'm probably down to -13.

-How do you enjoy being a TO? What is your favorite part about being a TO? (mathman101)
I really enjoy being a TO, actually. I can't really pick just one thing, so I'll make a list.
  • My partners in crime, mathman101 and Ginyu. You guys rock, and you made it so easy for me to integrate! :D
  • Actually hosting tournaments themselves, and all the shenanigans that happens in the Tourney room when there's a 5 AM tournament
  • Creating the tournament concepts themselves

-Any advice for future TOs? (Hyroen)
  • Don't procrastinate
  • Advertise the tournaments. There's always the chance that someone hasn't seen it / a new member might be interested, but isn't aware
  • Try to get the tournament posted by Wednesday at the latest. If you don't have one up by Friday, just throw up a speedbuilding tourney. Everyone loves speedbuilding
  • Love what you do, and love who you do it with. Cooperation is key.

-You applied for a few Staff positions before you got TO if I recall correctly. Is there a particular reason you wanted to be a staffer so much, and how are you enjoying your new responsibility? (anonymous)
I guess I just wanted to give back the community, and keep it moving forward. I love my new responsibility, really. It gives me something to do when I wake up in the morning, instead of slamming my alarm and rolling back over. It's quite enjoyable, too, if you like what you do.

-If you weren't TO, what would be your next pick as a staff position? (kinkykitten624)
Probably Newsletter Writer. I actually have quite a knack for writing; I just don't show it as much on these forums.

-What are your aspirations regarding the community/events? Master? General? Do you think you will take part in Brawl? (JonathanCrazyJ)
I have a lot of aspirations. Maybe an unhealthy amount.
  • Master & General of Light
  • Win War
  • Top 3 in Leagues
  • Win a Weekly Tournament (curse you, worldwideweb3!)
  • Win one of RootRanger's PvP Events
Maybe that wasn't as much as I thought. As far as Brawl, I'm undecided. If a Brawl Boss speaks out to me for something, I'll likely post an application.

-In a theoretical universe where other planets are habitable to humans (or cats :P), which planet would you choose to live on? (mathman101)
Saturn! Saturn is cool. I like the rings, really.

-Are you as crazy in real life as in this game? (rogerluc)
I'm actually kinda quiet in real life. So, despite my hair doing whatever it wants, I'm actually pretty mild mannered.

-Are there any Eastern musicians that have snared your attention lately? (Basman-1453)
I couldn't even name one if my life depended on it. :P

-Do you still remember Damselbro? Well, he's asking you now.  What did you find so charming in 'him'? I remember I barely said anything, but I still made an impact. Can you please tell me what you remember? (anonymous)
DAMSELBRO I LOVE YOU, COME HOME BABY  :-* In all seriousness, Damselbro was just... a bro. Your quotations around 'him' make me think that Damselbro is actually a Damselsis, and that's okay. I remember I had a cat around my property, once. I named him Toby. Toby was a bro, like Damselbro. Well, eventually, Toby got really fat and looked like a chipmunk. Toby was actually a girl. Toby is Tori now.

What I remember about Damselbro? He was chill. He was suave. Ladies wanted him. Men wanted to be him.

-If you were to ask someone else a newsletter question...what would it be? And what would be your answer to that same question? (Silver Emerald)
I could go full paradox on this question, and ask the question that you asked me, but I won't do that. Generally I ask a question about the person's Mastership or their intentions for War, but as I don't have a name in mind, I'd probably ask... "What do an Elite Otyugh and an Abomination have in common?" My answer? "They both die to a Thunderbolt!". :P

And now the series of questions from Jenkar:

-What element do you feel represents you the most (not necessarily your favorite, eh)?
I have to say Aether. Aether represents equilibrium; a sense of balance. I like balance. Aether is also kinda majestic, really. Have you seen my hair? That's majestic too.

-What is your favorite and least favorite emoticon?
Chatwise? is my favorite, and is my least favorite. THE EYES ARE OFF CENTER. WHY DO YOU DO THIS, EMOTICON.

Forumwise? ::) is my favorite, and  :-[ is my least favorite. It just looks creepy to me.

-If a tree commits a murder in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?
How can nobody be around when someone murders something else? I mean, isn't murder a process with 2 people? Is that the purpose of this question? So, yes, it makes a sound.

-What do you like and dislike the most in an individual?
Their personality.
Their personality.
Personality is a two way street. If you have a nice personality, great. If you have a terrible/self-centered personality, not great.

-Tell us a random fact about a butterfly.
Monarch butterflies journey from the Great Lakes to the Gulf of Mexico, a distance of about 2,000 miles, and return to the north again in the spring.

-What's the scariest story you've ever read/seen?
I generally don't read scary stories. I'm a scaredy-cat. With that said, the Jeff the Killer story + picture tends to make me paranoid for about an hour.

-What is your opinion about vegetarianism?
I'm a cat. I'm practically a carnivore.

-Have you ever considered solipsism as a way of thought?
Until I -just- looked it up, I had no clue what solipsism was.

-Any final words in this interview for the community?
Join a tournament! Win a Mark! Join another tournament! And also, thank you to everyone involved for making this happen, and thank you everyone in the community for making me want to stick around ;)

Thanks for answering!
Thank you for asking! Stay awesome, everyone!

Spoiler for Hidden:

February 2016

Newsletter Writer
:entropy fan
Lady Chaos
Single and Proud
Really cool gal

First things (questions) first. How did you find Elements the Game and this community?

Heh. I started out as a total noob on kongregate. It started about after a few months, I met a guy on kong, who was known by the name of agdhar (Man I miss that guy) but he kept telling me about the forums, and how much fun it all was. Eventually I got the nerve to check it out, but without any courage, and no Gmail, I kinda just waited. It was only about 4 months later when he asked me to join. At this time I had a Gmail account, and finally got the nerve to try. At this point I knew that my soul was bound to this thing forever, but hey, once you start you can't stop eh? :P

Is there any particular reason you took your username after the Entropy rare weapon? (Basman-1453)

Actually, to let the cat out of the bag. I took on the name Discord even before I knew the weapon existed. It was only until Physsion told me more about it did I understand that I just -had- to keep it. I feel it suited me regardless, and I liked the name. Hard to believe eh? ^^ I stuck with the name because I felt that nothing else would suit me as well as this one does. I liked the weapon, so why not? :) *scramble~*

Can you ever have too much Entropy? (Silver Emerald)

No such thing as too much Entropy! :D Entropy is love, Entropy is life~ Entropy is the start of my day right down until I go back to bed. Where would this world be without entropy? x) it would be insanely boring in my opinion. I like being the crazy and chaotic person. I'm the weird kid in the corner, you know :P I don't plan on changing that. Entropy is my very soul, so there can definitely never be too much of it. ^^ Join the Entropy, we have cookies :P

Have you ever done anything to be random? Out of those things, what was the most random thing you've ever done?
Or... (do whichever you want to answer)

I always do random things, what do you expect? xD I'd have to say the most random thing I've done is, well, where to start is a mystery x) but I have done too many things to consider just one the most random :) But if I had to pick, I'd have to say that dying my hair was a pretty unexpected move. You didn't know up until the last minute >:D and I didn't expect myself to ever do that either, but we all do random things~

Have you ever gotten in a fight with someone and really scrabbled them up? (PUN PUN PUN)

I don't get in fights alot, but when I do, they can get pretty messed up *SCRAMBLETIME,BETTERRUN!* :P

What's your favourite colour? Why? (Arum)

I'd have to go with pink. Pink, I know, seems more of a girl's color anyway, but don't get me wrong. Pink is used for things like anti-bullying days. I find anti-bullying days can be very powerful, and inspirational. That's right, pink is powerful! and it's just a fair color. :)

Why Newsletter Writer? (anonymous)

I chose Newsletter Writer mostly because I had a huge interest in writing when I joined. But I didn't know where to start, and I never really thought i'd get it. but with enough work, and lots of enthusiasm, I finally made it. I love being a Newsletter Writer. It means I can finally give back to the community for being so welcome and helpful towards me :)

If you were to ask someone else a newsletter question...what would it be? And what would be your answer to that same question? (Silver Emerald)

Well that's a toughie x) I don't know to be honest, but I'll try and think of one eventually :)

So, when Discord Chat started, it was new and sparkly, but I honestly didn't think it would last as long as it has. Why do you think it has lasted this long? And what do you like about it? (dawn to dusk)

It lasted as long as it did because we now have fun karaoke nights on the weekend! Yay! I like it because it gives people the ability to trust others, and make these random strangers not so random, and I think it's just an amazing app to use. It makes communication so much easier instead of having to go back and forth in PMs. ^^

What is your favourite kind of happiness, and what kind best represents you? (CleanOnion)

My favourite kind of happiness is the kind that brings you all the joy, the kind that makes you feel as if you could explode. It's the most amazing feeling you can possibly get. Like when you complete a test with 100%, or getting something you absolutely love. It just makes me so happy :P

<3 (CleanOnion)

If you could marry anyone from the EtG community, who would it be? Why? (Arum)

