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Post by: kev on September 02, 2010, 05:38:31 pm
To those replying in threads:
The idea of this forum is that new players can post deck ideas.  This way we can get rid of "noob decks" and will have more complete and functional decks in other deck forums.

Rules regarding deck feedback are a little bit different on this forum. Since we don't want people to be afraid to post their ideas, any kind ridicule or making fun of an idea is prohibited, and those posts will be deleted. Everyone has to start from somewhere so please don't make fun of an idea no matter how bad it seems.

To those starting threads:
The idea of this forum is that new players can post deck ideas.  To help ensure that yours is among the threads that actually get a response, there are certain actions you can take.

Number One)  Your subject line should summarize the help you need.  Posting that you need help against Arena with a mono-life deck (e.g. Mono-life versus Arena) will get you both more replies and more helpful replies than a more general comment (e.g. oMg halp plox!!1!).

Number Two)  Use the deck image creator.
How to build a deck image using only deck import code (Code by Planplan)
  • On the elementsthegame homepage click on “Your deck”, then “Import/Export”.  Highlight all the code and hit Control-C to copy the code.
  • When writing your post, look for this icon: (http://elementscommunity.org/forum/Themes/default/images/bbc/deck.gif) and press it.
  • Paste the code between the tags using Control-V.
  • Press "Preview" and verify there’s a deck image (with mark) and the deck import code below it.
by willng3
Hover over cards for details, click for permalink
Deck import code : [Select]
4vc 4vc 4vc 4vc 4vc 4vc 4vc 4vc 4vc 4vc 4vc 4vc 4vc 4vc 4ve 4ve 4ve 4ve 4ve 4ve 4vf 4vf 4vf 4vf 4vf 4vf 4vn 4vn 4vn 4vn 8pj

Number Three)  If some of the cards are blank in the deck image creator, it is probably just because the cards are newer.  Note these cards.  (e.g. Six blank cards are time pendulums, the other three are fire pendulums.)

Number Four)  Just showing the deck is not enough!  Always include the following information:
a)   What opponent is this deck intended to face? (e.g. AI3, Arena, PVP2, FGs)
b)   Have you already played with the deck and if so what sort of problems did you encounter? (e.g. loses to rush decks, never enough fire quanta)

Number Five)  What help do you need?  Providing even two sentences will help readers provide concise and thoughtful solutions.  If you are not really having problems but are looking for other players’ thoughts, say so.  If you’ve built a deck that’s mono-life except for gravity pulls, you should expect that players will recommend you just revert to a mono-life.  Explaining why you think gravity pulls belong in your deck will spare reviewers the hassle of making a needless post and help you get the answer to your real question faster.

Number Six)  Grammar, spelling, and punctuation go a long way.  Take the time to proofread your post or, chances are, nobody will take the time to decipher it.  If English is not your native language, do your best or look to the Multilingual Forum (http://elementscommunity.org/forum/index.php/board,57.0.html).

A reminder of the purpose of Deck Help:
This section is intended to provide users with constructive criticism on decks that they have already built.  It is not, however, a section for users to post "Build a deck for me" topics where the user has no deck built beforehand and therefore no deck can receive help.  If the topic you're posting does not include a deck idea then it does not belong in this section.
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