I.. well, I don't know. But if I could, I'd probably choose Sub or iancu. Sub, like, gets me. We know each other so well, and he understands me as if we were brother and sister. Iancu and I have been friends for a long time, and I've grown a sort of liking to him :P Shout out to Submachine and iancu, I know you're reading this eventually~ ♥

You get one day of heaven, what does it involve? All limits are removed (financial, realistic, physical, etc)

The EtG community and all it's glory, 'nuff said~

Make one change to the world, what is it? (anonymous)

Stop the haters, keep looking on the bright side :)

Deepest secret you're willing to reveal? (anonymous)

I don't have any, i'm actually a very open person, there's no secrets with me :P

Scariest thing you've ever done? (anonymous)

The scariest thing I've ever done is go zip lining. 45 feet off the ground, and I was terrified x~x but yeah x)

If you would be forced to choose between hugging someone or giving/eating cake, and you couldn't do the other one for the rest of your life, what would you choose? (iancudorinmarian)

I'd have to choose hugging. Who needs cake? Cake is just an alternative :P silly iancute~ <3

Who is the best cat within the community, and why is it MeowMeowCat? ;) (MeowMeowCat)

MeowMeow is second, sorry bro <3 I'd have to say kinkly is the best. WE NEED MORE WOMEN IN HERE KINKLY :P but yes. I love all cats, so you're all equal to me <3

What is the secret of your success? (Silver Emerald)

The secret? There is no secret~ But here: Stay confident, stay positive, always look at things in a good eye, Be enthusiastic, love your work. That's the secret to my success :)

What makes you so awesome? (Silver Emerald)

But I'm not awesome, i'm just Discord :P
However, I don't consider myself awesome. I just consider myself a person in the world trying to do some good ^^ If I were awesome, I'd be a bit more on the boastful side x)

If you had to go on a date with a male community member, then who would you pick? ;) (anonymous)

Oh x)
I'd probably choose Submachine, or iancu tbh. but that's it :P 'nuff said.

Spoiler for Hidden:
Please don't kill me, ian~

What are your future plans regarding this community, game and RL?

Community: I hope this stays up for as long as it possibly can. This is the only place I can consider a sanctuary from rl stresses like exams and other things.
Game: Here's hoping for an update. Maybe not soon, but shot out to zanz, You're awesome, I have faith in you, even if you are just afk for however long, we all have faith for this update :)
RL: I'm hoping to get a good education first, and maybe make my way into the work world. I plan on becoming a writer or maybe even a cook of some sort when I get out of school :)

Please, give us some final words in this interview.

Stay awesome everyone, and thank you all for these wonderful questions ^^

Thanks for answering!

And thank you for asking ^^

Spoiler for Hidden:
March 2016


Frog guy
Lovely TO
Toadally cool dude
Good friend

How did you find Elements the Game community?

I first found the game on a free daily flash games website (onemorelevel) sometime late 2010. I really liked the game but it disappeared after a few months. Searching for the flash game after it was removed, I came across the actual game's website and then a few months after that the forums late 2011.

What is your favorite branch/type of mathematics, and why? (Aves)

My favorite type would probably be geometry and then algebra after that. I am currently studying civil engineering, so I have to deal with different shapes of structures for construction all the time. Enjoying geometry really helps with the want to deal with the different and odd shapes, and solving them to fit into a building properly.

12? (Timdood)

Days of Christmas.
Eggs in a Dozen.
Months in a Year.
Elements in this Game.

Have you ever betrayed anyone? If yes, who and why? (Anonymous)

Betraying someone would imply that I have intentionally harmed or hurt someone on purpose. I do not believe that I have intentionally harmed anyone, but I would not say that I haven't hurt others unintentionally. I am only human, and am sure I have made mistakes and accidentally harmed others but it was never done intentionally. Whether it be online here or with my RL buddies and schoolmates, usually if I find out I have harmed someone I try to apologize or make things right if possible.

Why do you math so much, man? (RootRanger)

Haha, I don't know it kinda comes with the name. :P Actually I don't do all that much math other than what is needed for assignments in my college classes, which is mostly simple geometry, algebra, and the odd bit of calculus.

Who is your favorite master of :life? (Aves)

Looking back through the masters, I only ever got to know willng3, dawn to dusk, killsdazombies, and Marsu so I am slightly biased on my favorite being one of these instead of one of those previous to these. Marsu and kdz both seemed to be great masters and they both did well leading their teams in war, but niether of them are my favorite. Will has done many great things for this element, and is one of those amazing older veteran members who has always been around. Dawn has taught me many things about playing to life's strengths both as teammates in war, and as enemies in trials. Between both will and dawn I would have to say they are tied for my favorite master of :life.

If a toad, a frog, and a newt engaged in a free for all brawl, who would win? (Aves)

Wow, that is a hard one to pick. I would like to think it is the toad who would win, but I am not actually sure.

Do you rage sometimes? You seem to be a very calm person. (Anonymous)

Very rarely do I rage or lose my temper or cool. My school buddies always give me a hard time for being so passive and so easy going. Not too much really bothers me as I am usually pretty flexible in wanting to accept and understand other people's opinions. But unfortunately when I do rage it is like a storm blowing through as my rage will blow through the roof and more, luckily those times are few and far between.

If you had to choose 2 female community members, who would be your wife and who would be your lover? (Submachine)

Oh, a spicy question lets hope I can answer this well for you. If I had myself both a wife and a lover, I would probably be wanting to keep my lover a secret from my wife so she would not find out. For a potential wife out of the female members here, I would want someone that I have chatted with before and gotten to know a bit in chat. Naesala would be a great wife for me, she is reliable and a great staffer and I have gotten to know her better from chatting with her more over the last few weeks regarding brawl stuff. Just so my wife doesn't find out (or make some gentle stabbings in my sides) I will be keeping my lover a secret. ;)

If you had the power to change one thing in the game, what would you change and why? (Arc)

One thing I would love to see changed is the consistency of the servers. As much as I would love to see new cards or even minor balancing touch-ups on some of the current cards, I think the best or most productive thing would be better servers for PvP. New cards or balancing touch-ups would be great and could help change the current meta, but I feel that could not help if the servers are as inconsistent as they currently are in some games. If the servers were beefed up to the point of minimizing the amount of disconnects and desynchronization errors, then there would be much less worry regarding disconnection rules in PvP events/tournaments/War etc.
Why, out of all the guilds, did you choose AbomiNation? (KinkyKitten624)

When I looked through the guilds and at the different members in each guild I wanted to choose one that had members or Leaders that I associated with regularly or knew well. It looked through and narrowed it down to a few choices. iancudorinmarian was one of the leaders at the time that I was chatting with regularly, and knew fairly well from working with as a fellow TO.

What was your most embarrassing moment in school? (Trippy Jay)

Hmmm, embarrassing moments from my life are few and far between. I don't get embarrassed too easily, but a recent one I can think of from my first year in college was in regards to a calculus class and a poor mark I had. I came out of high school with +90% marks in most of my maths and sciences classes, but entering college was a huge step and I failed my calculus class miserably (~30%). I felt so embarrassed and my buddies all gave me a super hard time about it, but it died down eventually over time. Now I use it as a reminder that no matter how good I think I am at something I still have to work hard and try my best to succeed at the task.

So what are your secrets of immortality? (Silver Emerald)

A long and happy Life! No one will live forever but if you are able to stay healthy, positive, and happy you live a long time and have no regrets when death comes to meet you.

Why life? (Arum)

My love for the Life element actually is hugely in thanks to willng3. For my very first war (War 6) Will was the general to bid on me, and he taught me a large amount about :life during that war. I was a nobody at the time starting out on these forums with just a few odd posts here and there, but Will believed in me enough to bid on me and take me under his wing during that war. Since then I have thoroughly enjoyed what I have learnt about :life and have continued to learn to more and better my strategies with :life teaching others as I go along.

Do you have any particular fondness to frogs that you like to ribbit when you enter the Blab? *asks someone who likes to ribbit on math himself :p* (Basman-1453)

No not really, it is more just as a way as a greeting for when I enter the chat. I adapted the style based off of an older member n00b who would also "rawr" when he entered chat. I liked that he had his own unique way of entering chat other than just a hi or hello. I tried a few different ways of entering chat, but with my love for :life and the consistent frog profile pic I have joining with a "ribbit" seemed most consistent for myself.

What is your favorite part about being a TO? (kinkykitten624)

I love the opportunity to be able to give back to the community. Before becoming TO I had always hoped to apply for any position that I could fulfill to find some way to give back to this great community for all that it had done and given me. Tournaments were something I really enjoyed participating in, so I figured this would be a great thing I could use my creativity for. Also working alongside Ginyu and MeowMeowCat has some great moments, we sometimes have some fun ideas and laughs about potential future ideas.

Since this will go out in March...how do you feel about Brawl so far? (Silver Emerald)

So far, it has been great. I really enjoyed the bidding process and think I got myself a great team, even if it was not my original dream team of players I look forward to getting to know them as teammates and think they will do amazing things. Round 1 is currently going ok as well even though it is a bit of a slow start as we all figure out who is doing what and where each of our strengths lie, but we are coming together as a team and will make some toadally awesome stuff for our submissions.

My one and only question for the one, the only, mathman:
Seeing as how you have "math" in your name, a calculus problem just for you! (ProBacon)

Spoiler for Question:

How is this for an solution answer.
Spoiler for Solution:

If you could not be on Team Life for War 10, which Element would you like to be on, and additionally, who would you want to be the General? (MeowMeowCat)

I've thought about this a few times, as I always wonder if my previous war experiences  needed by most generals will outweigh the love of :life that the life general would want from me. If you look at any of my previous war applications, usually I have :death and :water as my 2nd and 3rd favorites. If I am not on life being on one of these teams would be my next preference. For a General of the team preference, I would love the opportunity to work with both of the current masters  for both of those elements (rob77dp and ddevans96), as both seem like great guys who I could learn lots about the specifics behind their elements.

How many digits of pi have you memorized? (Arum)

I think it is roughly the first 50 digits of pi. There is a song I found when I was in high school that sung the digits of pi by the group Hard 'n Phirm (youtube link). I really enjoyed the tune of the song and I found that the rhythm helped greatly when trying to memorize the digits, but I always get stuck on that 37510.

If you were asking the questions, what question would you ask yourself and what would your answer be? (Silver Emerald)

Hmmm, that is a tricky one. I've thought long and hard about the potential questions I could ask myself but it would most likely be one of the classics like; "How did you choose your username?",or "What do you like to do outside of the forums?". My username came from a joke me and a few friends made back before I was in high school. I was one of the few kids who enjoyed math class so  they would call me math-king, or the math-guy, or math-man. When I started playing flash games that required usernames I would enter mathman as a common name. Once when the name was already taken, I took one of the alternate suggestions it gave me for a name (the addition of 101). The name stuck and I use it as my main gaming name now.

What question would you like to be asked, and what is the answer to that question? (Arum)

This question sounds very similar to the last one I just answered.  :P I'll answer the other classic question I posted there, "What do you like to do outside of the forums?". I am currently a college student studying civil engineering so most of my time is spent heavily on classes and my many assignments and lab reports. But when I do get free time I enjoy spending it with my family and friends, playing board games or card games, going out to movies or playing billiards at the local pool hall. Also just hanging out at home with a few snack, watching movies, or playing flash games online can be a great way to relax from all the hustle and bustle of college life.

If you were to put any card idea from the forums into the game, which would it be and why? (Hyroen)

I may be slightly biased in my thinking, but I would love to see :life gain a creature with some soft CC like freeze, antimatter or guard. I say creature instead of just a spell because life is about the creatures and the healing ability's it has, and another creature would add to the potential synergy with mitosis, adrenaline, and Empathic Bonds. When looking through the list of potential cards, one stood out to almost exactly what I was thinking about: Forest Guardian by Treldon, a life creature with guard for some soft CC.

Would you say to future Mafia hosts that you should have listened to me when you rejected my suggestions? Also, after hosting Mafia 56, what other suggestion do you have to future hosts about creating the rules? (Submachine)

I am not sure on that, yes I think there are some things maybe I could have taken from your suggestions, but at the same time several things I kept because I felt they were as my ideas. After seeing the reactions most people gave regarding how the mafia game went, it seems most people enjoyed it overall. It may have needed some tweaks here and there, but it was not a complete disaster or fail. For future mafia hosts I would say to plan well ahead of time so that you can triple and quadruple check your balancing, as well as to keep your ideas your own. There is nothing wrong with taking suggestions from others, but if you adjust everything you made, it no longer remains as your own.

Please give us some words to finish up this interview!

Enjoy Life (not the element) whether it be in reality on on the internet. As long as you are doing something you enjoy and are happy, you have the potential to go far and do many great things.

Thanks for answering!

Thank you everybody for all the great questions!

Spoiler for Hidden:
April 2016

:darkness fan
Death and Dawkness trialist
The creepy guy
The french man

How did you find Elements the Game community?
that was a while ago. I played elements through kongregate and heard about tournaments, that's when I joined forums. I was very active and got bored of only two tournaments per week so not long after I created SHUT, which lasted for quite a while actually.

What are your ethnicity and natural eye pigmentation? (dracomageat)
I'm canadian, but I do not know my ancestors, like in my case it is pretty much impossible to find. I've got blue eyes.

Who is your favorite Master of Darkness? (Anonymous)
Now this is a difficult question. I would probably have to tie it between TheOnlyRealBeef and OdiiOdsen, because I feel they are the ones that brought the most to the element. Whether it be showing true mastery of the element or bringing new, unexpected decks or just representing the darkness element in a way other masters haven't.

The word on the street is that you don't have Sweg. Now I don't think these claims are true, so I want to come straight to the source. Now my only question is...
Do you have Sweg? If you thing you do have Sweg, then why do you think that I have Sweg? (ProBacon)

wtf is this question.

What music do you like to listen to? (randomperson123)
I listen to a lot of different styles, so much that it is impossible for me to name one. I suggest you get on chat to see my song of the day for a more precise answer, I guess.

You claim to be a true elemental of :darkness. Why did you join :death trials? (Anonymous)
I joined death trials because I had been kicked out of darkness trials. Long story short, trials was to start after brawl, I did not think it would start during the last week of voting, I took a break from forums for a well deserved break after brawl and came back to phase 1 being already over.

What's your favorite food? (Kinkykitten624)
Lol. I really like eating bread , cheese, fish. If I'm alone I'll have to say hamburgers, because i'm not that much a cook but i do mean burgers :D

What is your favorite moment in the community (PvP or otherwise)? (UTAlan)
That is a tough question. I'd have to go with my win over ThatNewGuy in the Underworld tournament in war 2. I was extremely hyped about making it to war, and this was a counter, a matchup I should have lost. Sometimes, i still feel bad for TNG.

What led you to your love for the Dark Side of the Elements (read: Darkness :p)? (Basman-1453)
I did what most noobs do. I erased my account many, many, many times. I tried every element. Until I tried darkness that is. When I first tried darkness, I and so much fun with it. And I started grinding, and I kept on going, and never got bored with it. Darkness brings a feeling of fulfillment to me that other elements don't.

Out of everyone on the forums, who would you most want to meet IRL?  (Anonymous)
If we have to say currently on forums, I'd go with mathman. If we say who has been on forum, I'd have to pick MrBlonde.

What advice do you have for others who have failed at trials and wish to try again? (mathman101)
Give up. Abandon. Now don't get me wrong, I don't mean to abandon trials, I mean to give up on the way you are going about them. If you failed, you did something wrong. Time to see what you did wrong, to recognize your mistakes and to fix them. Sadly, I need to make the same mistakes a lot of times before learning ;)

If you could pick any staff position to have, which would you pick and why?  (Anonymous)
well, i've been a PvP event organizer and liked the job so I'd go back towards that.

What's your :darkness est secret (CrockettRocket)
My biggest secret is something I'm not telling you. It's a secret for a reason.

Please give us some words to finish up this interview!
Well, all this is fun. Considering I am a pretty open person, i did not know what kind of questions were going to be asked.

Thanks for answering!
No, thank you for asking! :D

Spoiler for Hidden:
May 2016

How did you find Elements the Game community?
Oddly enough, I found the community after realizing that I couldn't download Hearthstone on my school computer :P However, I've very glad that I did and absolutely love the time I've spent here and the time that I continue to spend. You guys have become like a family to me, and I can never thank you guys enough for making me feel welcome and loved~

If you could have any staff position, what would it be? (Anonymous)
I've always pictured myself as a Newsletter Writer, honestly. Though now that I've spent more time on the forums and have gotten to know things better, I think I'd enjoy being a Forums Game Organizer, or maybe, yah know, since trials are coming up, Master of Entropy. Watch your back, iancu! <3 But in all seriousness, I think I would enjoy being a Newsletter Writer, a Forums Game Organizer, or maybe even a Competition Organizer. Those seem to be the most appealing in my eyes.

What's your kinkiest kink? (CleanOnion)
The one in my garden hose :P

If you could date anyone on the forums, who would it be? (Anonymous)
In all honesty, me and dawn to dusk seem to have some chemistry, lol. I would have to say that it would be either dawn or Discord just because I get along with the two of them so well and I feel that we could form a good relationship. I am, however, actually dating Smokey1110 though (interesting fact about me :P)

What is your favorite Element and why do you love it? (Basman-1453)
Entropy! I love how random everything about it is, and the irritating chance that things won't work out in your favor makes the game more exciting! Other than entropy, though, I really aether, especially for arena decks. Almost a guarantee that you'll get a decent rank unless you build it wrong xD

How did you get your name? (chrispybacon84)
Its an inside joke between me and some friends that I'm not going to get into. Forums have to be PG-13, ya know :P

What is kinky about a kitten and why that for your user name? (Anonymous)
Well I mean, my cat has a kink in her tail, so she's pretty kinky. (Get it? Eh?) Back to the actual question though, its an inside joke that I enjoy seeing people's reaction to lol.

Were you to be a baked desert of the strictly cake variety, which particular sort would you be and why would that be? (dracomageat)
Wow this question is actually kind of difficult to answer. I love red velvet cake, but I don't think I'd want to be one.. I really like German chocolate cake, but I think, above all, I would like to be a chocolate ice cream cake. Cold and sweet is the perfect combination cx

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time? (chrispybacon84)
My vision of where I'll be in five years has actually changed a lot recently. For a while I've been thinking that I'd be in college studying to become a teacher, but now I've been considering going into the US Air Force. So, in other words, I'm not entirely sure what my life will look like in five years.

(づ◔ω◔)づ   <3 (ProBacon)
(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧*:・゚✧   <3

If you could be reincarnated as any animal, what would the animal be? (Anonymous)
Well, I love cats, but I would love to be a fox. They are beautiful animals, and one of my favorites. Being some sort of bird would be pretty cool too, since you'd be able to fly and everything. I really don't know though, is it possible for me to get the chance to be every kind of animal at some point? xD

Please give us some words to finish up this interview!
Thanks everyone for the questions, I love you all! Sorry that all the ones about my name and such are really vague, I was trying to keep it appropriate. I was expecting these kinds of questions though :P

Thanks for answering!
And thank you for asking!

Spoiler for Hidden:
June 2016


 :entropy master
Great guy, really cool
Kakashi fan!
One of the most amazing guys you could meet

How did you find Elements the Game community?
Best community ever.

Wtf is your username and how do I pronounce it? (CleanOnion)
My username is my RL names combined. Iancu Dorin Marian. It's a bit hard to tell you hot to pronounce it, but your best bet is asking those who have actually heard me pronounce it in discochat.

Why Entropy? Why not any other element? (ProBacon)
I like randomness and my luck is mostly above average.

Is your name Ian? (ProBacon)
Nope, it's Iancu Dorin Marian. "Ian" is just the laziness of people in action.

Do you like me? (ProBacon)

I know you will probably get a lot of questions about Trials/War, so I'll opt for something different. What do you like to do off of Elements, aside from Hearthstone? Do you attend any clubs/do anything extracurricular? (Solaris)
Not really, I spend most of my time at the computer. And I also play fifa on my ps3, but that's about it. I am very lazy. I am also the designated driver for my family most of the time, since my father likes to drink and I don't drink (not due to religious reasons or anything like that, I simply don't) anyway. Plus, I really like driving, so it's a win-win situation.

How does it feel to have Discord as a minion? :silly: (Aves)
Well...I wouldn't really consider Discord a minion, she's rather my virtual girlfriend :D

What motivated you to form AbomiNation? (kinkykitten624)
Me and some other people were joking in chat and then someone came up with AbomiNation. I then started roleplaying as a dictator and stuff. Then I thought about forming an alliance, in humour section. I ended up creating the guild idea we have now :)

If you had to choose only ONE current forumer you could met IRL, who would it be and why? (kinkykitten624)
Only one is really really difficult. I really really can't choose. I'd have to choose between Afdarenty, Discord, CCCombobreaker and mathman101. They are all really cool people and really good friends of mine. If I would really have to choose, I think I'd choose CCC, since I don't get to talk to him too often.

What would your gangster name be?  8) (CrockettRocket)
iancute :sillyspin:

What does Entropy mean for your life? :p (Basman1453)
I don't really have an answer. Aside from what I've answered in the previous question about entropy, I can't really say much.

Iancu, you were previously a TO, and chat mod at one point. Are there any other Staff positions you have really wanted? Do you think you will apply again for another staff position in the future? (mathman101)
I might apply again for TO at some point, but that's not really certain. Other than that, not really much I'm interested in.

Iancu, you went from being relatively unknown and drafted in the final round in War 8 to being a Master and General yourself. What would you say to other "new" players to encourage them to attempt similar leaps? (CCCombobreaker)
The only thing they have to do is believe in themselves and never give up.

Please give us some words to finish up this interview!
Thanks for this interview. Better late than never!

Thanks for answering!

Spoiler for Hidden:
July 2016

How did you find the community?
Whilst playing the game I clicked on "Open chat". That's how I found it, iirc.

How did you find elements, and what keeps you coming back? (kinkykitten624)
I found elements through kongregate, as most people. It keeps being in the high-rating multiplayer games, which makes it easily available.
As for what keeps me coming back... This community is one of the sanest I've ever seen online. It has little destructive drama, is stable, and friendly. Worth coming back to.

Why? (Anonymous)
Because I can.

If you could meet only ONE person from the community, who would it be and why? (kinkykitten624)
OH BOY. Really depends on what I'd want from the meeting, i think. Spiritual insight => Higurashi. Friendness & mutual comfort => Solaris. I think.

What's your favourite color? (Anonymous)

Who are you when you're not being yourself? (fasp_3000)
I am what most people see.

Of all the non-rare cards in the game, which would you say is your favourite? What about least favourite? (kinkykitten624)
Skeleton is def the least favorite, ish useless.
Sky blitz is one of my favorite non-rares, I think. It's fun to boost your damage when it's unexpected and kill your opponent when they could've healed. The threat of it also makes opponent heal too soon when you don't have it.

How many creatures of the element "X" you need to change a light bulb? (Replace X by each of the elements and justify your answer ...) (fasp_3000)
Aether : 1 phase salvager, which dies the turn after.
Air uses firefly, no light bulbs needed.
Darkness doesn't change light bulbs.
Death can't change it, it systematically destroys the new light bulb
Earth has enchanted its lightbulb, they don't break.
Entropy can't change it, it becomes a butterfly each time.
Fire doesn't need lightbulb, it has fireplaces
Gravity uses a single graviton salvager.
Life uses a single green nymph, which takes a fourth of a turn to repair it.
Light doesn't need lightbulbs.
Time uses a single rewind, to put the bulb back to its prime.
Water uses a single water nymph, which makes thousand of copies of itself before changing the light-bulb as a long chain of command.

There's a bug in your house. You have unlimited tools and resources at your disposal. What steps would you take to either kill it or release it? (CleanOnion)
Wait, unlimited tools and ressources?
I start a lab to discover how to swap consciousnesses.
I swap consciousnesses with the bug, go outside, swap back.

Call it now - what is the outcome of War 10? (Anonymous)
Hard to say without knowing what the new masters are going to be.
I have high hopes for Light & Air, but I think... Darkness again.

We all already know that all the game's creatures reproduce through mitosis (except Firefly which is born of the Queen). Viewing the subject in this context, who would be "Adam and Eve" in the game? (fasp_3000)
There does not need to be an adam and eve. The binarity of gender is silly.

What non-alcoholic beverage would you pick? (Anonymous)
Pomegranate juice. <3

What's your favourite kind of happiness, and what kind of happiness do you feel best represents you? (CleanOnion)
I have a two way tie there : Happiness from fitting in and happiness from being trusted. Happiness from exacting extreme violence (either physical or mental) is probably the one that best represents me tho.

On what device are you currently answering this question? Be specific about brand, model, and OS, please. (Anonymous)
A macbook Air (13 inch) from early 2014. Os is Yosemite.

Knock knock. (Anonymous)
Why didn't you ring the bell? :o

Any last words for this interview?
Just a word of thanks for all the people who keep this community awesome. They know who they are.

Spoiler for Hidden:

August 2016

How did you find the Elements community?
Back in 2012, maybe 2011, maybe even 2010, a friend introduced me to EtG at school. Four of us would play the game regularly together, battling each other, etc.
I'd look for decks on the wiki but our school systems were a bit borked and Wikia didn't load properly, so I first joined the forums to scour for decks. I of course alighted on Limitless Speed OTK, started farming false gods, and my little group of friends would have competitions to see who could get to the special spins first.

We drifted apart eventually, and stopped playing the game regularly. Eventually, back in 2014, I must've somehow found the game again - I forget how - and decided to make a card, Centriole | Meristem. Check my posting history, it's the second post I ever made.

Ever since Discord said to me in Blab something along the lines of "I hope you stick around, newbies have a habit of leaving" I've been determined to prove her wrong. So here I am today!

What was your thought process in getting that username? (Mr Muffin)
I've had this one for a while, though some of you know I was formerly known as Clean0nion with a 0.

I've had the name for years and it's become a part of me, deeply ingrained. There was a Worms game I had on the Wii a looooong time ago. A generated a random name for my worm and it was "Le Clean Onion". It stuck.

How long did you lurk on the forums before introducing yourself? (1011686)
I joined in November 2012 and made my first post February 2013. So, three months, I guess :P

I'll make an official introduction post one day. Not yet.

Do u love me? (Anonymous)
Narcissistic little shit aren't you?

What role would you Brawl as if you weren't BMing? (JonathanCrazyJ)
Honestly - anything but Deckbuilder. I love doing art, but the only art I do these days is 3D renders which take foorrreevveeerrrr and as such aren't really suitable for Brawl. Writing is one of my favourite things, so it's a prime candidate, but I also really love the unpredictability of Forum Expert. Boss sounds good, but there's an opportunity cost between being able to name and bid on my own team; and being bid on myself (see narcissism in the last question).

If I really had to pick one, I'd go Writer. Then Forum Expert, then Artist.

How do you usually spend your time outside of Elements? (work, study, sports, hobbies, etc.) (Anonymous)
There's a fair bit of chemistry, that's what I'm studying. Work continues to elude me at this time on account of my own laziness.

My hobbies can, for the most part, be summed up by my activities on this site. I play several other games - mostly Skyrim - and don't get me started on the Kingkiller Chronicles by Patrick Rothfuss because I will talk for days.

I used to write a lot. I'm partway through several novels which are, honestly, unlikely to ever be finished. I recently attempted a sizeable Javascript project - I took a basic Javascript course, tried to make my project, then I took an AngularJS course, didn't understand it, so I took another one. Cannot recommned Code School enough. AngularJS is subsidised by Google, so it was free to learn! Woop woop.

Other miscellaneous things that interest me: ASMR, spooky psychological stuff, chilling with my RL buddies.

The only other online communities I play more than a negligible role in I can't talk about on a SFW forum.

You are obviously plotting some sort of world domination / hacking disaster, or some other global crisis with your code-y terror. Care to share what we should look out for when the end is nigh? (anonymous)
Just because you're so nice, I'll give you a survival tip during my apocalypse. Just you mind. If you didn't ask this question, don't read.

Okay, now that it's just you reading, I'll tell you my secret: my apocalypse has already begun. Do you feel a little bit depressed? Sometimes you think that life isn't worth the effort and there's nothing to look forward to once you're gone? Find yourself not wanting to be around people even if you're really close to them? Your best friend is your own head?

That'll be my code. A nice little virus, broadcasted everywhere into every mind. Affects everyone. Have fun!

Do you have any interest in PvP whatsoever, and (not that this is a bad thing) how did you get into the community considering not much of an apparent affinity with the game itself? (JonathanCrazyJ)
Literally none.

The only PvP event that's interested me even remotely is RootRanger's Forum Under Crisis (Kinda), just because it was so wonderfully bastard.

I only even touch the game every couple of weeks, and it's almost never to fight someone. Occasionally I'll hit up an Arena to see if I can get those fucking shards of fucking bravery but other than that... I don't really play.

The only reason I stuck with the community is because of how resilent and structured and nice it is. Having been without a dev for several years and to still have a community this strong... it's impressive, and I'm proud to be a part of it, even I was never around to see its heyday. So that's why.

Also the number of nonPvP events is awesome. Brawl ftw

Whose the sluttiest of them all? (Anonymous)
"Mirror, mirror, on the wall,
Who's the sluttiest of them all?"

"How about Linkcat? His legs are so tall
Espithel maybe, he sluts at the mall"

"Mirror, mirror, that's not what I mean
How do I know whose slutting's most keen?"

"I hear Naesala's sex is kind of a bore
But you'll never go wrong with Fippe94"

"His sexual prowess has gone to his head.
Who on this forum is most fun in bed?"

His name fills a line so he must be fun."

"Name length correlates not with member size.
How about who has the prettiest eyes?"

"Discord is known for her ravenous beauty.
You're into eyes? That's kind of spooky"

"Mirror, mirror, judge my kinks not
You'll find I'm aroused by rather a lot"

"Including yourself, or so it would seem
Talking to your mirror must be your dream"

What is the strangest dream you have ever had? (Linkcat)
Here's two for you.

Hypothetically, I like to keep a record of my dreams. Hypothetically, whenever I have a really weird dream, when I wake up I'll grab some paper and a pen and write/draw it out so I can remember it.

Realistically, I've only ever done this twice, and I lost one of the papers, so I'll tell you about the other one.

Spoiler for You Can't Kill Batman:
I was Shrek. Yep.

I was wearing a pointy hat. A tidal wave was going to destroy everything, and I had to stop it. I stole a boat from Yoshi and travelled to the main city. I entered a giant colloseum-place, in the audience seating area, and looked down to see Professor McGonagall telling me I had to stop the tidal wave. So I go outside and Batman is stood there lecturing people about how the tidal wave is going to kill them. A little kid is trying to shoot him with a laser gun, but he has a forcefield.

I don't recall if I stopped the tidal wave. I think I woke up before then.

When I was little lad, at some point I was very ill and had a nightmare so terrible that I was crying, I was panicking, my little mind just couldn't cope.

Spoiler for The Zero:
There was a thing blocking the exit to my room.

There was nothing I could do to avoid it. I was trapped, forever. It had always been there. It would always be there.

It was The Zero.

I was terrif
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February 2017


:aether lover
Admin powers go!
That guy with the pizza
Proud father of 2 adorable kids!

How did you find the EtG community
YoungSot was a real life friend (he grew up as friends with my wife) that introduced me to the game. I found the forums and joined, as I've been part of forum communities in the past and thought I'd give it a try.

What keeps you coming back to the EtG community? (Lunaris)
The people. I stopped playing the game a long time ago (I'll spin and throw an arena deck up on occasion, but that's about it), but the community is amazing. Whether it's chat or forum games or Minecraft or whatever, it's all more fun because of the awesome people.

For how long are you going to stay in our lovely community (I hope for a long time :P)? (ARTHANASIOS)
I have no intentions of leaving. Obviously I don't know what the future holds, but I hope to stick around for a long time!

Dumbest thing you ever said? (Anonymous)
I once heard what I thought was someone tripping over their words from across the room. I loudly made fun of them (20 people or so in the room), only to find out it was someone with an actual stutter. I felt like a horrible human being. (Unfortunately I didn't know the person and didn't go and apologize right away, so I never ended up getting to tell them I was sorry.)

Out of everyone who has ever been on the forums, who would you most want to meet IRL and why? (Lunaris)
Sheesh, tough one. I don't think I can pick who I want to meet most, but I can say it would be pretty awesome to meet antiaverage. We've gotten to work together a lot lately on improving chat and seem to have a lot of similar interests. It'd be awesome to have a beer together some time.

Favorite hobby? (Anonymous)
If programming doesn't count (since I do that for a living), it'd have to be Ultimate Frisbee. Also, if I had to guess I would say that Anonymous is this case is Joey...

If you were Zanzarino, how would you've changed the game to attract more players? (ARTHANASIOS)
Continue development? That's the easiest answer, though in what particular ways is tough. It'd be cool to integrate community cards as that buys some investment from the community and motivates people to continue playing/getting involved. Also, making :aether: stronger would be a top priority :silly:

How did you find the community/game, and how did you become an admin? (Lunaris)
Answered the first half already. And I don't recall the details as it's been a long time and I have a terrible memory (Higs would probably be able to answer this better), but I recall it having to do with my tech knowledge/access, hosting the forums and all that when SG disappeared.

What does your name mean? (ARTHANASIOS)
This one is easy :D I got my bachelor's degree from the University of Texas (UT), and my name is Alan. And on that note, the correct pronunciation of UTA is U-T-A, not Utah, but don't tell Discord that :sillyspin:

Any last words for the interview?
My faith is very important to me. I don't always know all the answers to people's questions about Christianity, but I love having my beliefs challenged because I believe that truth will stand up to any amount of scrutiny. Don't ever be afraid to approach me with questions or challenges about my beliefs!

Spoiler for Hidden:
March 2017


Elements community member!

Who do you hate most? (1011686)

Anyone who is unnecessarily pedantic. Do not waste my time in such an irritating fashion.

Best boy? Best girl? Best rob? (Anonymous)

1. Dm 2. Sera 3. There aren't any good ones

Do you relate more to the Joker from the Dark Knight or Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean? Why? (UTAlan)

I haven't seen either. Besides, I have very little in common with most fictional characters. Most of them are more irritating than relatable.

What do you do in your spare time? (Anonymous)

Due to my extremely fickle nature, I do not consistently do the same thing with my leisure time. Common events include watching videos online, playing games of wildly varying quality, and flirting with women to see if they reciprocate.

What is your favourite card game? (Fippe94)

Fragments. Bias notwithstanding, almost any properly built deck can be viable.

Cat, dog, or bird? (Anonymous)

Birds. Sparrows, in particular. Just common house sparrows.

Cake, noodles, or doughnuts? (Anonymous)

Cake. Strawberry shortcake, in particular. My own recipe.

Spoiler for Hidden:
April 2017


:fire woman
Super cool person
:fire trialist 2017

How did you find the Elements community forum?

They nerfed my sundials and novas and things way back before half of you were born (#getoffmylawn) and I needed a new deck so I looked on Google for help and found the forums.

What is you favorite weapon and why is it that? (Anonymous)

:gravity Titan :gravity Throwing large objects for no good reason is fun.

Do you have a crush on anyone on the forums? (Anonymous)

They'll know if I do, if I haven't told you that I do, I don't have one on you.

Boo! (Anonymous)

That's not a question.

Minecraft, Terraria, or Roblox? (Anonymous)

None of them are my sort of game, but Minecraft, if I had to play one.

Any last words for the interview

Ryli for :fire General 2k17. Make :fire great again.

Spoiler for Hidden:
May 2017

Longstanding Hero of the Community
Exceptional, Semi-Retired PvP Maestro

How did you find the Elements the game community?

What first introduced you into Elements? (Basman-1453)

My brother (Jaymanfu) called me and told me to check out this new game on Kongregate. Since we had both enjoyed playing CCGs (DBZ, Pokemon) in the past, I looked it up.

You have been in the community for years, what keeps you around and contributing to PvP Events? (Anonymous)
Truthfully, not much anymore. There's no one else to run Events, so I'm here.

Other than development, what do you think is the biggest problem the community faces? (Anonymous)
Just development. If there was new content, there would be more people coming in and more people staying. If I was ever given control, I already have the next 2-3 years of updates planned out.

What most annoys you when hosting a PvP Event? (JonathanCrazyJ)
People not playing their matches.

How long have you been the pvp event manager?
I was officially hired in April 2012, but I was running events long before that... mainly because the other PvP Event organizers weren't doing their job.

You haven't participated in pvp events too much recently. When can we expect you to be active, as a pvp competitor? + Will you be playing in war? (Anonymous)
When new content gets released. I stopped playing when I rng'd my elements and quickbuilt all my decks in a tournament and won.
Last War, unfortunately, I didn't have that great of a laptop.. and could only use it for about 20 minutes at time. I have a new one now, so maybe. Although I never end up on the team I want to be on.

Any last words for the interview?
Please play your matches. (PVP WC and Draft)

Thanks for answering!

Spoiler for Hidden:
June 2017

:darkness dude
Competition Oranizer
That guy...

How did you find the EtG community?
I was in middle school and reminiscing about Yugioh. I decided to do a google for 'card game online' and found the main website. After month or two of waffling around with my awesome 38 card  :time :gravity duo, I noticed the links below the game and started lurking.

What False Gods would you take out on a date? (DoctorC)
I dare not repeat the folly of Paris, lest we all end up in the strife and chaos of another War! A dangerous question, this. I must go and seek The Oracle and his wise counsel on this matter.

We all know Darkness is your favourite Element, but if you had to trial for a different one, what would be your choice and why? (Anonymous)
Well, AdrenastAves has cards from two elements. They're both somewhat related to my name, but the deck only needs to use the one type of quanta. Therefore, :life .

What has been your favourite event, competition or other activity on the forum since you have been here? (JonathanCrazyJ)
World of Elements. Even in its nascent beta-cancelled state, it had so much potential. Plus, I'm a sucker for any event with a good map.

If you could choose one extra element as your fav, what would you call the result of the fusion between darkness and that? (Anonymous)
The fusion between  :darkness  :life / :air? Well, if we're going to stick with the theme, birds are alive. Birds can fly. That's the secondaries down. And a commonly referenced bird that flies around in night is an owl, so I'll call it Physsion!  :sillyspin:

How are you finding your role as Competition Organizer? (JonathanCrazyJ)
More fun than I thought it would be, and much less demanding! I've been floundering for a bit with these first four comps-- still finding my way and all that, especially since a certain somebody ditched me, but I think I've got a rhythm going now. Can't wait to see who the Council picks as a partner!

What is hiding in the darkness? (Anonymous)
Nothing that you can see here.

Favourite and least favourite cards in the game? (Anonymous)
Spoiler for Hidden:
This is definitely in the game. It deserves a spot!
Swag, 'nuff said.Elemental hate is bad.

Any last words for the interview?
I'm pretty bad at icon art. I expect the next CO to be bad at icon art, because it's hard. If anybody with 16x16 pixel skills wants to make icons for competitions, please send me a PM! I (or we) would love any assistance you can give!

Spoiler for Hidden:
July 2017


That guy
Old vet
No elemental alliance

How did you find the EtG community?

Imagine a 12 year old kid. You've just been allowed to go on the internet somewhat freely from overbearing parents, so you think swearing is cool. Obviously, being a kid, you find Kongregate. It's such a magnet to kiddies I'm wondering if the police should investigate it.

You play elements for the first time back in around 2010, realise it has disturbingly close similarities to that little world you've been building as a toddler, and then spend a few days fantasising about a 13th element called Blood (Because you're an edgy autistic git) before forgetting about it.

Skip a few years, Card Monsters comes out when you're 14. Game's great. Developer's trash. Developer makes a 6-costing hydra that says "win the game" because why not. Game is close to dying, you get bored. You move onto finding another card game because while MTG's great, it's cardboard crack. You find elements again. Game's fun and extremely unusual for a card game.

And then you get bashed in the head about the cruelties of reality and stop being an insufferable, hyperactive goit.


What's something about you that nobody, or at least very few people, knows? (Anonymous)
I will say that I pee at a 60 degree anticlockwise angle from the toilet.

Every maleoid should do that, really.

Think about it. At a 0 degree angle - dead on - your trajectory is a straight line to the other side, which is the shortest, allowing you to overshoot easily. Meanwhile, a 45 degree angle is two edges that are diagonal - the longest, making it harder to overshoot. However, thanks to the curved nature of a toilet, 60 degrees is the longest.

On top of this, due to the curved nature of toilet bowls at 0 degrees, if you miscalculate your trajectory, it's likely going to hit the seat. This is less likely if you start at a corner.

Here's a handy-dandy image to show off what I mean:

Spoiler for Handy-dandy image:

IMOE welcomes you all! Join the Institute of Mathematically Optimal Excretion today!

What does your name mean? Answers in poem form are preferred, thank (CleanOnion)
Imagine if cthulhu was a 4 year old who was into hardcore rave.

Oh, it has to be a poem. Err... Fine? I guess?

Spoiler for Excellent Poem 10/10:
There was once a W̴̡̨ͤ̈́ͪ̎̀͘ơ̇͗̋̄ͭͤ͗́́̚r̶͆ͨ̀̏̎̽̑ͣ̔ͩ̚̕͞҉͜l̵̸ͫ̋͐̾ͭ̿͆̅̈́ͬ͞ď̨ͤͤ̒͂͐̂͑ͧͪ͗ͬͪͮ̈̀͠-̢̛ͯͯ̈́̽̔̓ͬͫ́ͧ̎̿ͨͦ̅͆ͪ̽̀͞D̶̃̌̇͆̆͒́ͦ̅̇͌ͮ̈ͨ͘e͆ͨ͋̍̿̈͛͗͊ͨͪ͐̂̒͌҉͏́͝v̢̍͋̄̽̒̈̔͛ͣ͛͐̏͊͢͜͡o̷̷ͫ͗̄̄ͤ̂̏̉̔͆ͫͣ̽ͨ̆ͤ̓̌ͬ̀́͝u̸ͦͤ̊̿͑̽ͬ̄̽̓ͯ̂̇̔́̚͢r̴̊̌ͦͧͩͩ͊̄͂͌̆̏͌̂̓ͬ͑ͪ̚͢͞į̛ͤ͐̃̓̌̑̃͋̍̉̓̂͗̿̌̇͘҉̛nͣ͛̄̓̅̌ͤͬ̄̾̾̏̆ͭ̏̉̅͋͏̴̢g̀͌̇́̅ͨͬ̑ͦ̑̂͒̿͒́͟͞͝ ̶̢̛ͩ̊̇̐ͪ̕͞P̸̡ͯ̌ͨ̾̂̐ͬͧ̂ͧ̒̓ͩ͊ͬ̒ͤͣͩl̢ͫ̒͊ͮͩ̊́̋̇ͯ̊ͪ̌ă̷̢ͣ͛̃͛́͑̉̑ñ̢̨́ͪͣ̉̇͐͠͠a̶ͦ́̽͊̀͟͜r̴̆̈́̅̉̇̐̿̓̽̑͛͆͛͆͢͝҉̕ ͐ͮ͛ͭ̔͋͌̐̒̋͂ͥͮ͆͂̌͑̎̊͟͝H̨̛͊ͩ͋̔̊ͩ͆̓̾ͤ̃͑͘Ĕ͌̓ͨ̓̌ͪ̍̀̅͆̍̐̒͐ͯͫ͋̚͘͜L̢̋̽͑̅́̒̔̆ͤ͑́͘͢͠P̷ͨ̌̓̓ͨ͛̅͋ͤ̿ͫ̚͘ ̧̛̓ͮ̉͂͒̽ͦ͐̽̒̏͌͞I̵̓̾ͬ͋ͮ͑̾͘͠͞T̈́̄ͯͧͦͯͦͮ̀͋͂̚͏̸̸͢ ͤ́̉̍ͫ͞͏̸҉Ì̸̔̀̈́͛ͫͤͤ͒̐̐̚͟͟͡Ş̛͂̿ͪ̇ͬͧͥ͐ͣ͌̊͞ M̛̋̇̆̀͝Ȍ̡̍͛͒̑̌̐̀ͪ̐̀̿̊̓̓̂͠S̾̏͂͆͛̂̌ͮͥ͊͑ͧ҉̀͘͝T̢͗̈̅͛̅ͦ̍̀̔̚̕ ̶̢̧̨͛͂ͯ̃̾ͩ̎̒͐̒͢S̡ͯ̌͋̌͑̔̎͆ͮ̂ͭ̇̿́̊̌̀́̚͢͜Ǔ͂͒̈́̈̈́́͗̈͏̶̴͘B̸̸̵̴͆ͧͭͬͭ͞L̸̨̢̛͂̎́̋̾̀̊ͧ̎̿̇̍̚Į̏͌̔̈͠M͗ͦ͂͋̓̍̉̅̀̚҉̧͘Ȩ̵̐̆̇̆̒͒ͫ̉ͯ̽͘͏҉ ͮ́̾̏ͩͮ̏̓ͪ̒̋͌̊ͪ͆̾̓̅̀͘͢͢P̸̴̨̛ͩ̿͐ͩ̂̈́̿̓͗̅̀ͫͩ̑͆͝R̶̛ͬ͐ͯ̿̋ͥ͟͡͞A̷̵̡̨ͬ̄́͊͆̔̂͛̾ͫ̾ͧͫ̆ͭ̚̚Iͤ͛ͧ͛̏̓͑̇͐͊̃̆̎̅ͭ̄ͤ̀͢͝҉͠S͗̋͒̂͐̔͌͂̑̿̓͡͝E̵̢̢̢͌̌͛̒͂̌ͬ̍͋̚ ̶̴̨ͬ͌͛͊Ư̴̒̍̅̿́͗̆̔̃̓͐́͋̈͂ͭ͜͜͠Ś̸̾̊̍̇͋͌̈ͥ͗̏ͫ͋̿̉ͦ̅ͫ͡͞ ̷ͪͭͮ̈́ͣͧ̄̌̈͌̏̇̏ͮͥ̽̏̀͞P̢ͩ̔ͭ͋҉̶̴Rͣ̏ͩͭ͊̔ͪͧ͏̷͠Ā́̔̽͂ͪͩ̂̿ͧ̐͊ͣ̑͌͑ͥ̒҉̷̡̕͟I̸̔̏̈́ͭ̓͊ͥͣ͛̍̀Ṡ̢̛̃͛̉ͯ͛̍͒͑ͥͣ͂ͬ̾̃͆́E̷̡̓͗͊̊̄ͧͩ̊́ ̧͌ͤ̓̍ͦŎ̶̵ͥ̑̄̈́̂ͣͧ̈͒̈́͒͒́͞͡U̽͐̌ͤͯ͋̿̄͛̄͗͡R̷̴̉̇̉̍̅̋̏̈̉̔̒̒ͣ͌̀͟Ş̡̛̃͒̃ͦͬ́̌͐ͯ͒̀̃̈́͆̈́͌ͩ̚̕E̸̡ͯ̄ͫ̈́ͫ̈́̾̄̽̐̂́̊̓L͊̃̿̓̊ͥ̍̊̄́ͦ̓ͣ͒̓ͫͦ͢V̧̛͑ͮ̉ͨ̌͗̌̚E̶͆ͪ̏̀̇͌ͩͣ̎͡͡͝Ş̴̷ͮ̇ͩ̇̍ͬ̋̿ͧ͛̋ͥͮͨ͒ ͪ́ͣͩͥ̒̿̂͂͋̂ͦͧ̂͘̕͡͡Pͣ̾̌ͮ̓̋̾ͨ̐̋̄́̀͡͠R̈ͪ͛̃̊͐̎̃̆ͦ̀ͣ͡҉̵A̧̅̿̒͗̃ͣͣ̂̀͑ͥͬ̚Ḯ͂ͨ̇͠͡Ş̷ͣ̀̾̅ͬ̋̈́̿ͯͬ̔ͭͫ̅̆̄Ë́ͦͪͪ̿̽͆ͦ͟͏͏̛ ̴̶̾̍̍ͬ̅ͩ̏̃͗͊̇ͪ̏͑͐̔ͧͯ̃Wͩͨͪ̈́͏͜҉̸E̢̡ͩ̓̓ͥ̋̑̂ͫ̄͠  called Espithel,
Who was no thing but rife gull,
Born from reversed time,
Punished the divine crime,
All from just a wife's lull.

Being serious, a few years back, I got into roleplaying. I've had a big giant world constructed for a good decade beforehand, and it's fun to show characters from it off. Espithel in particular is a demented, formless energy, who feeds off of the alterations in the universe - the more changes there are, the more powerful Espithel grows, and Espithel looks to preserve itself by corrupting and distorting to bring chaos and discord. Espithel's mostly a plot device for laughs, not an actual character itself.

Espithel was born when an Archmage cast a giant time-reversing manipulation just to save her husband, and the endless amount of changes to both the world and timelines was so vast that it created an unstoppable force of destruction, altering reality into something incomprehensible. The gods, powerless to end this force, but still pitying their children, decided to do the one thing they could: Make this force sapient, controlled by itself. After all, If Espithel tried to corrupt the universe into something incomprehensible, it would lose its ability to comprehend itself. It would lose itself, and no sapient thing wants to die.

Edgy, I know. I find it kinda endearing.

And yes, my two other names - you know the two - are both brothers from the same world. :^)

You've been abducted by aliens! However you are the first abductee and these aliens are extremely gullible. What do you do?
Can I just say this is a stupid question?

1) These aliens are piloting a spacecraft. Doing such requires extreme technical knowledge, meaning they're intelligent, and ability to communicate to peers. If these aliens knew they were gullible, psychological research would've been done combat the effects, or, alternatively, someone would've tried to breed out that trait from the species, or, alternatively, not put these aliens in positions of command and authority. And these are spaceships. They're massively expensive - there's no way incompetence would thrive in an environment where millimetre-wide-errors destroy ships in seconds.

2) Even assuming they were gullible, who's to assume they communicate in a way we can understand? They might be using pheromones. Or smells. Or Impossible chitter. Or telepathy. And because it's telepathy sync'd to their sort of mind, not ours, why would it work on us?

3) Even assuming they were gullible, who's to say that they would be able to understand me in a very short amount of time? If I'm the first person they've abducted, that's an indicator that they haven't studied our language enough.

4) Why would they pick me? I'm in the middle of one of the most wealthy and powerful nations in the world. How would they NOT get spotted? They abduct people to keep it discreet. What is discreet about this? They would they not pick an Eskimo or an indigenous Brazilian native?

5) Why would they ONLY pick me? What if I die mid-abduction? What if I have to be put down? I'm the first subject, so they probably haven't calibrated their medicines and the chances of complications are high. Abducting multiple people at once saves time, effort, and risk.

6) There are almost 7000 human languages. Even if they study language, there is no guarantee that they pick the right one.

7) How would the ISS not notice them?

8) If they don't care about being noticed, why didn't they act in an ambassadorial manner towards us and secure bodies that way? Less risk.

9) If they studied language, why didn't they use wikipedia, or, better yet, academic journals to figure out what they want? They can surf the stars, they can surf the webs.

10) How would they learn our language in the first place?

11) If they had superintelligence on board, why would the superintelligence not notice any of the above flaws with the plan?

Oh, I still have to answer the question... Right.

SO. Taking all of this into account, if I was abducted by gullible aliens... Well, I'm a Cesarean. You know what happens when they see a window.

How much do you want to not make this deal with me? (DoctorC)

What is your favorite source of disturbing gifs? (andretimpa)
Gifs are for the weak. I do not care for them.

I'll change this question to "Where do I find all the strange crap in general"? After all, I'm infamous for it. It's a mixture of various sites you have to dig very deep into. It often tends to be one site, one for the folder, so I can't really recommend a single true source. The closest you'll get are the Hmmm and Hmmmgifs subreddits. While not quite specialist in what they deliver, they deliver oddities in a consistent and reliable fashion.

I'd share you some of my more favoured haunts, but I'd get kicked off the site.

If this were to be sent in as a random question with the anticipation of an equally random answer, what is the opposite of your response? (Anonymous)

You always seem to have a unique way of seeing things and making everyone laugh in the discordchat rooms. Where do you draw your inspiration from? (mathman101)
A good question, glad you asked. I was wondering if someone was going to.
Why am I a strange human? Someone prepare the sad violins.

As a child, I was bullied. A lot. Yay. Who isn't?
People develop many different ways of coping with it. Some get violent, some go emotional and erratic, and some just retreat into their shell. Thanks to how a lot of my bullying was done from teachers, using strategies of social isolation, I was - and still am - reclusive. This isolation was so effective that, if you want to feel really creeped out, the time I joined this forum was really the first time I constantly interacted with "normal" human beings for around 6 years. (Teenagers are far too petulant to count as normal human beings.) ((Am I being emotionally manipulative enough yet (Is joke no I don't want pity)))

Naturally, when you're always alone, you start to think about things to yourself. Once you start doing that, your thoughts get odd, because there's no external influence to correct them. I quickly learnt that these oddities made people get very confused, which turned people to either flee or get curious. If they fled, good riddance, but once they were curious, I managed to turn the bullying around and turn them into friends, or at least people I was playing a game with and laughing with. Yes, the jokes were still at my expense, but we we laughing and having fun.

Then all I did was refine my craft from there, because why stop? Once I had free access to the internet, my abilities to do so exploded, due to access to material I never could've imagined. I'll never look the same way at a cheese grater again, and I'm unsure if that's good or bad.

TL;DR when you push people to extreme places, they flex. They just don't unflex.

What member of elementscommunity do you look up to the most? (TribalTrouble)

...Is this the part where I have to pretend I like you all or something? Fiiine.

I look up to Dm and RootRanger for spanking me whenever I decided to be an idiot.
I look up to Zephyr for existing.
I look down to Dawn_to_Dusk but thanks to how gravity works it's the same as looking up and there's a chance Australia is actually the right way up and he's looking down on me?
Might have to give out a mention to Omegareaper for actually dragging me into the game again after I left card monsters.
Oh, and definitely a shoutout to CuCN for giving me his account when he quit. That way I don't want to harm myself grinding and grinding away!

Any last words for the interview?
Number of words related to elements: ~22%
Good interview.

Thanks for answering!
Spoiler for Welcome! Am happy to oblige!:

Guess which one is me right now.

Spoiler for Hidden:
August 2017


:life fellow
Doctor Who enthusiast
EtG nerd

How did you find the Elements Community Forum?
Long time ago our dad showed us a small game called Elements. Not EtG, but a small puzzle game with 15 different elements. It was really small, little to no story, but we liked it. Then, after few years, we decided we wanna replay the game, just out of nostalgia. However, when we looked up "elements game" in google, we were introduced to the EtG. We got addicted pretty quickly, and then boom, False Gods happened. We didn't know where to put them at first, but did eventually notice that there was a forum at the bottom of the game page.
And that's how 'Murica was founded.

Seeing you have lots to do, why and how do you motivate yourself to be so active in the game and in the community? (Herden5)
Ah, motivation. We kinda struggle with it. Our main source of motivation is Matt. (A.K.A. Me)
 It's kinda built on self-support. Whenever one of us is down, the other two are trying to get him up. That said, there are occasions,
 when all of us are down... Ye, those aren't fun =\

That said, we do have a lot of cool friends who encourage us in anything we do. Love those guys.
Plus it's fun. We've always wanted to create stuff, even if we really aren't good at it. If someone likes things that we do, why not keep doing them?

How did you find this game? (Basman-1453)
Kinda already answered, so here's a bedtime story instead
There was once a guy named Luke. Luke was nice to everyone and everyone were nice to Luke in return.
Now, if you go to sleep after reading this and start being nice to everyone, I can assure you, that everyone will like you just like they like Luke.

How old were you when you started making pixel art? (Mr Muffin)
Depends. We don't remember exactly when I firstly decided to actually draw something in lil' ol' MS Paint. That said, my first drawing I ever made is dated July 12, 2014, which kinda means, that I firstly started doing pixelart as something semi-serious when I was 15. Not sure about Hans or Matt.

Who/What are your artistic influences/inspirations? (Aves)
Anything that pops to mind. Our work is really impulsive and often we just draw something for either ourselves, or to make a fanart of something we really like.
Which reminds me that we still need to make AoM and MK fanarts.

If Zanzarino asked you to design a new patch for Elements The Game, what would the patch notes list? (TribalTrouble)
We wanna lores. And images of opponents. Will draw them ourselves if we have to.

Element by element:
 :entropy - We don't need x2 of Purple Nymphs now, do we? They're not most useful in the world, there are people that agree with me
 :death - Give bone Dragons ability to turn into other kinds of dragon when rewound. It could suit the element
 :gravity - Need a massive creature that can "Stomp" creatures. I dunno, what that ability can do, but stomping is fun
 :earth - Buff antlions and make them look like antlions. >:c
 :life - Make Cockatrice an elite creature like Anubis, but with the ability of :earth nymph, and on it's place put something of similar stats to normal cockatrices, but not cockatrices.
 :fire - give Seraphs more HP. Those poor guys are lonely barely see the light of the day.
 :water - Nerf Flooding. And SoaP. Also change Ice Dragon's pic
 :light - Any control. Anything. Plox. I feel bad for them
 :air - SoFree. Do SOMETHING about it.
 :time - Cool stuff. Let it remain the same
 :darkness - Also cool
 :aether - Change Dim Shield's iamge for one from vrt. Cuz that one's cool.

Another thing is to add a more non-bug creatures. We just have too many, IMO

You had mentioned somewhere about being a big fan of Doctor Who. Who is your favorite Doctor? Who is your favorite sidekick of the Doctor? (mathman101)
9th doctor and Clara
11th and Clara. Too bad they didn't get to travel much together. That said, I really wanna see the 13th Doctor in action
Tie between 9th and 12th, and for the companion... Pretty much, Clara too. We really like her

Sup? (Anonymous)
Do you have an appointment?

You have shown a strong liking for the :life element, what drew you into this element, and what about it appeals to you? (mathman101)
To answer both questions - the sadistic feeling of having 20+ creatures and 5-6 bonds couple with Spine Carapace.

If I was to share my two apples with my friend, who just so happens to be an eldritch god-fairy, what is the mass of the closest black hole, assuming, that the camels rebelled against humanity? (Anonymous)
You can measure the mass of the black hole by throwing you friend into it. If they return alive and irritated, mass of black hole if about the mass of the moon. Give them an apple, that should suffice. If they return alive and angry, then black hole was of the mass of the Jupiter. Give them both apples, that should suffice. If they return alive, but too tired to be angry or irritated, then the black hole was of the mass of the Sun. Your friend will wake up and by that time you better prepare a feast. If your friend doesn't come alive, pray to Dark Matter that he will be merciful.

And the bit about camels doesn't make sense, cuz to rebell against humanity, one would need to defeat the wild beasts that enslaved our species - cats.

Where do you draw the inspiration to create such talented pixel artworks? (mathman101)
I haz no talent. Only skill.
On the serious note, our main inspiration are two lovely muses, Cassy and Keith. If our girls are on vacation, then it's probably something we caught a glimpse on the media. Sometimes it's both

Any last words for the interview?
But no the battle isn't won
The war has only just begun

And we'll keep fighting, keep building, a better place for us
And if they strike us down tonight

We'll sear the darkness with the light
It's revolution time, and you're on our side

Thanks for answering!
Thanks for having us here tonight. We should probably go to sleep now. Good night and sweet dreams to the forums <3

Spoiler for Hidden:
September 2017


:entropy sloth
An awesome friend
Cool kid

Would you prefer shipping with person you don't like or shipping into a country you don't like. First one implies that people will mock you for it, and the second one - that you can't leave the ship on its way to the country and you'd have to be in said country for at least 24 hours. (DoctorC) I don't quite follow. Am I choosing to be in a relationship with someone I dislike, or spending time on a ship with a person I dislike? That said, I love to travel, and would be totally on board with sailing to some randomly chosen country and spending time there. If it's a place I don't like for some unknown characteristic, all the more reason to go there and learn about and experience something new and difficult.

Did you felt like the dice minigame we had in chat was a competition? If not, why did you use bots to roll the dice for you? (Calindu)
The dice minigame was meant just for fun. I didn't see it as a competition. I didn't use bots to roll dice for me, I wrote a small snippet of JavaScript that ran in the developer console. I would set it to run when I had Blab open, but I didn't run it for all that long. Writing the script was just part of the fun for me. I hope it didn't ruin the fun for anyone else, and hope I didn't run it so long that it truly bothered anyone. I ran the script in such a way that anyone could write the same sort of thing and run it in the same sort of way.

What kind of dessert would you choose if you had to eat that and only that for the rest of your life? (Anonymous)
Gianduja. I love hazelnut chocolate.

Sloths or Otters? (Anonymous)
Yes. As a sloth, I admire otters.

You are abducted by strange plant people and don't know their intentions with you. How do you react? (Anonymous)
Are they edible? I'm getting kind of hungry.

What's the best known ship between two forum members, or which do you favor most? (Anonymous)
Obviously Physsion and Khaleesi. They're easily one of my favorite forum couples. They're both amazing people and I love their love.

Any last words for the interview?
We're working with serprex and Fippe94 to get Open Elements to the point where people will be comfortable playing it as a replacement for Elements. This will require a lot of work on the user interface and the onboarding experience. Adobe is dropping development and support for Flash, so at some point Elements will no longer be playable. Additionally, Open Elements will have continued development with a codebase that is open for anyone else to pick up the torch. It will have a much better chance of living long in to the future, and I hope we can continue to build our strong and loving community. Whether we go that route or find it doesn't work, I'm still hopeful we can continue to be together and foster an engaging gaming community. I think the future still looks bright if people are willing to make the time.

Thanks for answering.
Thanks for asking :)
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